What kind of Minecraft player are you?

What kind of Minecraft player are you?

Hello guys! Today we’ll dive deep into our favorite game of all time! Of course, we’re talking about Minecraft! If you’ve never played, what is weird enough, there’s no chance that you haven’t heard about it! It has been with us since November 18, 2011. The first public test version of the game was released on May 17, 2009. Later we also got versions for consoles and mobile platforms. Even before the official premiere, the game gained popularity and many awards. Every year, a fan convention of the game is held – Minecon. The success of the game caused the production of items such as books, toys, and themed Lego blocks.

What is Minecraft about? If you’ve never played a game, you may not know where all the hype and popularity of this game came from. Well, Minecraft is actually a game with no specific goals. Some may ask what is so interesting about it. Indeed, this game may seem boring to people who are not very creative and have no developed imaginations. But looking at it from the other side, the lack of specific goals spurs us to create our own! You can do whatever you want. Players have endless possibilities to explore and modify the world. There are also achievements that can be earned by progressing in your character development.

The game is in the first-person perspective but can be changed to a third-person view. The concept of Minecraft is to build and destroy structures made up of blocks. The game world is built of cubes arranged in a solid grid structure. It is based on the real world. The ground is covered with grass, and a large part of the world is occupied by oceans. You can find biomes with high mountains, grasslands, deserts, savannas, and many more. The world becomes more and more diverse with each subsequent update, and new elements from everyday life are added to it. Animals that live in areas that provide them with appropriate conditions also walk on the Minecraft planet. There are cave systems underground with many secrets. First of all, there are the raw materials needed to create tools. But beware! In the darkness, monsters wait for the moment when you lose your vigilance.

After starting the game, we are placed in a constantly developing and almost unlimited virtual world. It is divided into biomes. The player can travel through the game areas that consist of lowlands, mountains, forests, caves, and various water reservoirs. The time in the game is based on a day and night cycle of approximately 20 minutes. We may encounter a variety of mobs during our journey, including animals, villagers, and monsters. Passive creatures, such as cows, pigs, and chickens, can be hunted for food and materials. They appear during the day. In contrast, hostile creatures such as spiders, creepers, skeletons, and zombies appear at night or in dark places such as caves.

One of the best things to stimulate the imagination and give endless fun is that every world the generator creates is different. Plus, Minecraft allows for an almost infinite map length and width. This is done by breaking the world into smaller chunks loaded when the player is nearby. Physics in Minecraft is often described by critics as unrealistic. It doesn’t affect most things in the game. Some may see this as a disadvantage, but the truth is that this physicsless reality allows for things that cannot be done in the real world. This brings even more entertainment and helps you to develop your artistic enthusiasm.

At this point, Minecraft offers five game modes. The first is survival. This is a mode in which the player independently acquires materials, produces tools, weapons, and other items. We need to fight monsters, satisfy hunger and watch out for life points not to run out. The second mode is creative. We have an unlimited number of materials, and we can freely modify the game world and even fly. The third mode is almost identical to survival. It’s called hardcore. The difficulty is set to the highest level, and in the event of death, there is no possibility of respawning. After that, the world is deleted. Another way to play is Adventure. The player has a limited ability to destroy and arrange blocks but can use programmable levers, buttons, and other devices. The last game mode is spectator, designed to observe the game world from different perspectives.

Minecraft is an iconic game! It develops the imagination and allows you to express your artistic sense. What do you like to do the most in Minecraft? Are you a skilled builder, passionate miner, or invincible warrior? By solving this quiz, you can find out what type of Minecraft player you are. Answer the twenty questions we have prepared and check if the result is consistent with reality. We hope you have a lot of fun!

How many questions are there in this quiz?

There are 20 questions.

What results can you get?

Hardcore artist-builder,professional miner by vocation, passionate traveler, true PVP warrior, creative lover of great fun or beast slayer and speedrunner

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