Which US State you should live in?

Which US State you should live in?

Hello United States Lovers! I am happy to see you here. I made this quiz to help with finding your place to live. The following twenty questions will help you decide which State is the best place to move for you. I know how difficult a decision it is. That is why I am helping you.
The first challenging thing about this choice is that there are 50 states in the United States of America. Each of them has something different to offer. If you love the United States of America as much as I do- you must have genuine doubt about this. The differences depend not only on the location but on many different approaches.
Starting from the location point of view, we have a lot to consider. One of the most intuitive things is the weather and temperature. The size of the United States of America is 9 834 000 km². That is why we can have a full range of different temperatures across the year. It all depends if we prefer sunny weather or snowy weather and if we want to have snow for Christmas or any other period. For me, that is an important thing when I am about choosing my new house.
Another important thing we have to take into account about the location is the area around. If you are more into visiting mountains on weekends, you would not be happy about living in a big city. The fact that the United States of America is so huge, allows us to choose if we want mountains, ocean, lakes, or forests. Some the States let us be among people, and some others allow staying alone in the middle of nowhere. The most densely populated of the States is New Jersey, and the biggest one is Alaska. As you can see- we can find a perfect solution depending on our preferences.
To make the choice a bit easier for you- I have chosen the most valuable four States. You can find your perfect place in California, New York, Illinois, and Alaska.
I think it is time to show you the advantages of each of the four States.
Let’s consider Alaska at first. If you love hiking- this one is for you. Alaska is in the north of the United States.
It is home to the top high mountains of America. But, you can find there volcanoes and volcanic fields, as well. But it is not the only attraction there. If you are a fan of active weekends- you will not find anything better. There are rivers, lakes, and forests. Alaska is plenty of wild animals and plants.
On the other side, we have California. If you love sunny weather, this one is for you. That is a state for ones who want to be in the center of attention. If you want to get a chance for knowing any famous actors or musicians, you can start looking from there. What is interesting, California is a place of interesting facts. Did you know that the Internet was invented there? Or have you heard of their avocado festival that takes place in Fallbrook? I am sure that if you are open-minded and want to live a speedy life- you should live in California.
New York State is not as radical as Alaska. But it also consists of mountains, lakes, and forests. You do not have to spend every second outside to live there. New York is an excellent connection between nature and city life. Everyone can find something for themselves.
Now we move to the middle of the United States of America. What do you know about Illinois? Is your answer Route 66 and Mississippi river? Trust me- there is much more to consider. Almost 80% of Illinois is covered by farms. If you need silence- that might be a good idea to move there. If you have always dreamed of your countryside, can you imagine any better State to live in? That is also a perfect place for pumpkin lovers. Illinois is the biggest producer of that vegetable.
That might not be a place for all. Illinois is the flattest state.
After that introduction, you are ready to take the quiz. I hope the description and 20 questions I have prepared will help you make the decision. Deciding where to live is not an easy thing. You should follow your heart and list the pros and cons before making the final decision. But the quiz is a perfect starting point. Maybe the result will be something you did not consider before. I know that such situations can open people’s eyes to many aspects. I am sure it will help you also this time. There is no time to lose. Are you ready to check which part of America is the perfect place to live for you? I am sure you are. That will also bring you fun. Let’s go!

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

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New York, California, Alaska, Illinois

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