How good are you at teasing?

How good are you at teasing?

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But what we focus on today is teasing. We will help you with figuring out how teasing you are. You may understand teasing as a bad thing or even something rude. But we are in the 21st century, so we should be capable to separate bullying from teasing.

Bullying is what we have to eliminate. It is the reason for children’s loss of confidence. It makes the level of depression highly increase.
Bullying is not showing the weakness of the victim. Mainly it highlights the low self-esteem of the rude ones. It is highly important to show the new generations that such poses are not cool anymore and we should treat everyone with respect. There are many articles and pieces of advice on the Internet, saying how to talk about bullying with kids or how to react when you see a bully in action.

I can give you some tips I used to use in high school. The main thing when you see bullying is to never ignore it. It does not matter if it is about you or someone from your surrounding you have to react.
Another thing is to not think that you are the reason for bullying. The truth is that no person has ever been this.

But now, let’s move to tease. People used to find it bad. Now it comes more naturally. That is something you use when you are mad at someone, but it does not affect them badly. It is kind of a “soft” way of being rude. It is also popular to use teasing to represent love to family and friends. A few years ago, no one would think about it that way. I see it in that way that when you are teasing someone, it means you can be 100% yourself with that person.

Also, it would be difficult to not be teasing these days. The whole world is full of sarcasm and unserious moments, and if I was not teasing my best friend, I would feel lost.

Teasing is also a great test of new relationships. You can check if the personalities fit together so that you can check if they catch your jokes. Sarcasm and teasing are the languages of the 21st century, and no one can change my mind. Without that, we all would be too much serious. We would keep stress inside, and that would affect not only us but also others. Me and my co-workers always use teasing. How weird would our work look without that? I am not sure if I could spend there the 8 hours then.

Teasing is something you can see everywhere- in cartoons, movies, and even on breakfast tv. So, the result saying how good you are at it can detect how good you are with the modern way of speaking. Of course, you should not worry if the result will not be high. Some people are naturally warm and kind. It does not mean that you cannot go on with people that are teasing masters. The world is a place for people of all personalities. If you are not good at teasing, it might just be that you were born into a different generation, you grew up in a calm family, or you are yourself. But as I said before, there is nothing bad about it. The introduction is also for you then. The thing is that you have to remember that it is not against you.

Teasing may be a means of communication for some people. We just should not take everything seriously. On the other hand, if any kind of teasing is rude to us, we should communicate it. We are all different, so it can touch us differently. But we can make sure that teasing will not leave us soon. For me, the most comfortable would be to try to introduce teasing to our lives, so life would get easier. But maybe it is not always about being simple.

Now, after the complex introduction, you are ready to try our quiz. With the following 20 questions, you will check out how good at teasing you are. There will be questions from different fields, but we need them to tell you the result. Make sure to not forget to share this quiz with your friends. That can be a perfect game for the next house party. I have already checked who is the best at teasing among my family and friends. Good luck!

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There are 20 questions in the quiz.

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