What is your body type?

What is your body type?

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You might have heard about the three different body types: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. You might not know, however, where these terms come from, what they mean, and which of these body types is yours. Knowing your body type will let you choose the right diet and workout plan for you. Answer the questions to find your true body type!
In the early 1940s, physician and psychologist William Herbert Sheldon analyzed thousands of photographs to determine similarities in the human physique. He noted that people fall into three different categories of body types or somatotypes. The word somatotype comes from the Greek word soma, meaning body. Sheldon claimed that it’s not just physique that matters. He believed that your body type determines your personality.
All people are born with unique body composition and skeletal frames. And yet, there are common traits that you can identify. There are only three types that groups these traits. The three body types are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.
The ectomorph body type can be described as willowy, slim, and sleek, with small shoulders and hips, narrow frames, and long limbs. People with this body type can struggle to gain weight, as well as build up muscle. Cardiovascular activities are something they often excel in, rather than strength training. They usually have a fast metabolism and burn calories quickly, which allows them to stay lean without much body fat. If you’re someone who can eat just about anything and not gain weight, you might have the ectomorph body type.
Ectomorphs usually eat smaller meals spaced throughout the day. They enjoy long-distance/time activities and brutal, high-intensity workouts. Psychologically, Sheldon associated ectomorphs with the cerebrotonic personality. They tend to be intelligent, introverted, creative, and emotionally restrained. They prefer to stay away from the crowd and noise.
If you’re an ectomorph looking to gain weight, stay away from junk food and instead eat more healthy fats and proteins like meat, fish, nuts, and seeds. An ectomorph’s optimum workout at the gym will be quick and intense.
The mesomorph body type is muscular, strong, and lean, with a rectangular shape, broad chests, narrow waists, and powerful posture. Mesomorphs are natural athletes and excel at about any physical activity they try. They can build muscle mass and lose fat easily. Their metabolism ranges from normal to very efficient.
Mesomorphs prefer a consistent diet in terms of quantity and frequency, and they are good at sports and exercise. Their personality can be described as somatotonic. They’re extroverted, energetic, and adventurous, but can also be aggressive and pushy. They’re willing to take risks and are impulsive when it comes to decision-making.
A diet consisting of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats coupled with a mix of cardio and targeted weight training will give a mesomorph the best results.
The endomorph body type is naturally thicker and rounder than other body types, with a large bone structure, wide hips, narrow shoulders, and stocky limbs. They have natural strength, especially in their legs. Endomorphs have a slow metabolism and gain weight quickly, but they also build muscle quite easily.
People with endomorph body types tend to always be hungry and eat large meals. They live a mostly sedentary lifestyle. They have a viscerotonic personality, which means they typically feel good about themselves, find comedy in most situations, like spending time with others, and appreciate the little things in life.
Since endomorphs’ metabolism is slower, a good diet is a must. It should consist of healthy fat and protein, for example, lean meats, high protein vegetables, eggs, and nuts. They will benefit most from planned workouts designed to aid in the process of fat burning and define muscles. Weight training with some cardio goes a long way.
A lot of people don’t fall directly into one category. Often they have a dominant body type mixed with a few characteristics of another somatotype. You can use this to your advantage. For example, if you’re a mix of endo- and mesomorph, it might be easier for you to lose fat, and you will get great results in strength training.
We all have elements of ectomorphy, endomorphy, and mesomorphy, so the Heath-Carter technique bases your evaluation on the three body types. For each type, you are given a score ranging from 1 to 7, beginning with endomorphy and moving on to mesomorphy and ectomorphy.
To give you an example: someone who’s tall and muscular and hardly gains any fat would be a meso-ectomorph with a score of 1-7-6. An extreme endomorph would be rated as 1-1-7, an extreme ectomorph as 7-1-1, and an extreme mesomorph as 1-7-1.
Do you know which body type fits you? If not, answer these simple questions we prepared for you to find out if you are a mesomorph, an ectomorph, or an endomorph. Have fun!

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