Why Do We Argue So Much | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors to Find It Out

Why Do We Argue So Much | This Quiz Analyzes 20 Factors to Find It Out

Hello everyone! How are you all feeling today? Do you want to know the topic? Today you will find the answer to why arguments can occur frequently. If you’re here, it means you care about learning the truth and finding out something about yourself. That’s very brave! This attitude will definitely improve your relationships and friendships.

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Causes of arguments between friends

Constantly arguing in a relationship? Arguing over stupid stuff? The reasons for this can be different. It all depends on the specific situation. But sometimes you can see some correlations. Does your partner or friend unusually often have a bad mood? The person who starts these arguments, are your friend or maybe you? These are the kinds of things we will pay attention to. Friendships and relationships can be difficult. But psychologists have a cure for everything and can offer useful advice. And you can find it all here today! But where do we start? Ah, yes. Causes.

Lack of understanding

Why do couples argue? One reason may be that your friend or partner is unwilling or unable to understand you. People have different levels of empathy. Some find it easy to imagine what the other person is feeling, others find it more difficult. A person who doesn’t understand our intentions, needs or problems may argue with us more often, as if they want to tell us their way of thinking. Does this misunderstanding remind you of something? If you want to know how to deal with it, read on.


Do your arguments arise out of ordinary, calm conversations? And every conversation turns into an argument? Are you arguing over the smallest things? Maybe here lies the cause! Poor communication differing priorities. Some people have trouble communicating properly. They don’t know how to talk about their needs, they hide their emotions. It happens that our statements may be perceived by them as an attack. For example, you tell a friend that you were recently at the cinema and you didn’t like the movie. He, on the other hand, had a different opinion about the movie and felt offended. Any criticism is taken very badly by him. But he himself loves to be judgmental. Do you know this type?


Mistakes of the past

If there have been any big quarrels in the past and they have not been fully resolved, they are bound to come back. If we haven’t forgiven someone for something, it will be hard for us to maintain normal contact with them. Did you date a boy that your friend liked and you knew it well? Know that she will remember it. After all, you violated her trust. You could have talked to her about it beforehand, then there would have been no problem. But don’t worry. Such things can also be fixed.

Lack of Affection

An equally common cause of quarrels can be a lack of commitment. If you don’t devote enough time to your friend, he or she may feel bad about it. Even if writing back after a few days is the norm for you, your friend may see it differently. It is worth talking about such things. If he knows that you had no intention of ignoring him, he will certainly understand. Ensure equally that you spend enough time together. For a friendship to be nurtured it needs time and constant action. Don’t give up!

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Now that you’ve learned the main causes of quarrels, it’s worth learning how to deal with it now. And don’t forget to confirm it with a why do we argue so much quiz!

How to solve conflict

Arguing is a normal thing when we talk about friendship or relationship. Couples who fight a lot are actually more in love. Unfortunately, sometimes arguments are too frequent and simply spoil our contacts. With these tips, you will definitely be able to handle it better!


When couples argue constantly, the best solution to any conflict is a honest, calm conversation. If your friend shows incomprehension, tell him or her gently. Indicate how you feel, what you would expect from him, and don’t forget to add that you care a lot about him or her. Good communication is important. If you have a problem with emotions gripping you, learn to talk like this:

  • I feel this way,
  • I want you to,
  • This is important to me,
  •  I’ll try,
  • Tell me how,
  •  I’m sorry.

These phrases are very useful when it comes to friendships and relationships. Remember that when you talk to someone, keep in mind that this person also wants to be understood. Your main intention should always be to improve the friendship.

What if the past comes back again? That’s something to watch out for. If old, unexplained situations come to light with small arguments, you will need to talk about it. If nothing more can be said, you must mutually agree not to revisit these situations.

Is it possible to measure the level of empathy? Of course! Click here and look!

You and your friend must also learn to accept each other. First of all, your differences. If he or she has a different opinion about something, respect it. Allow him or her to think otherwise. Especially if it concerns less important topics, such as your favorite food, movie or taste in music. Each of us has different preferences, and that’s just the way it is. And you don’t have to be identical to be friends! Try watching his favorite TV series with your friend sometimes, even if you don’t like it. He or she will surely appreciate it!

How do you avoid arguments

Do you ever think: “Everytime we fight i want to break up”?. Don’t worry. You can always prevent quarrels. Here you find the tips how to stop the cycle of fighting in a relationship. When you notice that your friend is starting to raise his voice and things are heading in a dangerous direction, you can prevent it. You need to control your tone of voice and your friend will adjust. When you speak warmly and softly, then you reduce the chances of starting an argument.


 Secondly, always try to listen and understand your friend or partner. Let him or her speak, ask questions, show interest. He or she can always begin his or her statement with “In my opinion” or “I think.” When you don’t impose your opinion on someone, they won’t feel attacked. Don’t skip feedback. It is very important. On the other hand, if emotions begin to bubble up in both of you, take a break and return to the conversation when you have rested. So now you know how to stop arguing with your boyfriend everyday.

Other causes

If you ask about other reasons for the quarrel, such more specific ones, go ahead. Differences between people can cause quarrels. A different way of spending leisure time, a different approach to cleaning. This is especially relevant if you are roommates. Then you have to learn to live with each other. Compromises and good organization are important.

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 Another reason is jealousy. Sometimes people can be jealous of a partner or another group of friends. They feel they are being left out or would like to be in a relationship themselves. Such jealousy should be looked into. You can gently ask your friend what is bothering them. Is he or she missing something? How does he or she feel about us? What would this person want? If we show empathetic interest, the jealousy will no longer be so strong, or will disappear altogether.

Do you already know all about arguments? It’s time to find out the truth! The quiz can show you what to work on in a friendship or relationship. Remember to answer the questions honestly! And you can always forward this quiz to a friend!

What might be the causes of frequent arguments?

Lack of understanding, miscommunication, mistakes of the past or lack of affection.

How many questions are in this test?

The test consists of 20 questions examining your relations.

Is this a friends-only test?

No, the test is also suitable for couples, just replace the word “friend” with “partner” in the questions.

Will I learn something about friendship/relationship through the results?

Of course you will! Also, don’t forget to come back to the article to explore the topic of the problem more deeply.

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