Does she want to dance with me?

Does she want to dance with me?

Hello, how are you? Hope you are doing fine. Have you ever been out and about, at the club or another similar place, wondering: does this girl want to dance with me? It should be pretty easy to spot a woman eager to jive with you. Sometimes, however, the hints she might give you are too subtle. You are simply not sure. Does she want to dance with me, or is she just smiling at her friends? Will I make a fool out of myself if I ask her to dance, and her boyfriend pops out? Our quiz, and this little paragraph we wrote, should help you understand what is going on.

It is good to make sure there is no partner around. You don’t want to be pestering someone else’s girlfriend. Worst case scenario, you might even get your butt kicked. Observe if this girl has her boyfriend with her. If not, you should be good to go.

Of course, even if she does not have a partner, she might still have her friends around. It may be her girls’ night out and she does not feel like dancing with anyone but her crew. If she stays close to her friends at all times and ignores men coming up to her, she most likely does not want to dance.

Sometimes she might be in the company of her professional dance partner or even a dance team. You will probably figure this out pretty quickly, as professional dancers are easy to spot on a dance floor. In that case, you might want to back off – they are probably content enough in their own company.

If she is with friends but seems open, try to catch her when she’s alone. Not when she’s rushing to the ladies’ room, mind you. Chat her up when she is at the bar or sitting on the side. She might be willing to give you a chance on a dance floor.

Sometimes she simply won’t be willing to move at the moment. Perhaps she is feeling way too sweaty and trying to cool off in a corner. Maybe her shoes are killing her. Or she is too drunk to try and bust some moves. Be observant and don’t try to approach her when she’s massaging her feet with a pained face. She is just not going to dance right now! Give her a minute and maybe try your luck later.

Have you seen her being bothered by a creepy guy just now? It might not be the best time to try and ask her to dance. If she just had to deal with someone sleazy, she will probably be wary of you – even if you are perfectly nice. It sucks, but try to understand her point of view. Wait a while and when you do approach her, be polite and delicate and do not stand too close to her, so she does not feel attacked again. Perhaps if you see a creepy dude troubling a woman, you can step up and ask him to leave her alone, or call in someone from the staff.

If a woman is interested in dancing with you, she will let you know about her behavior. Does she stay close to you on the dance floor? Is she smiling when your eyes meet? Do you feel her gaze constantly? It might mean she wants to dance with you but perhaps expects you to make the first move. If you sense good vibes coming from her, go for it!

Pay attention to her “accidentally” touching you. If you are in a tight space and she bumps into you and truly doesn’t mean it, she will apologize and move away. However, if she brushes up against you, dances particularly close to you, or lightly touches you with her hand, she is most likely interested. Sometimes, her touch and body language can be even bolder. If her butt gets really close to you, you have your answer – she wants to dance and probably do some other things with you!

Is she sitting alone on the side, looking bored and like she is waiting for someone to entertain her? Sometimes it means she is just taking a break or watching over her gal pals’ drinks while they dance. Other times, it means she is waiting for someone to ask her to dance and make her feel special. That someone could be you if you play your cards right. Things can get hectic out on the dance floor, but it is usually easy to tell if a girl wants to dance with you. If you are not sure, take our quiz and get prepared for the next time you are out and about. Does she want to dance with you? One way to find out! Good luck.

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