Does My Dog Love Me? | Signs Your Dog Likes You and Loves You

Does My Dog Love Me? | Signs Your Dog Likes You and Loves You

Dogs are people’s best friends and the most faithful companions. We love our furry pals and would do anything to keep them happy, safe, and comfortable. Sometimes you might ask yourself: does my dog love me back?

The short answer is yes. Dogs love us, but they express their affection in different ways than humans. If you can notice them, you will know: does my dog love me? Find out the strength of your doggo’s feelings with our Does My Dog Love Me quiz.

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Can dogs love their owners?

Research suggests that dogs indeed love their humans. One study concluded that when a dog and its owner make eye contact, both appear to produce more oxytocin – a hormone related to happiness. (Read on before running off to gaze into your canine friend’s eyes. Yes, you can do that later. We could all use a bit of cheer sometimes!)

Science does not lie! If you’re still grappling with the question: does my dog love me, there’s more proof. In an experiment set up by Canine Cottages, four dogs were equipped with heart rate monitors. As it turns out, being told “I love you!” by the owners gets the dogs’ average heart rate from the average of 67 to 98 bpm. Cuddling with their humans seemed to calm the dogs down. The study showed their heart rate going from 67 to 52 bpm during cuddle time.

Does my dog love me?

Dogs can’t tell us what they feel. Yet, they can show their love – and do it in many different ways.


Does your dog like to curl up next to you? (Or on your pillow, on your head, maybe on your keyboard if they think they’re small enough.) Dogs only do that with people they’re comfortable with, so it’s an unmistakable sign of love.

Licks and kisses

Licking is an affectionate gesture for dogs. Your dog might give you kisses to get your attention, let you know they want to play, or simply show they care. Don’t get upset when your pup slobbers all over you – this is how they tell you they love you.

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Your pup acting as if you’ve just come back from a year-long voyage (even if you’ve only been out for five minutes to take out the trash) is one of the best things about being a dog owner. When you walk through the door, your dog might jump around, wag their tail, and wiggle back to you. It’s how they show you how much they care and how happy they are to see you.

Belly up

When dogs feel safe and comfortable, they often offer their belly up for scritches or sleep on their back with their chest exposed. When you see your pet do this, it’s as if they’re saying, “I trust and love you.”

Are you a cat or a dog?

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Does your dog like bringing you their favorite toy? It represents love and trust. They are confident that you will properly care for and enjoy their favorite item. They might also bring you something like a fun stick from outside as a gesture of affection. 


It’s not just about food. Dogs will ask for attention by pawing at you, sitting next to you, or putting their head on your lap. They love their human and want them to pay attention to them. 

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Destructive urges

It might not seem like it, but destroying your stuff is also a sign of love. Dogs might rip or chew on your clothes and other things to get you to pay attention to them. Another reason is that your belongings smell like you. When your pup is home alone and missing you, they want to surround themselves with things that remind them of you. You can pick an item that has a familiar scent but isn’t valuable, like an old T-shirt, and give it to your dog for times when you’re not around. 


A strong bond between a dog and a human means a dog will want to protect their owner from harm. Your canine friend will bark to alert you of strangers, unfamiliar dogs getting too close, noisy trucks, and other perceived dangers. 

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Does my dog know I love him?

Dogs might not be able to speak, but they’re intelligent and emotional creatures. Interacting with your pet makes their oxytocin levels rise, which in turn strengthens your bond. Additionally, research tells us that dogs can sense the tone of our voices. It means they can understand our expressed emotions. So the answer is yes – your pup knows that you love him. 

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What kind of answer can you expect?

Soulmates for life, Good buddies.

Do dogs truly love for their owners?

Yes, they do! Research shows that interactions with their owners cause the release of oxytocin (happiness hormone) in dogs.

What are the five signs of your dog’s love?

Seeking physical contact, protecting you, showing their belly, sharing their favorite toys, and greeting you enthusiastically.

Do dogs have favorite people?

Yes, they do. It could be someone who took care of a puppy during its formative years, for example.

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