Brain Test | Test Yourself | Instant Results

Brain Test | Test Yourself | Instant Results

Hello there, brainiac! Does your brain work well? Ease your worries with our free brain test that will check your cognitive abilities and the fundamental functions of your most important organ.

What is the brain test?

Brain test is an assessment method created to check the overall brain health and discover conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in their early stages.

Do you know how old your brain actually is?

You can take the test at home. The free questionnaire inspects how your brain works and checks for any impairment that could affect your daily life.

The brain test analyzes your orientation, language, reasoning skills, memory abilities, executive function, and understanding of object dimensions.

The brain test is based on the works of specialists from Ohio State University. They created something called SAGE – Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam. This exam helps detect signs of worsened cognitive abilities and discover diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s early enough that there can be intervention. Our test is inspired by the same scientific research that helped create SAGE.

Left brained or right brained theory

This theory proposes that specific characteristics can be linked to each half of the brain.

Find out if it’s your left brain or right brain half that’s more dominant.

The left half is responsible for language learning skills, logical reasoning, speech and writing abilities, storage and analysis of data, and mathematics skills. People dominated by the left half are supposed to be pragmatic, analytical, orderly, and fact oriented. They’re interested in math and science. They do well in jobs involving verbal information and linear thinking.

The right half is responsible for creating music, art, ingenuity, reading faces and emotions, creative storytelling, and sexual tendencies. People dominated by the right half are supposedly creative, emotionally intelligent, intuitive, and free-thinking. They’re inclined toward art and social studies. They would do well in careers that allow creative expression and unconventional thinking.

There is no solid scientific evidence for the left brain/right brain theory. The researchers noted that the two halves of the brain are generally equal in any activity. What happens when your brain needs to perform even a simple task? Both spheres have to be activated. When the two halves work together on a complex math project, this is where we get the best results.

When you take that kind of test online, remember not to treat the results too seriously.

We will reveal your mental age so fast!

Left brain right brain test

Thanks to a color test you can discover the more dominant half of your brain. It is very simple and doesn’t even require filling out a questionnaire. Take a look at the image below and read the words but try to read the color you see instead of the word that is written.


How did it go? If you read the color more than the words, you are right-brained. If you read the words more, you are left-brained. The right sphere is more concerned with imagery, whereas the left sphere is more concerned with language.

YouTube video

The brain structures

Our brain is a highly complicated organ. There are three primary sections of the brain. The greatest component of the brain is the forebrain. It is primarily composed of the cerebrum, which allows you to perform all intellectual activities. A deep fissure separates the brain in half. The midbrain controls motor impulses and some reflexes, as well as voluntary movements like eye movements. The hindbrain regulates important functions such as respiration and heart beating.

What about the lobes of the brain? Each ear’s side contains the parietal lobe. It is in charge of processing bodily information, touch perception, and object handling. It is also related to things like temperature, contact with light, or different sensations.

The temporal lobe is placed under each ear. It is responsible for hearing, memory, intellect, sense of identity, behaviors, and feelings. The temporal lobe is also vital in the process of language understanding.

The occipital lobe deals with vision. It is related to processing data. This lobe allows us to see, comprehend, and interpret visual imagery.

The frontal lobe is the biggest one. It is finished developing around the time we are 25 years old. It is responsible for judgment, problem-solving skills, speaking and writing, expressive language, control of impulses, planning, concentration, and other functions.

Are you ready for your test? Find out if your brain is working correctly with this simple quiz we got for you! What result are you expecting?

How many points can you score on this quiz?

The maximum score of 20 will mean your brain is working perfectly!

What is the brain test?

The brain test is an online questionnaire to check your cognitive abilities and basic brain functions.

What is the total brain test?

It is an online assessment that monitors your brain activity and checks for early signs of common mental conditions.

Can a brain scan detect anxiety?

A brain scan can reveal anxiety, as well as other conditions like depression.

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