Discover the secrets of Star Wars

Discover the secrets of Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the world’s most famous and successful franchises. Over the many years of the Star Wars films and series, we’ve seen many of the characters come to unfortunate endings through various battles and incidents. Our quiz today highlights some of the fallen Star Wars characters and tests your knowledge on how they came to their unfortunate demise.

The history of Star Wars began back in 1977, with the movie of the same name. The series was created by George Lucas and is described as a space opera. Star Wars quickly became a worldwide success and has expanded over the years to include TV series, video games, theme park attractions, themed areas, comic books, novels, and much more. The fictional universe is currently estimated to be worth $70 billion, which makes it the fifth highest-grossing media franchise in the world.

The original movie was soon known as Episode IV: A New Hope and was followed up by Episode V and Episode VI. These three movies are known as the original Star Wars trilogy, and George Lucas later returned to create the prequel trilogy. This welcomed a whole new audience to the movies, with parents passing down their passion for Star Wars to their children.

In 2012, the world of Star Wars continued to grow as it was sold to Disney, with George Lucas giving up his production company and the ownership he had of the franchise. Since then, the sequel trilogy then continued the series and brought another new generation of fans. All of the Skywalker saga movies have been nominated for Academy Awards, with the first two movies both winning awards. Rogue One and Solo have been the most recent additions to the series, and with over $10 billion made to date by the movie franchise, it’s the second-highest-grossing film franchise in history.

The Star Wars world continued with television series, starting with two animated series back in the mid-1980s. In the 2000s, more animated series were also released, with two of them primarily focusing on the Clone Wars. Once Disney acquired Lucasfilm, eight live-action series were developed and will be added to Disney+. The Mandalorian first premiered in 2019 and has been one of the most popular shows on Disney+, encouraging viewers to tune in again and again each week. It’s another great way to connect with the world of Star Wars and learn more about the characters that make this series so beloved by fans around the world.

The Star Wars universe spreads across many different eras. The Star Wars creators have defined these different eras, which are the settings for the various shows and movies. The High Republic was set 200 years before the prequel trilogy and is included in some media releases. The Fall of the Jedi is the era of the prequel trilogy, and many of the greatest events of the series took place during this time. The Reign of the Empire took place just after this, and Solo: A Star Wars Story was set during this time. The Age of Rebellion was the original trilogy’s setting, and the Rise of the First Order is the time in which the sequel trilogy took place. With so many different stories to explore, fans will never be able to get enough of the Star Wars universe, which is why it is so popular even after so many decades.

If you’ve been watching Star Wars since a young age, you’ve no doubt seen many changes in the universe since this time. During each movie or show, we see different characters come to a sad ending, although many of these are also reasons to celebrate. Our quiz today focuses on the endings of the characters in the series and how they came to this place in their lives.

Today we’ve put together 20 questions that will test your knowledge of some of the most famous characters and deaths in the Star Wars series. Each question has four potential answers, only one of which is correct each time. Select the answer you think is right to see how well you know the Star Wars universe. Good luck, and let’s see how well you score on our Star Wars quiz today!

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