What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend | This Quiz Will Tell You 100% Honestly

What Should I Talk About With My Girlfriend | This Quiz Will Tell You 100% Honestly

Welcome to another quiz to help you with your daily problems. Relationships are difficult, to create a healthy relationship you need a lot of experience or specialized knowledge, which unfortunately they do not teach in schools. As an example we only have our parents, who unfortunately are not perfect and also make many mistakes.

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So how do we know what relationship conversations we should have? That’s why today we have prepared for you some advice and a psychological test that can guide you on the right path. Here’s What I Should Talk About With My Girlfriend test.

What to talk about in a relationship?

Nothing tightens the bonds between people more than frank conversations. Good communication is the foundation if you want to create a good and healthy relationship. You need to be prepared to have many difficult conversations, but you also need to know how to talk to your partner on a daily basis.

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100 things to talk about with your girlfriend

Perhaps you are a person who doesn’t like to talk because you solve problems in other ways. Very often such things as communication skills are brought from childhood. If our parents didn’t know how to talk to us, silenced us and didn’t allow us to express our opinion or emotions, then unfortunately we close ourselves off and later in adulthood conversations can be difficult for us. But don’t worry if you feel this way – you can fix your parents’ mistakes yourself, and we’ll show you how. First, we’ll list some topics to keep in mind when you’re in a relationship.

Future plans

If you’re already in a longer, serious relationship, it’s worth rethinking the conversation about future plans. You intend to spend your life with your partner, so you both have the right to know, or predict, what it will be like. Everyone may have a different perspective on how they want to spend their lives, so be prepared for complications and compromises.

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Sometimes you may even be faced with a decision – to sacrifice your dreams for future plans and be with your beloved, or to break off the relationship and go your own way? In extreme cases, you will come to this decision, but it usually happens that you have similar plans for the future.


Worth discussing is where to live, the possibility of studying or a particular job, the desire to start a family, have children, or take in animals. All this matters, especially when it comes to children-some people do not want to have them, and then you should not force such a decision. But if you don’t agree at first, you can always give yourself some time and make decisions in the future. People change sometimes, and it may be that as the years go by you will adjust to each other, or you will separate-that’s just how life is.

Situations from the past

Your past is crucial when you enter a relationship. All the traumas, problems and habits will affect the relation with your partner. It is therefore worthwhile to always be honest. When you are ready for it, you can confide in your partner about your experiences.

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Once your partner knows what you’ve been through, he or she will be able to understand you better, and that’s important. If it is a healthy relationship, you should then receive support and acceptance, which will also bring you closer together. On the other hand, if your partner treats you badly after you confessed your difficult memories and traumas to her – consider it a huge red flag!

Getting to know yourself every day

A relationship is not only about difficult conversations, but also about pleasant and pleasant ones. With your beloved you should be able to share all your experiences – talk about your passions, interests, emotions and more. Try to get to know your partner every day, cheer her on her achievements and listen to her carefully when she talks about something she likes. She should also be interested in you, as you are in her. You can talk about yourself whenever you want. So now you know what to talk about with your girlfriend over text.


Also, confessing your feelings is very important. Tell your other half how you feel about her. That you like her, love her, adore her. Even if you’ve already told her, don’t stop repeating it if you continue to feel it. Reassuring each other of your feelings has a positive effect on your sense of security and satisfaction with the relationship. Don’t be afraid to confess your feelings, your emotions are important and you are worthy of having them noticed.

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Now you know what to talk with girlfriend at night. In the test you will find deep things to talk about with your girlfriend.

What to talk about with my new girlfriend?

If you have just entered a relationship and have no idea what to talk about with your new girlfriend, we also have some advice for you. Don’t worry, everyone starts out at some point and first relationships can be full of awkwardness and uncertainty.

The first piece of advice is quite trivial – just try to be yourself. Pretending to be someone else will only work for a while. Your girlfriend should like you for who you really are, know all your pros and cons. However, don’t take this to mean that you can’t change, because under the influence of a relationship we all change a little, but in harmony with ourselves. You can learn to be a better version of you, but don’t turn into someone you don’t want to be.


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Hobbies and interests

Another tip is to share your interests. You will deepen the bond then when you share what you like. You can play games together, go to your favorite places – just do things you enjoy. Also, don’t forget that girls are not some kind of aliens – with them you can really talk about anything. Girls generally show more empathy, so there’s a better chance that you can be understood more than by your best buddy. There are a lot of random things to talk about with your girlfriend.

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How to show affection?


If you have trouble confessing your feelings sincerely, you may have once been hurt or rejected. Relax, you can learn everything. We have prepared some phrases and behaviors for you to repeat to the person you appreciate and love. There are a lot of romantic topics to talk with girlfriend. Maybe in this way you will learn to express yourself.

  • I love you – the simplest confession of feelings that should never go out of use. Even if you’ve already confessed your love to her tons of times – keep doing it if you still feel you love her.
  • I understand you – when your partner confides in you about something, you don’t have to immediately look to her for a solution to the problem. It’s enough to show her that you can listen and that you accept her.
  • You are important to me – this sometimes expresses more than a simple I love you. If you care a lot about the other person, tell her that. Your bond will then be more lasting.
  • Small gestures – sometimes behaviors say more than words. You can buy a flower or pick field flowers. You can cook a romantic dinner. You can spontaneously dance with her while walking. Such gestures will be appreciated by any girl.

I think you now have a fair amount of knowledge about relationships. Use it boldly and don’t forget our quiz, maybe it will give you a hint too.

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Are there mature topics to talk about with your girlfriend in the test?

Yes, the test results represent important topics to talk about in a relationship.

Do you have to be in a long and serious relationship to take this test?

The test is for all people in a relationship, regardless of the length of the relationship.

How many questions do I have to answer to get a result?

You have to answer 20 special questions.

What are the questions in this test about?

The questions are designed to measure the dynamics of your relationship.

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