How rich will you be?

How rich will you be?

Did you know that numerology can affect the relationship you have with money? All these numbers are hiding a secret – the key to your wealth potential. We prepared this quiz, based on numerological calculations, to help you find out how rich you can be.
Were you aware of how your birthdate numerology can affect your relationship with money? Read on to discover your true value and have the wealth you desire.
People born in January (number 1) are often so independent, that they neglect the relationships in their lives. Then they flip the switch and become co-dependent on others. Their relationship with money is the same. Sometimes they feel they don’t need money, and other times they can’t live without it. They can also feel like they don’t deserve wealth and prosperity.
January people tend to use their minds to find solutions to problems, so using mantras will work well for them. Using mantras like “I am responsible with money”, “I deserve to have wealth”, can help shift from negative thoughts about money to positive ones.
Those born in February (2) often feel like their life without money isn’t complete. They don’t necessarily have to get the money themselves, as long they find a source of it outside the self (for example, in a relationship). That’s when they stop being conscious about finances; but once the relationship ends, they lose access to money and start feeling incomplete again.
The 2s need to develop an individual relationship with money. They can’t rely on other people as their source of income. They have to sacrifice their own time, energy, and skills to meet their money needs. A useful mantra for them would be “I am complete and whole in my own self”.
March and December dates are both 3. The 3s like to have fun, be carefree, and spend their money freely. They don’t take financial matters seriously, and cash usually goes in and out of their lives. Because of their nonchalant attitude, they are easy to be taken advantage of when it comes to money.
The 3s have to establish their value in life, learn how to stick to it, and not allow others to use them. Mantra: “Money flows in and out of my life according to my true value.”
People born in April (4) can be judgemental of those who have more money than them. They might think those other people are greedy or evil. They might also not understand the logic of how money works.
The 4s ought to meditate over money, wealth, and prosperity. They should make plans on how to get rich, and learn how it all works. They need to have constant positive affirmations in their heads, such as “I understand the laws of money”, “People with money are human beings just like me”.
May (5) birthdates may lack dedication, discipline, and energy. They might not be determined enough to acquire wealth, or they might hoard money once they have it so they can work less in the future. The 5s often think they deserve money just for who they are.
May birthdates have to learn how to overcome their laziness and be persistent in their prosperity journey. Once they do it, people will gravitate to them naturally. A good mantra for the 5s: “I have the energy, motivation, and discipline to acquire wealth”.
For people born in June (6), money and wealth are all about feelings. They feel good about money if they have it, but they feel bad about money if they don’t have it. They struggle to follow through with their commitments.
The 6s must learn how to be conscious of their obligations and how to fulfill them properly. They also need to learn how to put things into action, instead of just praying and waiting for prosperity to come into their lives.
Those born in July (7) often don’t feel safe in life and hesitate before taking any risks. They are very private about money and want to keep their thoughts and feelings about financial matters to themselves. They also don’t like to jump into any idea they don’t think was proven to work.
July birthdates should take their time to learn about money and understand how it works. A good mantra for them would be: “I understand how money and finances work” or “My money is safe and secure”.
People born in August (8) tend to have anger issues and overuse their authority. When they’re frustrated with their money situation, they often take it out on others. For them, the key to getting money is through control, force, and power.
They have to learn to be a team player and understand that while they are the boss, everyone else also has a crucial role to play. If there is an issue related to money, they have to take a deep breath and only make decisions with a clear, calm mind.
September (9) birthdates are often naive. Other people take advantage of their kind nature. They can’t hold onto money, it seems to slip away from them very easily.
They have to learn how money works on a deeper level and work on being a little less trusting towards others. They have to understand other people don’t always look out for your best interests. Mantra: “I am a master of money”.
October (10) birthdates struggle with self-worth. They tend to feel insignificant and unworthy of money and wealth. They have to work on their self-esteem and understand that they are worthy of everything they desire. Mantra: “I am worthy of money, and I am worthy to be a leader for others.”
People born in November (11) are annoyed with the imperfections of our world, and they don’t like to live within the limits of human understanding of prosperity and money. The 11s need to embrace and find beauty in earthly matters and ordinary human life. Mantra: “The divine in me is expressed as prosperity in the physical world.”
Are you ready to find out how rich you can be, based on numerology? Get down to the questions and discover the key to wealth and prosperity! Good luck.

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