What Color Are You | Suggestion Based on 20 Factors

What Color Are You | Suggestion Based on 20 Factors

Psychologists have speculated for years about the meaning of colors. In art, colors also play an important role and are used to clarify metaphors or get the right atmosphere. And what color am I? What color are you? Do you have your favorite? Take What Color Are You uquiz and find out if they match!

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Colour meaning

Each color reflects certain emotions and states. Your shade of color can tell you what kind of person you are. Many people believe it has to do with our aura.  Aura is a special energy that allows us to function as humans. You could say that your aura reflects your personality. Only it is a more spiritual approach. Color psychology, on the other hand, mainly talks about emotions. There has been a lot of research on how people react to colors. Some people see this as pseudoscience, but there is some truth to it. The world of color is extraordinary. This is because colors stimulate our brains, causing different emotional states. There is a reason why painters work so carefully to make perfectly colored paintings.


Color also has a role in marketing and advertising. There is a reason why bright colors are used to attract consumer attention. Colors surround us and play a certain role in our lives. Today we will analyze the importance of certain colors.

Colors of personality

Each color symbolizes a certain emotion, and that is what we will discuss here. Shades and intensity of color are also taken into account when we want to determine its meaning. How about some game first? List some of your personality traits and assign colors to them that you think match. Then see if you got it right! How about listing other color shades? Then you must have an exceptionally creative mind!

So let’s get back to the subject, which is personality colors. We will list some colors and focus on what they mean. We have selected the typical ones and the more unique ones. Are you curious about which color best fits your personality? Read on color personality traits and compare yourself to them!


One of the primary colors. It is associated with strength and confidence. Red clothes are worn by brave people. Red also often signifies passion and affection. This is because it is the color of love. Red stimulates our senses. Pay attention to how this color affects you. Perhaps you feel something different? It is certainly a color that easily catches the eye. There’s a reason teachers use red ink to mark mistakes on tests. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers in this color test!


This color represents sociability and enthusiasm. It symbolizes large amounts of energy, but can also mean warning. Openness and compromise perfectly show the nature of this color. If the sentence were a color, yellow would say: “Let’s do it together!”.


This color are standard. Blue is associated with hope and sometimes with sadness. However, it is not associated negatively. It is one of the most popular colors, for the reason that many people put their trust in it. Blue stands for depth and intuition. It is also often associated with wisdom. It primarily defines seriousness and moral values.


If you are a person who has only black clothes in your closet, this color is probably important to you. So listen carefully! Black color stands for elegance and sophistication. It is a classic. Basic, but in a positive sense. This color also stands for stability and seriousness.


All shades

Now let’s turn our attention even more to the more unique colors. The basic palette may seem too boring and not worthy of attention for some. Therefore, let’s look at the color lilac. It is more unique color, but it has recently gained popularity, thanks to its aesthetics and softness. Lilac stands for creativity and attentiveness. Often lilac also indicates mystery. This color has a calming effect. It symbolizes magic and ambiguity. It is certainly a unique color. If it is your favorite, you probably stand out among people.

Do you ever wonder what kind of person you are? You should definitely check out the Who Am I test!

 Another unusual color is pistachio green. Subdued and mellow. Very often stands for nature and freshness. It helps in solving problems. That is why it symbolizes health. This color indicates responsibility and good mood. Not only pink is an optimistic color. Bright shades of green awaken joy and a desire to live.

There are other colors in the quiz. We’ve also selected unique ones to highlight your special character! Do you think you know what color you are? Take our true colors personality test to confirm it!

Colors of Art

In art we talk about warm and cold colors, and we also segregate them into certain seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, each of these has its own color palette. Knowledge of colors is based on observation of nature and experience. The division of colors by season is also relevant in the beauty industry. For specific colors match specific shades of our skin, hair and eyes. So let’s describe what the different periods and the colors assigned to them mean.

  • Spring – contains vivid and bright colors, associated with nature awakening to life. These include shades of brown and green. These are the kinds of views forest fairies might have on a daily basis.
  • Summer – are subdued colors, as if faded in the sun. Shades of pink and green dominate, but are more delicate. Ocean shades also have their place here. Just like a pleasant summer memory.
  • Autumn – here we have the colors typical of the October landscape. Browns, oranges and reds. But also golds and dark greens. Anyone who loves the warm, cozy atmosphere of autumn will find themselves in this palette.
  • Winter – first of all, these are intense colors. Imagine a sparkling sky and frost on the window. Shades of blue dominate. Dark colors, also dark pink or green. This is a cold, dark winter evening.

Were any of these seasons particularly nostalgic for you? Perhaps this is just your type!

What color describes me

What color would you like to be? Does the blueness of the sky touch you? Or do you find yourself more in the green tones of nature? Think about what emotions you feel toward specific colors. The best exercise is to choose a few images and describe them. You can choose the following examples: a ship at sea, a hot day, a flowery garden, the streets of a large city. Did you imagine each of these things in different shades? What did you feel at the time? Through this exercise you can realize the incredible power of colors. You can see exactly how they affect perception.

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YouTube video

If you are wondering what color you are, we have prepared twenty questions for you. We have taken specific colors in our quiz to highlight each individual. Colors affect our mental well-being. Find out which color affects you! Each of us may react differently to certain colors. Some people don’t like bright colors because they irritate them. Others accept only black and white, possibly beige. On the other hand, there are also people who are as colorful as a rainbow! Each of these people is unique because of their color palette. In what ways do you stand out? Can you tell it? If not, you are cordially invited to solve our color personality test!

What meaning can colors have?

Colors can represent emotions and other mental states.

Can color show my personality?

Yes, colors can represent sets of personality traits.

What color can I be in this quiz?

You can be Baby Blue, Burgundy, Amber or Forest Green.

What else can I learn from the colors?

If you are thirsty for knowledge, read the above article.

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