Black Cat or Golden Retriever Quiz | Reliable 2023 Personality Quiz

Black Cat or Golden Retriever Quiz | Reliable 2023 Personality Quiz

Welcome to another quiz. Are you familiar with this trending black cat or golden retriever personality? If you don’t know what it means, we are about to explain the black cat and golden retriever trope to you in detail. And we have also prepared a test Are you a Black Cat or a Golden Retriever? This interesting and original Am I A Golden Retriever Girlfriend Quiz (or Boyfriend) is waiting for you!

Black Cat and Golden Retriever energy

People don’t always know who they really are, they feel a constant need to discover themselves. They need additional information to confirm what kind of people they are, then they feel more valuable and real. We learn something about ourselves through the relationships we have. We talk to people and their reaction to us can give us a hint.

But there are other ways to learn about ourselves. Categorizing is one of them. People come up with different categories and assign themselves to them. That’s why personality tests and horoscopes are so popular. We like to find out new things about ourselves and confirm those we already know. Black Cat and Golden Retriever vibes are other ways to simply explain what kind of character someone has.

Black Cat Energy

People who have been called Black Cats behave a bit like cats. They are more aloof and composed, calm and proud. They don’t express feelings as enthusiastically as dogs, and you have to earn their trust. People with this personality type tend to be more introverted, as well as independent. They also seem more dark and original. They like to take the initiative. They may be sarcastic or have an unusual sense of humor. Black Cats have often been depicted as friends of witches. Also, it can be associated with aesthetics of this type, such as witchcore, dark academia, grunge or emo.


Golden Retriever Energy

If someone ever tells you that you are like a Golden Retriever then take it as a compliment. People with this personality type are very energetic, optimistic, cheerful and charming. They are usually extroverts who like spontaneity and having fun. They get along better with people than Black Cats. They easily gain the trust of others. They have a very positive attitude to life. They can also be naive, but this is always seen as adorable and innocent. They are willing to help people and have good hearts. These individuals are cute, caring and you won’t be bored with them. Golden Retrievers are also associated with bright aesthetic styles, such as light academia, cottagecore, soft or fairycore.


According to the descriptions above, how do you think, are you more of a black cat or a golden retriever? If you’re having a hard time judging, be sure to take our special test that will tell you which traits you have!

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Golden Retriever Black Cat relationship

The perception of these two personality types is often used in the context of a relationship. It is commonly believed that the relationship between a Black Cat and a Golden Retriever is well matched. These individuals complement each other, understand and accept each other.

A popular saying is that opposites attract, but however, studies have shown that relationships are better when there are more similarities between partners. However, in the case of the black cat and golden retriever, it’s not just about outlining opposites.

In any relationship between two people, one person takes on more of the role of the Black Cat and the other the Golden Retriever. Viewing the concept this way, one can see that the two types can also have many similarities and form a healthy relationship. Many people consider the relationship between a Black Cat and a Golden Retriever to be the best type of relationship, due to the high bond and chemistry.

Couples that are Black Cats and Golden Retrievers

In the world of celebrities, in movies, TV series and books, similar relationships can be seen. The dynamics of the pairing of a black cat and a golden retriever is very interesting, and people like to watch and read about such relationships. We will give you good examples of such pairs, which I am sure each of you knows.

  • Ron and Hermione – This is a perfect example, where Ron is a golden retriever and Hermione is a black cat. He’s funny, a little silly and cute, and she’s calm, intelligent and shy.
  • Zendaya and Tom Holland – Here we have an example from real life and it is similar to the previous couple – she is a black cat and he is a golden retriever. I don’t think anyone will deny it, because Tom Holland is a perfect example of a boy with the energy of a golden retriever.
  • Wednesday and Enid – such dynamics can also occur in friendships. This couple is the best black cat and golden retriever friendship meaning. I think everyone will guess here who is who, because Wednesday even looks like Black Cat, and Enid is brimming with optimism.
  • Jackie and Kelso – have you ever watched That ’70s Show? If so, you are certainly familiar with this couple. In this case, Jackie is a black cat and Kelso is a golden retriever, but when Jackie was in a relationship with Hyde, it was quite the opposite and she was more of a golden retriever! What do you guys think? Do you know that a sequel to this iconic series is coming soon on Netflix?
YouTube video

Do you know of any other pairs that would match this dynamic of black cat and golden retriever? Or are you in this type of relationship yourself? Take our quiz and find out who is a black cat and who is a golden retriever!

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Husky Boys and other categories

This is not the first time new words and definitions in this style have been invented. Recently, there has also been a new category of Husky Boy. Husky Boys are guys who are a little less energetic and optimistic than Golden Retriever Boys. They are a bit naughty and secretive. In terms of appearance, they are associated with black-haired, alternative guys with tattoos and piercings.

Why do we like to invent such things so much? Recently, astrology and horoscopes have also become popular again. Well first of all we like to find out new things about ourselves. People are constantly searching for themselves and discovering their new faces. Such categories allow them to find out who they feel best about themselves.

We also like to belong to a particular group. It makes us feel that we are not alone, that there are also people like us in this world. And of course, it also allows us to better understand other people. By categorizing in this way, for example, saying “I like boys with the energy of a Golden Retriever,” we can easily represent what type of personality we like.


Black Cat or Golden Retriever Quiz for couples

Now you can undoubtedly take our personality test to learn more about yourself. If you are not in a relationship then you will know what role you are most likely to take. On the other hand, if you have a loved one, be sure to give him or her this test as well. See if you are a typical Black Cat and Golden Retriever couple, or maybe you are too complicated for that?

How many questions does this personality test have?

The test has twenty unique questions.

What kind of people is this test targeted at?

This test is ideal for couples, each of you can test whether you are more Black Cat or Golden Retriever in your relationship.

Can this test be taken alone or with a friend?

Of course, if you are curious to know more about your personality, you can take this test.

Can there be two Black Cats or two Golden Retrievers in one relationship?

Yes, the dynamics of your relationship may be different and more complicated than Black Cat Golden Retriever trope.

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