What Is My IQ | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer

What Is My IQ | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors To Answer

Hello again dear quizzers! Are you ready for a new challenge? It’s time to measure your intelligence. The test will not be as precise as a specialized psychological test, which takes a long time to complete and requires the supervision of a psychologist, but with our abbreviated What Is My IQ quiz you will do it quickly and for free! Don’t be afraid to face twenty questions, which you will have to think a little on. Just treat it as fun as any other quiz!

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What is intelligence?

Psychologists and researchers have noted that people differ significantly in the quality and speed of solving different types of problems. Some assimilate knowledge with ease, while others have trouble learning something new. Colloquially, intelligence is understood as the ability to reason and infer, or to reason adequately and logically.

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Intelligence is a very general ability, difficult to define easily., because it consists of many factors. People have different abilities – mathematical, verbal, spatial, memory. Each brain works differently and may have a different level of a given mental activity. Some people express themselves fluently and beautifully, while they are hopeless at counting. Intelligence, on the other hand, encompasses the totality of these abilities, so let’s see in a What Is My IQ quiz today how you do!

Types of intelligence

As described in the paragraph above, intelligence can refer to various mental activities. Measured general intelligence combines them all, but it can also be broken down into individual parts. Do you want to know what types of intelligence there are? Then read on, we have prepared simple descriptions.


Linguistic intelligence

This type of intelligence is universal to all people, including in deaf people. It usually reaches its greatest degree in writers and poets. It denotes the ability to use language – knowing words, understanding the meaning of a text, detecting context. All this matters when it comes to communicating correctly.

 You can see for yourself that children who have not yet achieved high linguistic intelligence communicate in simple language, often make mistakes and may not understand complex sentences. We talk to children differently – we use simple vocabulary and often explain various definitions to them. Some children assimilate this knowledge quickly, others a little slower, but everyone at any age is capable of learning some form of communication. And what is yours linguistic intelligence? What Is My IQ quiz will tell you!

Mathematical intelligence

This is the understanding of mathematical tasks, counting, but also logical reasoning. There are people in the world who have an extraordinary flair for numbers. They can perform complex equations in their mind at a very fast pace.


Ordinary people cope better with mathematical tasks when they work them out for themselves on a piece of paper. This is a special ability and, in fact, comes in handy in life much more often than just in math classes. Such logical reasoning through numbers makes new connections of neurons in our brain, which are responsible for the overall work of the brain. So the more we count, the better we’ll do with other problems too! And what is yours mathematical intelligence? What Is My IQ quiz will tell you! Take it and get a a good IQ score!

Spatial intelligence

This is a specific type of intelligence, a high degree of which is revealed in sailors, painters, sculptors, as well as architects and engineers. This ability means nothing more than creating correct models of objects and spaces in the mind. We can map shape, size, distance.


This is why painters have this ability, because they need to transfer various objects to paper with the utmost precision. There are various disorders when it is the part of the brain responsible for this type of intelligence that does not work as needed. Such people then cannot point out which object is closer and which is farther away, even if it is obvious to us.

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Ok, now you can measure your general intelligence with the What Is My IQ free test. Maybe we should also make test What Is My IQ for 12 year olds?

Musical talents

There is also musical intelligence, but we will not measure it in our quiz. But yes, there are people who show great musical ability. They can sense rhythm, easily learn to play instruments and can sing. These are the musical artists whose talents we so admire. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for musical ability, and this type of development has also been noted in animals such as birds. When we talk about musical talents, who comes to mind?

Also, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence may be related to musical artists, but more so to dancers. This type of intelligence is responsible for motor skills, the correct execution of purposeful movements. Athletes, surgeons and craftsmen also have a high level of this ability.


Examples of talented artists from around the world:

  • Freddie Mercury – Freddie Mercury was a British musician and leader of the band Queen, who delighted listeners with his talent and is still admired today.
  • Maurice-Jean Berger – professionally known as Maurice Béjart, was one of the most outstanding dancers and choreographers of the 20th century.
  • Frederic Chopin – a native of Poland, Frederic is probably one of the most famous composers.
  • Oscar Claude Monet – French painter, was one of the creators and leading exponents of Impressionism.

How can you tell if someone is intelligent?

The level of intelligence depends on many interpersonal factors, and it is difficult to immediately recognize whether someone is above average or below. But an intelligent person can manifest certain traits, and if he has all of them – then most likely his IQ level is high. Let’s start with the fact that intelligent people may tend to focus on the most important information and discard unnecessary details. So generalizing is not so bad after all, because it is a trait of geniuses?

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The next phenomenon is rapid adaptation. An intelligent person will very quickly adapt to a certain environment and accurately assess a given situation. Also, a sense of humor is an important trait of intelligent people, because in order to tell good jokes, you need to have the right vocabulary and a sense of context.

The last and most important characteristic of intelligent people is – realizing their lack of knowledge. There is no person in the world who knows everything about everything and is never wrong. Intelligent people are well aware of this. They are careful in expressing their opinion and know very well what they know more about and what they know less about. And how, do you possess these qualities? You can always learn new habits and become more intelligent! So don’t wait and find out if you have average IQ score! What Is My IQ quiz is available now!

Is it possible to increase intelligence?

Many researchers have long speculated on whether intelligence is a genetic, innate factor over which we have too much control, or whether it is environmentally determined, meaning that we acquire it through learning. Studies conducted by psychologists have shown that both factors are important when it comes to intelligence. In the case of children, environmental influences played a greater role, while in adults, genes played a greater role.


This can be explained like this: whether children are intelligent depends on how they are raised, what teachers they have, what peers they play with – in general, everything around them influences whether they want to learn or not. In contrast, in adults who have already reached a certain level of development, it is the case that we will be similarly intelligent to our ancestors. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still develop our mental abilities!

So, are you ready to accept the challenge and test yourself in our What Is My IQ quiz?

What will I learn from my result of this test?

You will find out whether your IQ is above average, average, or below average.

Are there questions with pictures in this What Is My IQ quiz?

Yes, you can find pictures for questions in this free IQ test.

What can I do additionally to prepare for the What Is My IQ quiz test?

Prepare a stopwatch and measure the time to perform the test. Try to complete it as quickly as possible.

Is this What Is My IQ quiz for children or adults?

More likely for adults, as the questions may be too difficult for children.

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