What kind of Joker are you?

What kind of Joker are you?

Hello guys! Do you like superheroes? I’m sure that most of you do! But what about villains? I’m sure many people prefer them more than overrated individuals saving the world all the time. Do you belong to this group of people? If so, then today I have the perfect quiz for you! Which version of the Joker are you closest to? Check it out in our quiz!

But who exactly is the Joker? Surely you’ve seen a guy with a white face, green hair, an unnaturally wide smile, wearing green and purple clothes. This is the person we are talking about. The Joker is a psychopathic serial killer with a sadistic sense of humor. In comic books published in the 1950s and 1960s by the then censorship of the comic book, he was portrayed as a character prone to making malicious jokes rather than committing violent crimes. He is also known as The Clown Prince of Crime, Red Hood, Jack, Joseph “Joe” Kerr, Clem Rusty, Mr. Rekoj, Jack White, or Jack Napier. He is the leading antagonist of Batman and his allies. He resembles a clown or a comedian. The Joker is a fictional villain character that appears in DC Comics comics and films related to the Batman character. Created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger, and Bob Kane. He first appeared in Batman vol. 1 # 1 in 1940. It was modeled on Gwynplaine from the 1928 movie The Man Who Laughs.

The Joker first appeared on the screen in a 1960s TV series, played by Cesar Romero. In the Batman movie, he was portrayed by Jack Nicholson. The Joker character is voiced by actor Mark Hamill in Batman: The Animated Series and the Batman: Arkham computer game series. He was played in The Dark Knight by Heath Ledger and in Suicide Squad by Jared Leto. The Jeremiah character in Gotham was played by Cameron Monaghan.

There are several stories explaining the genesis of this character. Perhaps the most popular of these is probably the one featured in Batman: The Killing Joke. According to this version, the Joker was a minor gangster of unknown identity also working at a nearby Gotham City circus as a poor comedian. He had a wife named Jeannie Kerr, who was pregnant. He wanted to financially prepare for the birth of his child, so, with his partners, he decided to rob the Monarch company. When he found out that his wife was dead, he agreed to continue the robbery. The criminals decided to use the Joker to distract the guards. During the action, he and his associates were surprised by Batman. While escaping, he fell into a vat with chemicals in the nearby Ace chemical plant. The accident turned his skin chalky white and stained his hair green. Also, as a result of nerve paralysis, it twisted his face in a characteristic caricature of a smile.

The Joker has repeatedly proved that he is a dangerous opponent in the confrontation with Batman and his allies. He is very intelligent and often uses clever gadgets to commit his crimes, such as a decorative flower spouting acid and sharpened playing cards. He can also fistfight and use typical combat tools. One of the Joker’s inventions is a poison called Joker Venom, to which only he is immune. This poison has a strong influence on the centers of the brain responsible for facial expressions and laughter. It causes a big smile, like the Joker’s, and soon after that – death. In addition, he also uses an electric stun gun that can shock a potential opponent or even burn or electrocute a person holding the Joker’s hand for a long time.

It is also worth mentioning here the character of the Joker presented in the 2019 movie. He is played by Joaquin Phoenix. Thanks to Phoenix, the Joker has become a man like us, overwhelmed with an existential burden. This pressure drives him to the limit of his mental endurance. He decides to turn everything into a joke. He removes the rules and boundaries of morality and gives it all his own meaning. He does all this to oust the embittered, weak man he really is and replace him with his new alter ego. His frustration ignites rebellion, and his rebellion leads to violence. Thanks to this unique depiction, you can believe in this character and see something captivatingly real about him. Many of us can even see our reflection in the Joker’s reflection.

Wizard magazine named the Joker the greatest supervillain of all time. What do you think about this character? Do you like him? And if so, in what incarnation the most? Which actor do you think is best suited to playing the role of the Joker? And which version of the Joker most closely resembles your personality? Take this quiz with twenty questions to find out which Joker you would be on the screen. Hope you’ll have fun!

How many questions does this quiz contain?

It contains 20 questions.

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You can get Joker played by:
Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto or Cesar Romero

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