Dark Core Personality Test | This quiz will tell you 100% honestly

Dark Core Personality Test | This quiz will tell you 100% honestly

Hello! How are you doing? Are you perhaps feeling “dark” today? Have you ever heard about the dark core of personality? Let me explain. Several researchers have identified a common denominator to “dark” personality traits. Do you believe you possess a dark core? Our dark core personality test is waiting for you to discover the answer.

Before we dive into the quiz, let’s explain what a dark core is, what the traits associated with it are, and how this personality test works.

What is a dark core?

A team of psychologists from Denmark and Germany proposed a theory of a dark core. According to them, specific negative traits are linked by a common denominator. If individual displays some of these traits, it is likely they will also display others.

What is a dark core personality?

Dark core personality possesses traits like egoism, unpredictable behavior, disregard for others, lack of empathy, narcissism, and spitefulness. All of the “dark” characteristics lead back to the so-called D-factor.

People with a D-factor want to achieve their goals no matter what, even if it means causing harm to others. Their goal is frequently to cause harm to others. Dark-core individuals will not assist another unless they see a benefit to doing so. Other people’s happiness and success are uninteresting and unimportant to them.

What are the nine dark traits?

Egoism is an excessive focus on one’s own needs and interests and disregard for the needs and interests of other people.

Do you think you’re very empathetic?

Machiavellianism says that it makes no difference how manipulative or calculating you are as long as you accomplish your goal. People who exhibit that trait are seen as manipulative and deceiving. The name of the idea comes from controversial Italian diplomat Niccolò Machiavelli, widely known for his political work “The Prince.” In that work, he described how a head of state should behave.

Narcissism is an excessive sense of self-importance and the belief that one is distinct and superior to others. A narcissist has no empathy for others and looks down on them. They also have an unhealthy desire for adoration. While other people might feel guilt for putting their needs above others, narcissists won’t feel that way.

Moral disengagement is when a person convinces themselves that they don’t have to answer to ethical rules, which allows them to do what they wish without negative feelings.

A person who believes they are better than everyone else and deserves special treatment is said to have psychological entitlement. They become enraged if they do not receive it for whatever reason.

Psychopathy is a spectrum characterized by a lack of remorse over one’s actions, antisocial behavior, a lack of empathy toward others, as well as reckless behaviors, an excessive sense of self-worth, manipulation, superficial charm, and poor self-control.

Do you want to find out how psychopathic you are?

Sadism means a desire to inflict physical or psychological pain on others. A sadist gets pleasure from seeing other people suffer and get hurt. Sadistic individuals will seek opportunities to harm others for their own benefit.

Self-interest means selfishness, putting one’s needs first, and wanting to succeed over anything else. Sometimes it might mean doing things that appear altruistic or selfless, but an individual doing them still gets some sort of reward out of their deeds. It could be social recognition, material reward, or something else.

Spitefulness means wanting to upset, irritate, or do harm to other people, even if it means hurting themselves. A high level of spitefulness can be very destructive.

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What is the Dark Triad?

The Dark Triad is a trio of negative, therefore “dark” characteristics. The traits are narcissism, Machiavellism, and psychopathy, and they’re often associated with violent and criminal tendencies. People who have these traits are often manipulative, calculating, selfish, and have low empathy for others.

What is a dark core test?

Your dark core score is determined by a dark core personality test. Your dark core score will be high if your results indicate that you have a lot of dark traits. You will move through a series of statements by agreeing or disagreeing with them.

There are some things you should remember. This test is not a diagnostic tool. The dark core theory is merely a theory. You shouldn’t worry too much about your results. Our quiz is meant to be fun!

Do you think you’re ready for the dark core personality test? Find out how many dark traits you have by solving our quiz! Can you face your results?

What kind of score can you get on the dark core personality test?

A score of 15 or above qualifies you as having a dark core.

What is a dark core personality?

People with dark core personality exhibit negative traits like Machiavellism, selfishness, narcissism, spitefulness, or self-interest.

Can Machiavellism be good?

People who believe in Machiavellism can have traits perceived as positive, like ambition, competitiveness, and great strategy skills.

What are the three dark traits?

Machiavellism, narcissism, and psychopathy.

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