Aggression Test | Free Confidential Results

Aggression Test | Free Confidential Results

Emotions are difficult things to handle. Some of us are better and controlling them, and some of us struggle. It’s okay to realize that you need to put a little more work into your emotional regulation. Seeking professional help is one of the most effective ways to manage your feelings, and we highly recommend that.

This aggression test was designed for you to see if your symptoms are worrying. The questions have been selected carefully so that they fit everyone. You can find also find a female aggression test online. We don’t recommend sticking to your gender identity. Symptoms of aggression are more or less the same for everyone. To read about it a little bit more, we recommend this website.


Living in a Society

If you struggle with aggression it is very likely that you to have a hard time adapting to many social situations. It will be hard for you to pay attention during class, or an important board meeting at work. You will be unable to concentrate during friendly conversations, and people are likely to think that you just don’t care at all.

In reality, you’re probably trying very hard to focus on whatever they’re talking about. Sometimes it’s just impossible for you to concentrate properly. And that’s when you get angry. Your emotions just can’t stand being bottled up any longer, and they explode. You’re likely to swear a little bit too much, or just simply scream at people. Usually, you care about them. It’s just a sign of helplessness.

Concentration Issues

Aggression will make it hell for you to read long texts. Of course, you can read, and usually, you understand short messages pretty well. But focusing for a longer period is just not possible for you. Especially if the text is very complex, and if it’s something you need to read. This little part of reading being a chore just really doesn’t get you going. You hate being told what to do, and if this task is annoying for you, you will snap.

Organizing your thoughts is also a challenge for you. Everything is just mixed up in your brain and you simply get overwhelmed with all the thoughts. Confusion follows. Then everyone expects you to behave in a certain manner, and you snap. Does this sound familiar? If so, you really should try this aggression test.

Aggressive State of Mind

The mind of an aggressive person is a scary place. It’s very crowded and messy. It’s nearly impossible to fit anything else in there, yet, everyone expects them to function normally. The truth is that aggression prevents people from acting naturally. It makes people numb, angry, and tired.


Aggression makes you miss out on a lot of things. I don’t only mean the literal sleep you lose because you stay up all night thinking. I also mean sleeping socially. You withdraw yourself socially. It starts with skipping some events and ends with you alone in your room every Friday night.

Social withdrawal has many consequences. You can get more and more lonely, which leads to sadness and sometimes even hallucinations. They also occur when you don’t get enough literal sleep. You may stop eating enough, or drinking enough water. Your body feels trapped. On one hand, you don’t wanna go out into the world, but on the other, you sometimes need to. Even if it’s just to get some groceries.

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Lack of sleep can also result in progressive memory problems. You start by forgetting the little things, but later it all builds up. You find yourself completely disorientated during a social encounter. And that can also cause further social withdrawal. It’s common for people suffering from aggression problems to have trouble remembering, well, anything.

As you can see here, many of these symptoms work together to create some more problems for you. That’s why it’s crucial to seek help when it all begins. Don’t wait until your issues will become way too much for you. This is also very dangerous for your physical well-b, and for your friends and family.

Remember that aggression doesn’t only concern you. It mostly focuses on other people, who happen to be around you during your outbursts. Of course, they should be aware where your problems come from, and that you’re working on yourself, but it cannot always be your excuse. It’s important to take action and make your life a little bit easier. Start by taking this aggression test!

Sleep problems? This test will tell you if you should start worrying…

Dangerous Behaviours

If you’re aggressive, you might also feel dangerous to other people. If you’ve been told that people don’t feel too good in your presence, please don’t ignore those voices. It’s extremely hard for people to say that they are scared of you. So you need to apreciate them doing that, as it might be the first step in your recovery journey!

By dangerous behaviors, we mean everything that might cause people to feel insecure about you. It doesn’t have to mean spectacular knife fights or throwing dishes around. It usually means that people are never too sure if you won’t randomly scream at them. Of course, for you, this is very far from random, and it might be offensive for you to call your outbursts random. But that’s how many people will perceive it. That’s the reality you need to face.

Changes in Your Personality

If you experience changes in your personality, you should immediately seek professional help. It’s very dangerous to be switching between extreme states of mind regularly. It may not be about aggression anymore.

However, you need to remember that personality is not always 100% fixed. It’s nearly impossible. It’s normal to have better and worse days. The changes we’re talking about include very drastic shifts, that will leave you unrecognizable to most of your friends and family. If situations like these happen to you, it’s worrying.

How many questions are there in this aggression test?

You will find 20 questions here.

Is this aggression test reliable?

This is not a professional aggression test. To find out for sure, you need to see a specialist, who will assess your aggression level based on professional aggression questionnaire scoring.

Is aggression connected to depression?

It actually might be! Some of the symptoms are very similar.

How long will this aggression test take?

It will take you around 5-6 minutes. Remember to be honest and true to yourself! Good luck!

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