Which Character From Sonic the Hedgehog Are You?

Which Character From Sonic the Hedgehog Are You?

Whether you were introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog at a young age or have recently joined in with the fun, you are going to love our quiz today. Here we’re going to take you through a series of personality-based questions, which will help us to match you with one of the most popular characters in the series. By answering the questions based on your interests and personality, you’ll find the perfect match, which you can keep in mind when you are next selecting a character to play with. These beloved characters really make this series what it is today, so let’s take a look at some of the characters which you could be matched with when you complete our quiz.

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has a huge cast of characters, but of course, Sonic is always here to steal the show. Sonic is a blue hedgehog who is known for how quickly he is able to run. During the early games, we are also introduced to Doctor Eggman, who is a mad scientist. He was actually referred to as Doctor Ivo Robotnik during the Genesis era within the Western territories, but it was then changed later on to Doctor Eggman. The company didn’t want one character to have two different names, as they knew how confusing this would be for players around the world. While Robotnik is still referred to from time to time, Eggman is the main name that you’ll see throughout the series.

In the game, the main aim is usually for Sonic to stop Eggman by trying to obtain the Chaos Emeralds. These are seven emeralds that all have mystical powers, and they can turn thoughts into power. They also have the ability to give energy to living things and to warp time and space with Chaos Control. Sonic the Hedgehog is heavily inspired by the 1990s and the culture of this time, with different environmental themes, developments, and machinery that are reflective of the thoughts of the time. While the first game was released in 1991, so much has changed since this time, and the games certainly reflect the changes to the gaming world we’ve experienced over the past decades.

In the later games that were released for the Genesis, we were then introduced to further characters in the series. Depending on how you answer our quiz today, you might match with one of these, such as Sonic’s sidekick, Miles “Tails” Prower. He is a fox that has the unusual feature of two tails, which allow him to fly. In Sonic CD, we were introduced to Amy Rose. She is Sonic’s girlfriend and is a pink hedgehog. There’s also Metal Sonic, who was created by Eggman and is a metal version of the titular character in the series. When it came to Sonic 3, players were introduced to Sonic’s rival, called Knuckles, who is the guardian of the Master Emerald. This is the emerald that controls the Chaos Emeralds and causes a lot more issues for players in the game.

When the team of developers was creating Sonic Adventure, they discovered that simple characters didn’t look great in 3D environments. Therefore, they modernized the art style to make them more appealing to the Western audience. Since this time, we’ve been introduced to so many different characters, which is why this game continues to be so popular with players around the world. For people who’ve been playing the game since the 1990s, while you no doubt love Sonic and the original characters, it’s always fun to have new additions to the game.

Today we’re going to put your personality to the test to see which Sonic the Hedgehog character you are most similar to. Answer the 20 questions that are coming up shortly, and we’ll use our magic calculator to decide which of the most popular Sonic characters you are. While you could end up being everyone’s favorite character Sonic, you could also be the evil Eggman if you aren’t careful. Put your friends and family up to the challenge to, and you’ll be able to compare your results to see who is which character in the series. Have fun, and we hope you get matched with your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character!

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