Daddy Issues | 2023 Free & Honest Quiz

Daddy Issues | 2023 Free & Honest Quiz

Hello again! Today we have another quiz for you on psychological issues. Do you know what exactly daddy issue mean and what are the effects and causes of them? Today we are going to examine this topic in detail, so you can learn everything you need to know. Daddy issues are a popular phrase lately, people often wonder if they have daddy issues. Here you will finally be able to find out if daddy issue can also apply to you.

Definition Of Daddy Issues

Let’s start with what daddy issues really are. It is an informal, colloquial term for a disorder that indicates an abnormal relationship with the father. Daddy Issue can affect anyone, woman or man, who did not experience a loving and appropriate relationship with their father during childhood.

Daddy Issue usually occur when dad was unavailable to the child. The fault, the cause, therefore lies with the parent. The term originated from the teachings of Sigmund Fredu, who pointed out how relationships with the mother or father can contribute to problems in adult life. Daddy Issue also refers to the attachment styles we develop in childhood.


Daddy Issues Symptoms

What are the symptoms of Daddy Issue, what exactly do they indicate? We already know that the cause of daddy issues is an absent father figure in childhood. And how do you recognize if I have daddy issue? We are already helping you with this. Check out this list of typical daddy issue symptoms and finally take our special test that will examine every aspect.

  • Trust issues, especially in romantic relationships.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Fear of being hurt and rejected.
  • Constant need for attentiveness from men.
  • Rebelliousness.
  • Seeking approval from emotionally unattainable men.
  • Excessive competitiveness.
  • Highly developed sexuality, high sexual needs.
  • Interest in older men.
  • Over-sexualization of the self in order to obtain love.

This is more or less how father issues present themselves, especially in women. In men, in addition, it can cause other problems, which we will describe below. Have you noticed similar feelings in yourself? Take our test to find out if you are definitely affected.

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Daddy Issues for male’s

Men who are heterosexual and do not engage in sexual relationships with other men may experience daddy issue a little differently. Men typically suffer from a lack of a male role model, a lack of self-confidence and a search in adulthood for a man to replace their father. Thus, too, there is a need for attentiveness from men, but it is devoid of sexuality.


Men with daddy issue need the approval of older men, authority figures, because they did not get this from their real fathers. Often daddy issue can also cause hypersexualization in men, fear of failure, aggression problems. They can also be very possessive in relationships, or have commitment problems. Their insecurities cause a lot of relationship problems, so men with daddy issue may have trouble establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship.

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What Causes Daddy Issues in detail

As we wrote, daddy issue are caused by an abnormal relationship with the father. But what exactly does such a relationship look like? It can take many forms. Let’s start with the complete absence of the father’s presence.

Absent father

Some fathers abandon their children and are absent from their offspring’s lives. Especially when the child remembers the moment when the father left them, this can cause daddy issue and also a strong fear of abandonment in adulthood.


Emotionally unavailable father

Another reason for daddy issue can be an emotionally unavailable father. Children need support from both parents, they want to feel that they are loved and their emotions are expressed in a healthy way. When the father does not express any feelings, is constantly controlling and does not show closeness to the child, the child may feel unaccepted and will experience a constant sense of incompetence in adulthood. Showing emotions, especially love and affection by parents is especially important.

Abusive father

Another type of father causing daddy issue in his children is the violent and abusive father. This is a very serious case where the father is impulsive, emotionally unstable and has aggression issues, this causes many mental health problems in the child.

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Pampering father

In contrast to this, we have an overly indulgent and indifferent father who spoils his child. A child who grows up in an environment where he gets everything he wants and has no responsibility can expect the same treatment in an adult relationship in the future. Consequently, the person needs excessive care, attention and love, quite like people who have not experienced this at all.

Making a lot of mistakes father

Also, fathers who are overly controlling and possessive of their children can contribute to causing daddy issue, fathers who constantly let their children down, and those whose children need to be taken care of and child-parent roles are reversed.

Types of Daddy Issues

Also, daddy issues themselves can take different forms and manifest themselves in different ways. Each case should be considered on a case-by-case basis, as people have different experiences and personalities, which means that daddy issues do not always look the same. It all depends on the environment in which we grow up, genetics and predisposition, as well as individual personality profiles. Check it out, as you may be manifesting daddy issue in a different and unusual way.


The first type is Anxious-Preoccupied, which consists of a dominant fear. People with this type of daddy issue are clingy and have a strong fear of rejection. Such people may get into relationships with toxic men and are unable to end them. They also seek approval and try to earn love in various ways.

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Another type of daddy issue is the Dismissive-Avoidant type. Here individuals may adopt more trust issues, and are often toxicly jealous and possessive. They fear abandonment, but at the same time they don’t know how to keep the other person with them, sometimes sabotaging their own relationships.

The last Fearful-Avoidant type is also characterized by fear of rejection, but it manifests itself by avoiding close relationships and getting committed. Such people feel fearful of entering into a close relationship, so they often break off contact with people or establish only short, casual relationships. They are mainly afraid of intimacy, which they have never experienced, and run away from serious relationships.

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Daddy Issues Test

Now you’re ready to take our special test. Don’t worry if it turns out you have Daddy Issue. Every person has some problems caused by parental mistakes, because perfect parents don’t exist. Daddy issue, on the other hand, can be lived with, especially if you are aware of what it entails. Psychological support and therapy is especially valuable and helpful here.

Therapy helps fight intractable fears and patterns, teaches us to meet our real needs and increases self-esteem. Don’t be afraid to use therapy if you need it. Each of you deserves a happy life, the one you dream of. So take our test and take the first step on the road to a better, more conscious life. The more you know about yourself, the better you know how to deal with problems!

Is the target audience for this quiz male or female?

This quiz is tailored for both men and women.

What exactly does this test measure?

This test examines whether you have a prevalence of typical daddy issue symptoms.

Is this test exclusively for adults?

The test can be taken by adults and teens, but is better suited for adults.

Does the daddy issue affect a person’s sexual zone?

Yes, these issues are particularly related to sex life and romantic relationships.

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