Am I Soft-Hearted or Stone-Hearted | 100% Honest Answer

Am I Soft-Hearted or Stone-Hearted | 100% Honest Answer

Welcome back! Today we have another fun quiz for you to take and pass around to your friends! Do you have a gentle heart or a heart of stone? With our personality Am I Kind Hearted Quiz you will check the state of your sensitivity. Just be honest when answering the questions if you want to know the real answer! But first, let’s think more about the topic of morality and sensitivity.

Here you will find a lot of useful tips and facts. You will learn exactly what stone-hearted and soft-hearted people are, what empathy is and what are the signs of lack of empathy. In addition, if you find yourself heartless, we have a guide for you on how to fix it. Are you ready?

What kind of heart do I have quiz

A heart of stone, a soft heart, or maybe…heartless? What kind of person are you? This is, of course, a metaphor that refers to your actions and thoughts. The ways in which you make decisions, what you think about other people and whether you help them – your level of empathy can be judged on this basis. People differ in their sensitivity, some are simply more unapproachable from birth, and others grow up to become so.

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And what kind of heart do you have? Read the descriptions below and consider which one fits you better. And of course, don’t forget to take our test to confirm it! Then you’ll be sure whether you’re stone-hearted or gentle-hearted. Let’s check it now!


People who are soft-hearted are unique individuals who want to make this world a better place. They are often idealists, sensitive to the injustice of others and not accepting injustice. Soft-hearted people are simply more sensitive, empathetic, much more emotional. Such people are also better at guessing other people’s emotions and moods.


Sensitive people are good friends and partners, capable of making sacrifices and caring for others. However, they also have their disadvantages. For example, they may have problems setting their own boundaries. They are also more concerned with the needs of others than their own, thus neglecting their own well-being. They tend to be people-pleasers and have problems with assertiveness. However, with the right work on themselves, they can be courageous heroes who are a real asset to this world.


People who are stone-hearted are firm and practical. They do not care too much about other people’s feelings, they consider it unnecessary. Insensitive people mainly care only about themselves and their loved ones. They are cold persons, and may have problems expressing their emotions correctly. However, thanks to their approach, they find it much easier to achieve their goals, achieve success and are able to take care of the high comfort of their lives.


Such people can also be incomprehensible towards others, other people do not care about them. This attitude has its pros and cons. Thanks to not worrying about the opinion of others, stone-hearted people know exactly what they want and do not succumb to peer pressure. On the other hand, this often makes it more difficult for them to form a good and healthy relationship, and they also have trouble being open and admitting their mistakes, so they can get stuck in their harmful beliefs.

After reading the above descriptions, which side do you think you are on? Or are you somewhere between soft-hearted and stone-hearted? With our quiz, you’ll find out where you fit more!

Lack of empathy signs

If you’re wondering why you’re so unemotional and stone-hearted, or why other people are like that, we have some tips and interesting facts for you. Empathy is nothing more than the ability to put oneself in the place of another person, to understand the feelings of others and the experiences they are having. Empathic people are sensitive to the hurt of others, easily identify with others and are more willing to help. You may be wondering why you don’t feel this. See what signs indicate a lack of empathy. 

  • Not forgiving people for their mistakes
  • Excessive criticism of other people
  • Not controlling your emotions
  • Not caring about other people’s opinions and lives
  • Not worrying about hurting other people
  • Embarrassment with other people’s feelings
  • Indifference to the injustice of others

If most of the points on the list agree with you, you are probably stone-hearted and lack empathy. But that doesn’t mean this improvement is impossible. Especially working on controlling your emotions will benefit you a lot. A lot of psychological researchers believe that empathy is an acquired skill and can be worked on. In the next paragraph, we’ll show you ways to be more empathetic and sensitive.

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Why am i stone hearted?

If the quiz shows that you are more stone-hearted, and you would prefer to be more soft-hearted, then we have a solution and advice for you. As we wrote earlier, empathy and sensitivity can be worked on.

You are not a bad person if you are stone-hearted and willing to work on yourself. Perhaps you are so cold and unfeeling because you experienced some trauma in the past? Maybe someone once treated you badly and unfairly? Don’t worry, everyone deserves love and so do you. You can learn some habits to be a better friend, partner and just a better person.

5 steps to be Soft-Hearted person

First, observe. When you’re walking through town, passing strangers, think about what they might be feeling. What other problems might they be struggling with? How would you feel in their situation? This will help you understand other people’s feelings more. Second, practice listening to the other person. Don’t listen for the sake of listening. Listen to understand someone better and get to know their thoughts.


Third, tolerate and notice your own emotions. When you feel an emotion, try to name it and think about why you feel that way. For example: I feel upset and frustrated because I missed the bus. I am angry and impatient because I will have to wait longer for the next bus. It’s seemingly simple, but you’ll notice that in some situations it’s hard to tell what you’re feeling. The last piece of advice is to give and receive support. Talk to people more about your own and their problems, and you’ll learn to care more about yourself and others.

Am I tough or soft quiz

Now you can solve our Do I Have a Big Heart quiz without being afraid of the result. We have prepared special and unique questions that you will not find in any other test. Our quiz is original and created on the basis of psychological theories. Find out how sensitive and empathetic you are.

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Knowing yourself and your ways of coping and making decisions is important. On our site you will find a lot of psychological and personality tests that will help you understand how your psyche works. By understanding ourselves and why we are the way we are, we can manage our lives more consciously and make better decisions. If you want to change your life, try to understand your thoughts and actions. Become more aware and learn more. Maybe we should also make Am I Physically Strong quiz?

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Will this quiz honestly tell me if I am stone-hearted or soft-hearted?

Yes, the result of the quiz is an honest and specific answer.

How many questions are in this Am I Soft-Hearted or Stone-Hearted quiz?

There are twenty unique questions in this personality quiz.

What are the questions in this test about?

The questions measure your level of empathy and sensitivity.

Can a stone-hearted person change?

Yes, you can learn how to be a more sensitive person. You can find tips in the article above.

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