Would you be called upon to serve as Moon Knight?

Would you be called upon to serve as Moon Knight?

Hi guys! Have you heard about the new series on Disney +, which will be released from March 30 this year? It’s called Moon Knight. After watching the trailer, I’m so excited! The whole project looks incredible. There has never been anything like this before. This series will have six episodes, and it will be based on the Marvel comics of the character of the same name.

We don’t know what will be presented in this project. However, we can delve a little bit into the ideas behind this story. But let’s start with the facts we know about this mysterious figure.

Certainly, Moon Knight is not as famous as Spider-Man, Iron Man, or Batman. Still, it seems to me that his screened story could turn out to be a hit because it has an incredibly engaging storyline. According to the trailer, it can be inferred that the main character, Marc Spector, has a kind of sleeping disorder. He says he can’t tell the world of dreams from the real world. You can also see that sometimes he regains consciousness and does not know where he is or what is happening. Sometimes the situation he wakes up in is surreal, and this makes it even more difficult for him to tell if it’s a dream or not. Judging by his reaction, he is terrified of it, and he cannot find himself in this whole situation.

At the end of the trailer, we see that it turns into the title Moon Knight. It is a figure in gray and white robes that look like bandages wrapped over armor. There is a sign of the moon on the helmet, which symbolizes this figure. He has glowing eyes, and no other distinctive facial features are visible except for them. Its appearance additionally gives it a mystery that is not lacking after learning the story itself. He once said that he ‘doesn’t wear white to hide. He wears it so they can see him. So they will know who it is. Because when they see white, it doesn’t matter how good the target is. Their hands are shaking so much they can’t hit the moon’.

And who is Marc Spector? Formerly he was a soldier and later a mercenary. He was leading a violent life until he was chosen by Khonshu as the “Moon Knight”. It was a way to redeem Spector and protect the innocent. Who is Khonshu? Khonshu is the nocturnal God of the Moon, Vengeance, and the Shepherd of the Lost. In the comic book series, we learn that Spector has a Dissociative Identity Disorder. Consequently, he has four distinct identities. It is the reason why this character is mentally unstable. He is a superhero who draws his powers from the moon and fights crime as a street hero. He resembles Batman in this, but the disorder makes his judgment difficult, which in turn causes him to behave in a decidedly ruthless manner. It makes him very different from the other Marvel superheroes.

Whether Moon Knight’s mental state was the work of Khonshu or simply accidental is not entirely clear. It certainly makes him a good tool in the hands of the Khonshu, who can easily impose his will on him. The theory about the disorder being the interference of Khonshu is strongly supported by the fact that this man has assumed multiple identities to represent all aspects of his god. It is true that at some point in the story, it turns out that this figure really exists, but still, many of the conversations he has with the Spector happen only in Marc’s mind. It’s hard to say if Moon Knight is a positive character. His brutality and mental instability make it difficult to judge his actions. It also makes it hard to understand why exactly he does different things.

And what exactly is Dissociative identity disorder? It was previously known as multiple personality disorder. It consists in developing at least two different personalities. This could be compared to having at least two people living in one body. Each personality is diverse and has different characteristics, behaviors, styles of clothing, and even views or sexual orientation. There is amnesia between the change from one personality to the other. The person struggling with DID may not even know there’s something wrong. What may draw attention to the problem is memory lapses. People with DID may regain consciousness in random places and may not remember how they got there. This disorder can arise for a variety of reasons. Often, however, this happens after extremely traumatic events and PTSD.

What about you? Would you be called upon to serve as Moon Knight? Would you do the will of Khonshu well? Answer twenty questions and see for yourself. Use this quiz as an appetizer before the main course. After all, Moon Knight is coming out on March 30!

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