Dirty Mind Test | How Dirty Is Your Mind?

Dirty Mind Test | How Dirty Is Your Mind?

Hi there! Do you think your mind has gone to the dogs? We all have impure thoughts sometimes, but how dirty-minded are you? Can you pick up on any innuendo? Do your friends accuse you of being nasty? See how dirty your mind is with our quick and simple online dirty mind test. It’s going to be over before you know it! That’s what she said? If you just chuckled, congratulations – you passed the first dirty mind test!

Before you go on with this dirty mind test, let’s explain some things first.

Do you wish to find out your sexuality?

What is a “dirty mind”?

A dirty mind is a tendency to think about obscene, sexual topics all the time and interpret things in a lewd way. For a person with a dirty mind, everything reminds them of sex. They can take anything and make it seem dirty or vulgar.

There’s nothing wrong with being somewhat dirty-minded, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and sometimes it can get excessive.

Be honest – how sexy do you think you are?

When a dirty mind gets too much

Thinking about sex and having sexual thoughts is a perfectly natural behavior. However, when sexual behaviors become too challenging to control and overtake a large part of someone’s life, it’s a sign of a disorder.

Compulsive sexual behavior is also called hypersexuality. It’s an extreme preoccupation with sexual fantasies and desires to the point that these urges get too much to handle, become the main focus in the person’s life, and are harmful to them and others.

What are the signs of obsessive and unhealthy sexual behaviors? The major one is having intense, recurring sexual thoughts that take over your life, and it feels like you have no control over them. Giving up or reducing your dirty urges and behaviors has been unsuccessful. You use dirty thoughts as a means to escape other problems in your life like loneliness, relationship issues, etc.

Analyze your gay level.

Fulfilling your sexual fantasies brings you relief for a short while, but you only feel guilt and shame later. It also leads to serious real-life consequences like contracting an STD, destroying relationships, financial issues, troubles with the law, and other challenges. You probably also struggle with maintaining romantic relationships.

If these symptoms sound familiar, perhaps you should reach out to a professional to try and identify the issue. However, if you’re just a little dirty-minded, there’s nothing to worry about!

What color rings true for your personality?

Dirty mind test

Numerous things could reveal how dirty your mind is. You might see a picture that looks innocent to other people, but for you, it’s suggestive. An image of someone eating a banana might get a snicker out of you. There is also a variety of dirty jokes out there that imply one thing and one thing only.

Dirty mind test images

Do you think you can get through a test of dirty-looking pictures without thinking about anything unseemly? It doesn’t seem possible with the images we are about to show you.


Do you like bananas? There is truly no other fruit you can have more fun with than a banana… when you are eating it, of course! Have you had anything else in mind?


This image shows a statue of a runner trying to pass the torch. Nothing else! Shame on you, there’s nothing dirty going on in this picture!

Dirty mind test jokes

Let’s test you out with some dirty jokes! Here’s the first one: When I enter, I can cause some pain. I will ask you to spit instead of swallowing. I will always fill your holes if you ask. What am I?
The answer is clear as day – I’m a dentist!

I’m white and sticky. It’s better to spit me out than swallow. What am I?
I’m a toothpaste! Did you guess the answer correctly?

An elderly woman entered a dentist’s office, stripped naked, and spread her legs. “I think you’re in the wrong room,” the dentist said. “You inserted my husband’s teeth last week,” she explained. “You must now remove them.”

Did you like these naughty jokes? Cracking a few R-rated quips can cheer a person up immediately!

YouTube video

Common sexual fantasies

Our minds like to drift to the gutter sometimes. It’s not unusual, and fantasies are a normal part of an adult human’s experience. We don’t always want to act on them, but sometimes a fantasy can become a reality.

Many people enjoy fantasizing about topics that are normally considered taboo. We desire things we can’t have, so what is forbidden is what is exciting. Weirdly enough, some of us fantasize about romance, passion, and simply being loved and desired.

There’s nothing wrong with having a dirty mind, and there’s no reason to be ashamed of it. Who cares if you’re not hurting anyone? Nobody ever got hurt by a little lewdness. If you’re ready, the best dirty mind test is waiting for you! We have the best dirty mind test questions around here.

Do you have a dirty mind? See how naughty you are with our ultimate dirty mind test. Are you nasty or innocent? Let’s find out!

What Zodiac signs have a dirty mind?

Scorpios, Leos, and Aries are thought to be the most dirty-minded signs.

What does it mean to be dirty-minded?

It means thinking about obscene, sexual things all the time.

What can your score be on this test?

20 points is the highest you can score. The higher your score is, the dirtier your mind!

Who is more dirty-minded: men or women?

Both men and women can have naughty minds, the gender doesn’t matter.

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