What do you know about fast food?

What do you know about fast food?

If you could eat anything tonight, what would it be? We all have our favorite types of food to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Depending on where you are from in the world, your favorite food likely varies greatly. Today we’ve put together a unique quiz for you that tests your knowledge of fast food and some of the top treats from across the US and the rest of the world. Keep reading as we take you through the history of food and warm you up for the main course with our quiz at the end.

Fast food is usually served in a quick-service restaurant, but you may also find some of your favorite meals at the grocery store or a drive-thru. This type of food is usually served in a quick and speedy manner, meaning you won’t have to wait too long when you are starving. The term fast food was first added to the dictionary in 1951, but the idea of fast food can be seen for many decades prior to this.

In the United States, fast food dates back to White Castle in 1921. McDonald’s was established in 1940, and KFC came a decade or so later in 1952. These are two of the biggest outlets in the world to this date, and wherever you travel in the world, you’ll have no trouble finding somewhere to eat that’s familiar to you. Nowadays, street food locations and catering trucks can be found more commonly in towns and cities, and you can enjoy a quick snack during your busy working day or when exploring somewhere new.

In the United States, Automat in New York first appeared in 1912, and it was a cafeteria that served as the inspiration for today’s fast-food restaurants. White Castle then came a few years later, and it served hamburgers for just five cents each. While prices have certainly gone up since this time, you can still find some great bargains on menus today. McDonald’s then built on this and used some of the systems and principles that White Castle had in place.

McDonald’s soon found that most of their profits came from hamburgers in their first restaurant in California. They reopened a few months later after a short closure and offered a menu that’s not much different from what you would find today. Fries, shakes, hamburgers, and Coca-Cola formed the majority of the menu, as you’ll still find nowadays. Of course, since this time, restaurants have also followed in their footsteps, with stores such as Burger King and Five Guys leading the way.

While these types of restaurants are the most popular types of fast food in the US, elsewhere in the world, we find regional specialties. In Asia, expect sushi, noodles, and other delicacies, which offer a light but delicious treat when you are in the mood for something special. These can now be found throughout the world, with chains such as Panda Express making some of these dishes more accessible to American tastes.

In Europe and the UK, we see many of the top American chains succeeding. Pizza and pasta are other popular takeout dishes, with Pizza Hut leading the way in the US. You’ll find these chains almost anywhere in the world, but there are also local and regional chains that may be more popular in certain locations. We always encourage you to try out local delicacies if you are traveling, and you’ll be surprised by some of the top dishes in other countries in comparison to our popular fast food.

Today we’ve put together a fun food quiz for you, which focuses on fast food, popular restaurants, and local delicacies around the world. There are twenty questions to test your knowledge, and they’ll take you on a global tour during the quiz. Put your knowledge to the test against your friends and family, and see which one of you has the most adventurous tastes. You’ll no doubt leave feeling hungry, so make sure you have a good snack or meal lined up later to enjoy. We hope you learn something new about food around the world while also enjoying yourself during our quiz. Good luck on our fast food quiz today and Bon Appetit!

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