How much do you know about Shrek?

How much do you know about Shrek?

Hello everyone! I hope that you are doing well. That is 2022, and what is the most surprising thing is that Shrek is popular again. Have you already checked your Netflix preferences and the most popular movies? Exactly- Shrek Forever is there. I do not know what happened. Is that some people have not seen the last part? Is it what is going on? Because my favorite part is the first one. But what do you guys think about it? No matter which part of Shrek is your favorite. I am going to check your knowledge about all of these parts. Let’s see if you are one of these people that make it popular again are you have to revise something! But first, let me remind you of some basic details about that movie. “Shrek” is an animated movie from 2001. It was produced in the United States of America by Andrew Adamson. It is based on an illustrated book called “Shrek,” which was written by William Steig.

As you probably know, Shrek has Ford parts. All of them have a connected plot.
All of them tell a story about an ogre. He lives alone in his lonely house until he meets some magic creatures that were sent there by Lord Farquad. Then, Shrek decides to do a favor to the Lord Farquad to be able to stay alone in his place again. The mission is to rescue a princess that is closed in a tower. That is not even the worst part because she is kept there by a dragon. Shrek is not scared at all, and he decides to do it as fast as possible. He takes the Donkey with him-that is just making his trip more annoying. That adventure also makes them friends. After a while, they rescue the princess Fiona.
She was surprised that the person that gave her freedom was an ogre. Although, she also kept a secret. Every night, after the sun goes down, she turns into an ogre! She has been looking for a prince charming to get a true-love kiss and stay in the body of a princess forever. Things get a bit more complicated, but in the end, everything goes well, and both ogres realize that they are a perfect match.

In the second part, we have a story about their further life. We meet the parents of Fiona- that is Queen and king of “the kingdom Far Far Away.” There are also some troubles since Fiona’s father does not like that she stayed an ogre and that her husband is an ogre as well. That is because he had a deal that his daughter would marry Prince Charming. The second part of “Shrek” is my second favorite. It shows the relationships in every family. There is not only humor but also deep stories that can make us cry. In that part, we also meet a funny character who is “Puss in Boots.” That was a big thing back in 2004, right? Then in the third part, it is not the end of the adventures! That is the movie in which we find out that Fiona is pregnant. For the whole time, we see her preparations that are going on without Shrek. He was then looking for Fiona’s cousin- Arthur. That should become the next king of the Kingdom. We see both sides- wife and husband. We can exactly see what is happening in their minds. Shrek is frightened and Fiona is quite calm. They both have a plan for it, and they both have a vision of the future. But what it is in reality we see in the final, part four. It all starts at Fiona’s and Shrek’s children’s birthday party. He gets very mad at his current life, and he moves to an alternative world. Everything goes as he has never been born. Shre tries to attract Fiona again, but that is pretty challenging. It is an interesting plot twist to see it from a different perspective the end, it all goes back to normal.

Why don’t they do that excellent movie anymore?! Writing this made me “Shrek starving.” I think I already made my weekend plans. I hope that at least some of you will turn it on after solving this quiz! If you see your friends this weekend maybe it is a good idea to have a “Shrek” movie night together. There are so many opportunities! But the best choice, for now, is to try to solve this quiz! I know it may be challenging, but I believe in you. There must be the child inside you that remembers all the details! Just let him speak, and you will get the maximum score. I am sure about it.

Let’s go, people! Best of luck, and have fun!

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