Would you find love in “Love Is Blind?”

Would you find love in “Love Is Blind?”

Hello everyone! How are you today? Is it already getting warmer in your cities? And, is it getting warm in your hearts? Spring is coming, but I can feel something else in the air! It smells cute, unexpected, and charming. Yes, it must be love! Everyone needs love, but how to find it nowadays?! You can follow the traditional way and find “the only one” by accident, but it may take ages! I do not have got that much time! How about finding love in a kind of more modern way? My idea is to consider “Love is blind,” which I am sure you know exactly.

With this quiz, I will try to evaluate if taking part in that reality show would be a great choice for you. It is never too late to leave your comfort zone and try something new.

“Love Is Blind” is a tv series that became very popular lately. It is a reality show about searching for true love. You can find it on Netflix if you have not seen it yet, but I cannot believe there are still such people. This one is produced by Kinetic Content, which you may know from the production of “Married at First Sight” or “The Bachelor.” The series got so popular that other countries also decided to make their version. On Netflix, you can find Brazilian and Japanese adaptations.

If you still do not know what it is about, I am coming to tell you! The production collects 15 men and women from the same place and tries to convince them to stay together as a couple. They go on dates for ten days, but the thing is that they can’t see each other. During the ten days, they meet different candidates to decide which of them they want to choose to have some longer dates. They have to rely only on their imagination and character choices, which seems to be extremely difficult. After a few long discussions, they need to decide on a more serious step forward. They can only see each other and stay together if one of them makes a proposal and the other person says yes. Then, the action becomes very similar to “Married at First Sight” because they try to live together, meet their parents and friends, and show the other person their everyday life. At first, they are very excited, and they see only the things that bring them together. After a while, also opposite character traits come out, and things get complicated. During the period of getting to know each other, they also meet other couples from the experiment, which is not always good for them. Sometimes they focus too much on different relationships and compare their behaviors to others. After some time together, there comes a decision day. Our couples need to decide if they want to get married or break up. That is the moment when I always feel all the emotions of participants. They risk a lot but isn’t love something worth it?! Well while looking at the statistics, the experiment still needs to improve. During the first season, they only formed six engaged couples and only 2 of them got married. But both couples still stay together! Isn’t that amazing? Even if there was just one, I think love is worth trying in any possible way. In the second season of the series, statistics look the same.

You must be wondering now what it takes to be a good candidate to take part in such a show and succeed in finding love.

In my opinion, the main thing is to be yourself. Just as in any relationship you should not be acting like someone other. You must be confident and brave. Also, you cannot care about others’ opinions. After that experiment, you may become a public person, which can change your life forever. What is also important: you need to be sure that you are ready for another woman or man in your life. Yes, you have to think about your happiness. But, you cannot also break the heart of your partner. It is a tv series, but it is also real life, and you should remember that. 

Now is the time to check yourself. Do you think you would be a good fit for the “Love is Blind” series? Do you have everything that it takes to go to the reality show? Or maybe it is not the best choice for finding your love? No matter what is the result- do not worry! People find love everywhere. You just need to be in the right place at the right time. But is the place and time, the next season of “Love is Blind?” Let’s check it out together! I keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you good luck! I hope you will have fun!

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The result will tell you is you would find love in Love Is Blind.

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