Will We Get Back Together? | 100% Honest Quiz

Will We Get Back Together? | 100% Honest Quiz

Welcome back to another love-themed quiz! If you’re here, you’ve probably had one relationship before. Have you ever wondered if it will be possible for you to be together again? Here you will find the answer that will tell you whether to act or better to let go. Not every relationship ends well, but each one gives us valuable experience. Take our Will We Get Back Together After A Break Up test and find out what ending is likely for you.

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Why do relationships end?

Whether you will ever get together again very much depends on how you broke up. Recall the reason for the breakup and ask yourself if, going back in time, you would have acted differently. Or whether it is a problem that can still be fixed. If you answered yes to both of these given questions, chances are you will be together again. But let’s first look at the main and most common reasons for a breakup. See if any of them apply to you.


If serious problems like cheating arise in a relationship, the matter is more complicated. Whether the relationship survives depends mainly on the decision of the cheated person. When boundaries are violated and trust is lost, it is hard to fix, but it is possible. If a couple just decides to work on the relationship, they must first of all rebuild the lost trust and fix the mistakes of the past. They need to be able to talk honestly with each other and set new boundaries.

It is also worth touching on the theme of cheating, because cheating always has some meaning. It can indicate a sexual mismatch, too little attention, problems with morality, or simply that the person who cheats doesn’t really care about the relationship. Sometimes breakups are the best option, but it all depends on the situation.


Too many red flags

At the beginning of a relationship, we always idealize the other person and do not notice their flaws. Falling in love makes us romanticize every moment and we often pretend ourselves to be better than we really are. This makes us may not think about what our relationship will look like in the future and whether we will be happy in it.

Over time, our true selves begin to come out and that’s when problems arise. Who we want to be in a relationship with and what we choose to be with is up to us. For example, on some people tardiness and messiness are small, insignificant defects, and another person could not live with such a person because it would breed too much frustration.

When it turns out that the other person or ourselves have such traits that are hard to change, sometimes it is better to let go than to make arguments over the same problems over and over again. Red flags can be different and sometimes they are really serious like emotional immaturity, lack of empathy and understanding, toxic jealousy or manipulation.

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Other values and future plans

When we are in a serious relationship, we need to start thinking about our future. What we want out of life is important, and ideally both people in a relationship should have similar plans. When it turns out that one person wants children and a quiet life, while the other wants to travel the world and can’t imagine a life with children, there’s a problem.

You can’t ask the other person to do something against themselves, especially when we’re talking about serious life choices such as getting married, having children or buying a house. A compromise may be impossible to work out. Then we are faced with a decision – either we are able to match each other and have a lifestyle that suits everyone, or we break up because we have different needs. Such breakups can be difficult, but often end in a good friendship for life.


Inequality of feelings

This is a very serious problem. People can form relationships in which they do not treat each other equally. One person may be more committed to the relationship than the other. Sometimes that one person doesn’t care at all, and continues in the relationship out of habit. Or some people get into relationships out of a sense of loneliness, not out of genuine affection.

 If you feel that the other person doesn’t love you as much as you love him or her, you may want to consider whether it makes sense to continue in such a relationship. Sooner or later you will be unhappy, and that’s not what relationships are for. A relationship should be based on support, it should give us strength, make us happy. If it starts to be otherwise, then you need to think about what is the reason.

Better check if you have this issues – Abandonment Issues and Trust Issues Tests.

Unsatisfying relationship

Dissatisfaction with a relationship is a real problem. Sometimes it is the case that one of the parties or even both of them after a time stops trying. Relationships have their own dynamics, and we have no control over the fact that this passionate beginning, full of surprises and emotions, eventually passes, and in its place is habit, stability and monotony. It is necessary to know how to deal with this in order to be able to create a healthy relationship.

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Boredom in a relationship is not the end of the world, it can be worked on, only both people must want it and be committed. Go out on dates regularly and take care of the quality of those dates. Evenings watching TV series are fun, but in excess they can be bad for motivation. Go to restaurants where you need to dress nicely, take walks to your favorite places and make memories, have picnics and outings. Buy unannounced small gifts for each other, profess love, say compliments to each other. All these little things are important. Even if you know perfectly well how you feel about each other, it should be shown at all times.

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How to get back together?

If, after reading all these comments and advice, you think that trying again with your ex is what you want, then we have some steps for you to follow. Returns can be just as difficult as breakups, so it’s worth thinking things through carefully. Here are some important things to pay attention to if you plan to go together again:

  • Accept her/his decision – you must remember that it will only be possible to return to the relationship if the other person also wants it. If not, you are not in a position to force or convince this person. There is no point in trying to get someone who doesn’t want to be with you. And sometimes your ex needs time to think about getting back together.
  • Be honest and give a reason – you need to know why you want to be together with your beloved again. When talking to this person, you need to be honest and reveal your feelings, which can be difficult to describe. Think about it alone first before you proceed with the conversation.
  • You need to be ready for a change – if your relationship failed and was broken, it was caused by problems that will have to be worked on again. It is impossible to clean up the past. You must be ready to face these problems once again.

Now you know everything and are prepared for both parting forever and returning. You can take our special Will We Get Back Together After A Break-Up test that will tell you which way is more right for you. You will find out the signs you’ll get back together. Are you ready?

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What are types of breakups that get back together?

If the breakup was respectful of each other and you continue to be friends, then getting back together is more likely.

What to do when the other person is not sure about getting back together?

Then give her/him more time to decide and don’t put pressure.

If we get back together, will we have to try harder?

Yes, renewing a relationship requires commitment and facing the problems of the past.

Will this test specifically tell me if we should get back together?

Yes, but remember that the test is only a suggestion, and the decision is up to you and your former partner.

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