Personality Type Test

Personality Type Test

Welcome back! You must be guessing what we are evaluating today. On that beautiful day, there can be only one correct answer. Now take your seat and prepare your coffee! It is quiz time again! Ladies and Gentlemen- today is the day to understand which personality type you are! Before you start finding out which one fits you the best, you should take a moment to read what stays behind each of the results.

By definition, a character is something that describes our personality. It is taken from the Greek word “characteristikos” which means “characteristic.” Type of personality is something that makes us unique and different from other people. According to psychology, a personality is a group of features of a person that creates our soul. It depends on how we act in different situations, how we feel, or even how we see the world. To be able to understand how to find out which type of personality we are, we need to use characterology.

There are 16 types of personalities, according to Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs. Below, you can see how each of them can be understood.

“The Nurturer” is a person that put others in the first place, and everyone finds them warm and good. “The Performer” is a real party animal. It is always natural for them to make new friends and run parties. “The Composer” is the best friend that you can imagine. They seem to be calm, but they love life to the limit. “The Craftsman” is a follower that is always happy to help. He knows everything that is going on around him. Then, “The Champion” is very focused on his goals. They can make the right decisions and always support people from their environment. “The Doer” is always open to new situations, but small details that do not go according to their expectations bring them down. They are very active and have a “can-do” attitude. “The Provider” likes being in the center of interests. They do not feel embarrassed when everyone follows them, and they have a great sense of humor. “The Supervisor” sometimes may make you feel not good enough because they are very successful. They are born to become leaders, and their advice is probably more valuable than gold. “The Visionary” are people that can understand if they can make a connection with someone or not. They represent high intelligence and use their mind in a very logical manner. “The Idealist” wants to understand everything that happens around them. They want to be free, but also they are very creative. “The Thinker” keeps on analyzing everything, no matter if it is in the case of people, things, or situations. They adore being independent, and they pay attention to details. “The Mastermind” is a strategist, in my opinion. They are very smart and always consider each solution separately. They are a person that every boss in the world would like to hire. “The Inspector” is another type of personality that focuses on details a lot. In my opinion, they see things in black and white. That is what makes them great employers and employees in specific offices. The last type of personality is “The Commander.” They take responsibility for themselves and can see the light in the darkest situation. I wish I was as ambitious as that group.

This group of personalities is not the only one that we can distinguish. In our quiz, you will see if you are Driver, Expressive, Amiable, or Analytical! The first one- Driver is very focused on their goals. They always want to win, but they also put in a lot of work to achieve their goals. They may be impatient, but that is how they reach their results.

Analytical is a type of personality that corresponds to logical thinking. They want to see each situation from every possible side. They are careful to remember every important information. They also prepare lists of things to do and try to be responsible.

Amiable is someone that is a free soul. That one can be connected with many artists and individualists. It does not mean that they do not care about others! They need to feel “liked” by others.

Expressive is very impulsive and outgoing. That is a type of personality of people that want attention. They want to be recognized, and they need to feel special and unique. 

I hope that the introduction made it a bit easier to understand what stays behind the types of personalities and different classifications. With this quiz, you will find out if you are: an Expressive, Driver, Amiable or Analytical type of personality! We will have a look at your everyday choices, and we will tell you which one suits you the most! Are you ready?! Good luck and have fun!

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions in the quiz.

What can be the result of this quiz?

You can be an Expressive, Driver, Amiable or Analytical type of personality

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