Which one of the minions from Despicable Me are you?

Which one of the minions from Despicable Me are you?

Hi there! Do you like minions? I’m sure everyone loves them because they are crazy, funny, and entertaining. The Minions are small, yellow creatures with one or two eyes. They are the signature characters of the Despicable Me series. They bring comedy to the film, and they are known as the scene-stealers of the movie. They speak in their own language called Minionese. They are childish in some ways but seem to be very intelligent in certain aspects.

Well, before we start talking about minions, it’s worth considering what the Despicable Me series is. It is a computer-animated media franchise centering on Gru, a reformed super-villain, and his yellow-colored Minions. It is produced by Illumination and distributed by its parent company Universal Pictures. The first film in this series was made in 2010 and was called Despicable Me. In this part, our supervillain Gru tries to steal the moon. This part was followed by Despicable Me 2, in which the supervillain is recruited to the Anti-Villain League. Despicable Me 3 was released in 2017 and was about Gru, which teams up with his long-lost twin brother Dru to defeat a new enemy named Balthazar Bratt. The fourth installment is scheduled for 2024. There was also a spin-off in 2015 called Minions. This year we can expect another prequel, Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Felonius Gru plays the lead role in the films from this series. He is grumpy but also clever, very intelligent, skillful, and strong. He speaks with a Russian accent. He is a tall, bald man with blue eyes, a long nose, and a broad, powerful body. He is the son of Marlena, Dru’s twin brother, foster father of Margo, Edith, and Agnes, husband of Lucy, and boss of the Minions. At the beginning of the first film, Gru is an ambitious supervillain. He seeks his mother’s approval until the adoption of three children convinces him that their happiness is important. In the second film, Gru leaves his evil past to look after the girls but soon joins forces – reluctantly – with undercover agent Lucy Wilde, whom he later marries. In the third film, after he and Lucy are fired from their jobs in the Anti-Villain League, Gru learns that he has a twin brother, Dru.

The leading role must also be assigned to the minions. They always help Gru and follow his orders. They are fiercely loyal to him and very eager to please, willingly helping with any evil plans, but at the same time, they are friendly and fun-loving. There are many of them, but a few are particularly recognizable. For example, Kevin is a tall, two-eyed minion with sprout-cut hair and is usually seen wearing his golf apparel. Kevin is funny, witty, and loves to tease others. He has a sense of humor but truly cares about the well-being of the Minion tribe. He’s the great leader we all need. You can count on him. He’s like a heroic older brother.
Another one we’ll talk about is Bob. He is a child at heart and can be immature at times. He is described as a little brother. He finds love in anything and everything, including a rat from a sewer. He loves bedtime stories and his teddy bear, which he carries everywhere. He is playful and cute. He is a short and bald Minion with heterochromia.
The third important minion is Stuart. He is a one-eyed short Minion with combed hair. Stuart is playful, friendly, intelligent, funny, and always hungry. He can also be the most sincere and innocent out of all the minions. Stuart is a rebel and is often seen having that attitude. He prefers to rest and chill rather than follow the rules. He is considered to be a slacker. His hobby is playing the guitar.
The last minion we’ll talk about is Dave. He is intelligent, kind, and caring. Unfortunately, he is accident-prone. He is always very excited and ready to fight. He is skillful at video games, using weapons, and making cupcakes, among other foods. He also has some good fighting skills.

The three girls that Gru has adopted are also in the foreground of the series. Margo is the mature oldest sister, and she was the most suspicious of Gru initially. She is sensitive and straightforward, and she always protects her sisters.
Agnes is the youngest of the three sisters. She greatly adores unicorns. She is known for shouting so loud it can cause anything such as billboards and windows to be destroyed. She is a very naive, sweet, and innocent child. Agnes trusted Gru deeply just from the start.
Edith is a tomboyish middle sister. She was the first to enjoy Gru’s eclectic possessions. Her dark, destructive nature is shown when she starts playing with Gru’s dangerous weapons.

Have you ever wondered which minion you resemble? Now you can check it out! Answer the twenty questions in this quiz and see which minion you would be in the Despicable Me series!

How many questions are there in this quiz?

There are 20 questions.

Which character can you get?

Kevin, Bob, Stuart or Dave

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