What Is My Type Of Guy Quiz | Completely Free

What Is My Type Of Guy Quiz | Completely Free

Hi Girls! Are you ready for an interesting quiz? We have prepared this one for you! Today’s topic is the type of guy. It’s what is my type quiz! Each girl has some preference in terms of appearance and manner. However, sometimes it’s hard for us to determine exactly what we like. With this test you will learn more about yourself and be able to tell what you care about in choosing a partner. Well, and most of all, it will be a lot of fun! Don’t forget to send the What Is My Type Of Guy Quiz to your friends. Share the results!

And what type of girl are you? Find out by solving this unique quiz!

How to determine your type of guy

If you want to know the ins and outs of how this quiz was created, here you go! Here we will explain everything from the ground up. How do people perceive attractiveness? How to describe your type of guy? Let’s take a closer look at it. The concept of attractiveness is quite broad. It is not limited to appearance alone, but also to character traits and behavior. Details such as tone of voice, accent, gesticulation, the way you stand or walk also count. But let’s break it all down. What Is My Type Of Guy Quiz can wait!



First the appearance, because it’s the first thing we see. It is usually the basis of the first impression. Let’s start with the face. Some people like softer features, while others prefer how a man has a strongly defined jaw. Some like facial hair, others don’t. Hair color and length, eye color and shape. All of these things matter to us in some way when it comes to assessing attractiveness.

Think about what the men you like look like. Equally important is the figure. Most women prefer tall men, but this is not a rule. This is based on the stereotype that a woman must be shorter, so perhaps we feel pressure to have a taller partner. Maybe body type is more important than height. Some people prefer very slim guys, others prefer more built guys. And everything is an individual issue. Do you already know what you pay attention to?


The overall demeanor of the guy in question also matters. Perhaps you like his nonchalance the best? The way he looks at you, the look of his figure as he leans against the wall and puts his hands in his pockets. There is something appealing about it.

All the gestures and ways of moving make a difference. But this is also where certain preferences come into play. Some like a guy to be confident, to walk proudly with his head held high, to be impetuous and impulsive. Others prefer more modest men, shy, who have a delicate bypass. There is no single answer to what all girls like.


In the end, we also came to this subject. What personality type do you like? This can be a difficult question. But let’s discuss some personality traits that can tell us something. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? When it comes to this personality trait, we usually choose someone similar to us. Difference in the way of life can cause conflicts in the future. If we are homemakers, we will feel bad about our partner constantly trying to take us out to some party or generally spending more time with friends than with us. But perhaps it is precisely the opposite that attracts you? Consider which type suits you better.

Another important trait may be dominance or agreeableness. Do we prefer our partner to be more bossy and confident, or maybe we prefer guys who are sweet and gentle. Or maybe it depends on the situation?

So, do you know it already? To confirm, take the What Is My Type Of Guy Quiz!


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Fashion style

Let’s elaborate more on this topic. The way we dress is also very important. What clothes would you be willing to buy your boyfriend? There are different aesthetic styles. Let’s list some popular ones here. What is my ideal type of guy you asked? Now, you can choose.

  • Skater boy – do you prefer a more casual and sporty style in a guy? Do you consider a skateboard a great accessory? Maybe it’s the style that gets your attention. Baggy pants, long, loose t-shirts with the Trasher logo. Sporty shoes, could be vans. This guy is right for sporty girls.
  • Soft boy – or do you prefer a more modest style? Such guys dress, you can say “ordinary”, but still maintain charm. Striped sweaters, sweatshirts and shirt collars sticking out from under them. Simple pants in muted colors. Some sneakers that go with everything. And sometimes thin-framed glasses, too.
  • E-boy – a more alternative style. Dark colors, t-shirts layered over long-sleeved shirts, chains at pants. Striped or checkered patterns dominate. These guys often like to express themselves through makeup or painted nails. Quite a bold style, but definitely interesting and aesthetically pleasing. This kind of guy is unique.
  • Retro boy – his closet is from the past. He is not afraid of strong colors and patterns. He wears bell-bottoms, elegant shoes, a leather coat. It also depends on which years he likes best, whether 70s, 80s or 90s. These men often grow mustaches, which is extremely fashionable and attractive now.

In this What Is My Type Of Guy Quiz, we will focus precisely on these aesthetic styles, but this will not only take appearance into account. We will combine them with specific psychological silhouettes. What Is My Type Of Guy Quiz is prepared with accuracy.

Sense of humor

Another thing worth mentioning. It is of great importance. We tend to like people with a similar sense of humor to ours more. If you laugh together at the same jokes, you will either be good friends or a couple. A sense of humor can also reflect a certain approach to the world.

To see if your crush has a similar sense of humor, it’s a good idea to send him some of your favorite memes. His reaction will be the answer. However, if his sense of humor is not ideal, don’t give up. People differ from each other and it’s impossible to find someone just like you, so minor differences will always exist. The most important thing is that he should have respect for you. If his reaction to memes he doesn’t like is to insult you, you’d better run away! Lack of sensitivity and understanding is a big red flag. What Is My Type Of Guy Quiz will tell you, on what things you should pay attention.

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The way he treats you

Girls, remember that you have to be careful when choosing a guy. Sometimes it happens that a boy who is our type has a terrible character, and we don’t notice it. We tend to idealize people when they seem attractive to us. What you should also pay attention to is the way he treats you. First of all, a guy must be emotionally mature. If he can talk to you about anything, even difficult issues, that’s great! Although, as a matter of fact, this is also the minimum you should expect. A guy should be understanding and treat other people with respect. If he doesn’t do that, then no matter what he looks like, he’s not worthy of you.

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The last thing we will discuss will be romantic gestures. Many girls care about this, although not all. If you are a romantic, you certainly like it when a man can show his feelings in different ways. He takes you on long walks to your favorite places, buys you flowers and little things that express that he knows you well. He sits on the roof with you to look at the stars, but can’t take his eyes off you. Sound dreamy? Don’t be afraid to demand it from a guy. These are really not high expectations. Every girl deserves to be treated this way.

Now you are ready for What Is My Type Of Guy Quiz!

What are the types of guy in this quiz?

There are Skater boy, Soft boy, E-boy and Retro boy.

What are the types mentioned based on?

Types of guys were made on the basis of appearance and character traits.

In what year was this test created?

The test was created in 2022, so it is made on current trends.

What will I learn by taking this quiz?

You will learn what qualities you perceive as attractive.

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