Tetrachromat Test | Do You Have Super Color Vision?

Tetrachromat Test | Do You Have Super Color Vision?

Welcome! Today we have a special challenge for you, which will be really difficult for most of you! Our topic is tetrachromacy – do you know what it means? We will analyze everything in detail, as usual. Again, you will learn something new and be able to test yourself in a new quiz! Take our Tetrachromat Test and check if you have super vision!

Tetrachromacy Meaning

Our inspiration is a natural phenomenon related to sight. Tetrachromacy is the extraordinary ability to distinguish and recognize colors. People who are tetrachromatic see many more colors than average people. For them, there are even more than a hundred million colors in this world. This is really impressive! Living as a tetrachromat must be interesting and beautiful when the world is so colorful.

Their eyes are built a little differently, they are more developed. As many as four channels transmit color information to their brain. This allows them to identify so many colors. Normal people have a basic three color receptors, so it’s hard for them to even imagine what tetrachromats see.

It must be said that such an ability would be very useful especially for artists and painters. What is tetrachromatism really? It is a genetic mutation that gives this ability. Therefore, it can be said that tetrachromatists are the real X-Men!


Some describe tetrachromats to see invisible colors. This ability amazes even scientists. It turns out that more women have this ability than men. However, statistics are difficult to interpret, because there may be many more such people, they just don’t realize they see differently.

Tetrachromacy is an inherited ability. It is not known whether this ability was intended to serve any evolutionary purpose, but it is generally believed that the ability to distinguish colors has always been useful for all creatures to be able to detect danger. Tetrachromacy also occurs with animals. Birds, fish, insects and amphibians can see more than mammals.

Do you want to know more about tetrachromacy animals? Click here!

Tetrachromats – what do they see?

If we don’t have this unusual ability, which is tetrachromatism, we can only imagine how these people perceive the world. One person who had this ability shared a comment about his life with tetrachromatism.

Concetta Antico was an artist and painted pictures, so her works were unique and accurate. Concetta confessed that even when she looks at a shadow, she sees lots of colors. Not just shades of gray. When she looks at a rose, she sees not only red, but shades of orange, green and purple. For her, the colors are more complex. She sees them in great detail.

Many people have noticed that Concetta also uses a lot of makeup. She confessed that she does so because she sees more imperfections on her face. All the blemishes and veins are very visible to her, so she tries to cover them with makeup. Her perspective is really fascinating. A very small percentage of the public shares her skill. Perhaps you are the one? Take our Tetrachromacy Test free and find out!

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Interesting facts about colors

Are you interested in the topic of tetrachromatism and colors? Learn all about colors here! Colors are important for people, they allow to distinguish certain things from others, they make the world more beautiful.

Sometimes we get so used to colors that we stop noticing how unusual it is to distinguish them. But when we look at a beautiful pink and orange sunset, we are grateful that we can see it. So we have lots of interesting facts about colors for you that you might not have known! Get acquainted with them and don’t forget to take our Tetrachromat Test!

Color Facts:

  • Daltonists see best at night.
  • Average people differentiate about a million colors.
  • Tetrachromats differentiate about 100 million colors.
  • Gray and silver cars are the safest – according to statistics, they have the fewest accidents.
  • That a bull reacts to the color red is a myth, because bulls do not distinguish colors.
  • Looking at the color blue relaxes and calms.
  • The combination of red and yellow enhances appetite, which is why many caterers use this color combination.
  • The color white used to be associated with rich people, because only they could wear white clothes.

Are these interesting facts about colors something new to you, or maybe you already knew it? Either way, take our special test. Below we will describe how exactly to prepare for the Tetrachromat Test. If you want to know the true result, follow our tips.

Tetrachromat Test

Do you have tetrachromatic abilities? Our test will test that if you approach it properly. It’s easy to cheat in this test, but that’s not the point. What will our Tetrachromat Test consist of? We are not able to examine your eye for you personally. But there is a way to test your tetrachromatic abilities without an eye exam. We have prepared 20 questions to make the result as accurate as possible.

We have included photos and pictures where you will have to distinguish colors. What is most important is that you have to be honest, and if you are not sure what you see, follow your intuition. Try to see as many colors as you can see. Also take care of the brightness and contrast of your screen, as this can affect the result. Try to set a natural view of the screen and appropriate lighting.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that nothing distracts you for this time of taking the test, just focus on the colors. This way you will know exactly whether you have tetrachromatic ability or whether you see colors in an average way. Either way, there are no wrong answers here, so you don’t have to worry that something is wrong with you. Take our test and have fun!

Want to know more? See what neuroscientists are saying about tetrachromacy!


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How many questions does the Tetrachromat Test Online have?

Our test has 20 questions.

Is this a hard Tetrachromat Test?

No, this test explores your perspective. There are no wrong answers here.

Does any color particularly affect tetrachromats?

Tetrachromats may feel irritated when they see yellow.

What animals are tetrachromats?

Birds, fish, insects and amphibians.

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