How To Be A Good Girlfriend | This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

How To Be A Good Girlfriend | This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

Hello, today will be the theme of love again! Do you know how to create a healthy relationship? It’s not that easy at all, and they don’t teach us this in school. Our parents are not always the best example either. So how to be a good girlfriend or boyfriend? You can learn from your mistakes, but also increase your knowledge of relationships. Practical psychological knowledge will definitely come in handy for you! We also have a great personality quiz to test what you can do. So, how to be a good girlfriend to your man?

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Characteristics of a good girlfriend

Today we will focus exclusively on how to be a good girlfriend partner. The gender roles that society imposes on us can often mess with our heads. We forget what really matters in a relationship. Many people think that a good girlfriend is indulgent, very patient, always sexy and forgiving of all offenses. This is not a good way to create a healthy relationship. Such expectations are unrealistic and simply selfish. A girl who cares about the relationship does not need to neglect her boundaries. But then what are the qualities of a good girlfriend? We have specially described all the most important qualities for you.

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Caring Girlfriend

A good partner cares about her relationship. And that means she has to make an effort every day. Communication, spending time together, taking an interest in the other person – if this is lacking, conflict will eventually arise. When a girl constantly plays unavailable, does not initiate any actions such as inviting to dates or showing affection, it is not mature behavior.

Yes, in society it has become accepted that it is the guy who must constantly court the girl. But this is a harmful stereotype. When you are in a relationship, both parties need to make the same effort. Pretending that you don’t care won’t work. If you want to be a good girlfriend, you have to be honest with him and with yourself as well.


Understanding Girlfriend

Understanding is a very valuable quality that helps create deep relationships and friendships. Each of us is different and we need to accept each other’s needs. The attitude to always try to understand your loved one is very helpful. Sometimes you may not understand why your boyfriend behaves in a certain way.

For example, you don’t know why he cares so much about having time for himself, too. Some people need more or less space. We need to be able to live together with each other as well as separately. Each of us may have a different perspective on relationships, spending time together and ways of spending time. It is important to be understanding if any differences arise. One must always find a compromise that satisfies both parties, and without understanding this cannot be done.

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Communicative Girlfriend

Healthy communication is the foundation of any relationship, even a friendship devoid of romance. A good partner is not afraid to talk about difficult topics. If someone crosses your boundaries or something bothers you, it’s better to talk about it instead of stewing about it and pretending that everything is ok.


Such difficult conversations don’t always have to turn into arguments. If you talk about it calmly, are open to your partner’s feelings and thoughts, and he is too, then you will be able to talk through any problem. Always try to listen to your partner if he has any objections, because you expect the same from him. Punishing with silence will not help you create a healthy relationship.

The three qualities listed above are very important to create a healthy relationship. These are good tips for both girls and guys. Emotional maturity is the best quality and it does not at all mean not expressing emotions. It is the ability to express one’s needs and listen to the needs of others, which is expressed precisely in the above three factors. Now you know how to be a good girlfriend.

How can I be a better girlfriend

There are different ways to be a better partner. Just probably hard to follow them in real life. We have all sorts of habits that we may have already acquired in childhood, so it’s hard to get rid of them overnight. Often these are also mental health problems, which we will also touch on today. First, we have some useful tips for you on how to be more mindful and thus how to be a better girlfriend.


Write a journal

Write down your thoughts – it is useful to have a journal in which you describe what you are experiencing internally. You can write what is causing you problems and how you could fix it. For example, you have a problem getting involved in a relationship because you always wait for the boy to ask you out first. Describe this and all the feelings that come with it, and then try to come up with some, or at least one, solution. It could be a resolution to invite him somewhere by yourself once a week. This will help you put these habits into practice and make it easier for you to be a better girlfriend.

Understand the causes

Be understanding to yourself as well – always try to understand why you have trouble being a good girl. There’s bound to be something behind it, for example, if you often punish with silence instead of saying directly what’s wrong, it may be because as a child when you expressed emotions your parents immediately silenced you, so you learned that it’s better not to express emotions at all. Be forgiving of yourself, many such bad habits may be the result of past traumas and injuries. Give yourself time to learn how to be a better girl and forgive mistakes.

How to be a better girlfriend when you have depression or anxiety

Mental health problems can make it more difficult, but not impossible, to form a healthy relationship. Remember that you deserve love, even if you have depression, anxiety disorders or other issues. Here, it’s important that you have a lot of understanding from your partner and that both of you are aware of what the mental issue entails. What to keep in mind, being a person with a disorder and being in a relationship:

  • Therapy – the therapeutic process is very important and if you can afford psychological help, don’t be afraid to use it.
  • Understand your mental illness – knowing what’s going on in your head can help you get a grip on those things that can make life difficult in a relationship.
  • Partner support – if your partner does not accept or denies your mental illness, you will not form a healthy relationship with him. You need to find someone who will love you and accept everything about you.

When you take into account continuous work on yourself, do your best and get the right support, it is as possible to create a good relationship despite poor mental health. It is known that there can still be conflicts and problems, but there are no perfect people or perfect relationships. The most important thing is that you keep trying and want to be with the other person.

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How To Be A Good Girlfriend

Now you can take our quiz and see if there are many things you should work on, or maybe you are already a great girlfriend? Find out today! We hope you found the tips in our article helpful. You can always come back to them after time and take the test again, seeing if you have improved. Also remember that your partner should try as hard as you do, otherwise it’s not worth wasting your time on him!

How to be a good girlfriend in a relationship?

In the article above you will find many tips on how to be a good girlfriend.

Will the How to Be a Good Girlfriend quiz tell me if I’m a good partner?

Yes, the result of the How to Be a Good Girlfriend quiz will be specific.

What exactly is this quiz about?

The quiz measures how many qualities of a good girlfriend you have.

Is this How to Be a Good Girlfriend quiz exclusively for girls?

You can change the word girlfriend to boyfriend in your mind and vice versa and it will be How To Be a Good Boyfriend quiz!

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