Does My Wife Use Me? | Test With 99% Accuracy

Does My Wife Use Me? | Test With 99% Accuracy

Love, relationship, marriage – sounds like a fairy tale. However, it ceases to be a fairy tale when the first factor disappears or when it was never there at all. Have you ever wondered if your partner really loves you? Or perhaps he is just using you and is with you for certain benefits?

Today we have prepared a test for husbands, but if you are not yet married, you can also take this test while thinking about your girlfriend. Does my wife use me? Today you will find out!

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Signs That She Doesn’t Love You

Relationships are difficult and complicated. Unfortunately, in real life not everything ends happily and well like in the movies. If you have chosen the wrong person, your life will not be a romantic comedy. But how can you choose the wrong person and get married to her? It seems irrational, but it happens more often than you think.

People often get married faster than they should. This is influenced by family pressure, or social pressure in general, which tells us that if we don’t get married by a certain age there is something wrong with us. People are driven by different reasons when they get married, and then they can miss that most important thing – choosing the right partner to marry.

That’s why we often end up with the same problems and conflicts after the honeymoon, and we don’t know how to deal with it. If you are wondering if your girlfriend or wife is the right partner or how to know if a girl is using you emotionally stay with us. We will investigate all the signs of lack of love that could indicate that she is using you.


Signs that she is using you

  • She does not support you.
  • She doesn’t accept family and friends.
  • She constantly criticizes you.
  • She constantly rejects physical touch.
  • She doesn’t listen and talk to you.
  • She has no interest in you.
  • She doesn’t apologize or thank you.
  • She is annoyed when she is with you.
  • She doesn’t put in the effort.

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Here are the signs of lack of love that you should be wary of. We will now analyze them in detail. First of all, pay attention to the lack of support on her part. A relationship is mainly based on mutual support. When someone cares, they will support you.

However, when you notice that your wife no longer asks you how your day is going, doesn’t respond to your bad mood, doesn’t care about your successes and achievements, doesn’t even care when you are sick or injured – these are very bad signs.

If we love someone, even when we have a quarrel, we still want to support the other person. The next point is related to your family and friends. Your wife may not have gotten along with them from the beginning.

And this is fine, you may have different relations with your parents and friends. But if she stops accepting them, complains about them all the time, and forbids you to see them, even if you don’t often – this could be a bad sign. When she doesn’t treat people you care about with respect, you’d better look into it.

Next, she may also criticize you excessively. Criticism from time to time is normal, if it is expressed with respect and sensitivity, then we should have no problem with it. But if she constantly criticizes you even about small things, it’s not okay. If physical contact also starts to be lacking in your relationship, then take this as a warning.

And it’s not just about sex, but also about hugging and nice touch, which should naturally occur in a relationship to increase closeness between partners. If she rejects it, it’s better to talk to her about it, just calmly. Because the reasons could be different, especially if the other subpoints do not appear with you.


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Then there may be communication problems. Notice whether she listens to you, whether she remembers what you say to her, whether she is at all willing to talk to you about various topics. If she always speaks back to you with reserve and you see resistance and aversion in her, that’s not good. When we love someone, conversations should bring us pleasure. And when a problem arises, we want to discuss it.

When your wife exclusively argues with you or has even stopped arguing and just ignores you, then be careful and analyze your relationship. This is what happens when your wife loses interest in you. Then she doesn’t want to talk to you or spend time with you. She starts ignoring you and doesn’t care about anything related to you.

When she no longer says sorry, thank you, please – that’s a red flag. A person who loves you would address you with respect. Especially pay attention to apologizing, as this is a skill that not everyone has. Also notice what kind of humor she has when she is with you. When she is in a bad mood most of the time, she is upset, annoyed, bored it does not indicate well.

With you she should feel good most of the time. The last sub-point is lack of effort. When she doesn’t want to date anymore, forgets your birthday, doesn’t do anything for you or with you, it means she’s not engaging properly. These are all signs that may indicate that your wife does not love you.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way, because each situation requires an individual approach. Perhaps the problem is different? Keep reading, we’ll analyze it soon as well. And don’t forget to take our test to be sure!

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Does my wife still love me?

Perhaps you feel worried because you suspect that your wife does not love you. You ask yourself – does my wife hate me? If you are noticing these signs we wrote about earlier in your relationship, there could be various reasons for this. She may still love you, it’s just that something has broken down between you. If you’re wondering if she’s taking advantage of you, then also look at your behavior.


It is also worth noting your mistakes if you want to solve the problem. Perhaps she is just not happy with your relationship. Maybe it was you who first stopped trying or offended her with something. The best way to find out is to have a frank conversation. Be kind and gentle so that she can open up to you. Accept criticism with respect and calmness.

Tell her that you will try to change and keep it. Only by doing so will you know the truth, because you don’t know what’s really in her head. It will take some time to change, but if it doesn’t bring any improvement, it’s very possible that she is using you. Then it’s better to think about a breakup or divorce, because why be with a person who doesn’t love you?

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Choosing the right partner

Perhaps you entered this relationship too impulsively or recklessly. Men sometimes have trouble choosing the right partner because they don’t pay attention to the important things. Above all, men want an attractive woman. And a good relationship cannot be based solely on attractiveness.

The best basis for a relationship is friendship and a strong bond. To have this, you need to know the other person well. Perhaps this has been lacking in your relationship? Perhaps you didn’t really know her? If so, take this life lesson and don’t make this mistake again.

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Does My Wife Use Me?

Now you are ready to take our test and learn the ultimate truth. Whatever the outcome, accept it as a challenge. If you find that she is not taking advantage of you, your very suspicion of this may indicate some conflict in your relationship. Better analyze this situation and think about what is missing in your relationship and why.

On the other hand, if it turns out that she is using you, then you also need to react accordingly. Confront it by talking to her, if you can’t, you and your wife can go to couples therapy. That way you’ll know whether your relationship can still be saved or whether it’s better to end it. Either way, we wish you the best of luck!

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What to do when my wife says she loves me but doesn’t show it?

The best way to resolve any conflict is through honest conversation. Present your concerns to her in a calm and gentle manner. Get to know her perspective.

What are signs your wife loves you deeply?

If she makes you feel important and appreciated, cherishes every moment spent with you, then she certainly loves you deeply.

How many questions does this test have?

Our test has 20 special questions.

I don’t have a wife but I have a girlfriend. Can I take this test in that case?

Yes, you just need to replace the words “my wife” with “my girlfriend”.

What if it turns out that she is using me?

Better confront this problem with her. There is no point in continuing in a relationship that makes us unhappy.

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