Am I Clingy | 100% Honest Test

Am I Clingy | 100% Honest Test

Do you often act in the same manner in each of your new relationships? Do you feel like you have a specific type of girl/guy you always chase? Do you usually do way more for them than they do for you? If you answered any of this questions positively, you have to try this quiz! Find out, if the problem lies in you, or the people you fall for…

Oh, and a little spoiler alert…! We focused on romantic relationships here. If your mind goes a little bit like “am I clingy friend” vibes… Well, you might wanna let us know that this test is something you’re looking for. Most likely though, you have a special someone in mind, and it rarely means friends… Give this test a go anyways! You might be surprised what you’ll learn…

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Am I Clingy or Is He Distant?

I think that’s the real question you’re asking yourself… It may also work the other way around, but from my personal experience, I believe that girls are much more likely to overthink EVERYTHING… Especially when it comes to guys.


If that’s the case for you, you should really just look out for the common signs. The person you’re thinking of might be distant, but there’s like a hundred reasons for them to act like that. And sometimes, none of them has anything to do with you. But I know, it’s so easy to say, when you’re really in the situation your mind goes crazy, and the scenarios it creates, have absolutely no boundaries…

How is your relationship doing? Is everything perfect? If not, you might want to read this text, and answer some questions…

So before you start beating yourself up with the “am I clingy or is he distant quiz” google searches, slow down a little, and focus on the details.

Why am I clingy?

Are you into a more scientific approach? Here’s a good read.

Before you dig deeper into this, take a little step back, and really ask yourself if what you’re feeling is right. I know it’s a tricky question, and most of the time it’s almost impossible to tell.

Try identifying the reasons for your feelings. Ask yourself: “why am I clingy?”. Maybe you’ve been hurt before, and if so, you have every right to get attached to people way too quickly. You have to work on this, unless you want to continue to hurt yourself, and others…

Look out for these behaviours:

  • Oversharing with anyone willing to listen.
  • Double or even triple texting.
  • Not understanding the word “no”.
  • Cancelling your plans to meet up with someone.
  • Giving up your hobbies for this special person.

If you see yourself in one of these points above, it’s quite likely for you to become the clingy one in a relationship. Some of these behaviours might be considered very cringy as well. To avoid being perceived as the attention-seeker, quit them immediately!

Nobody wants to date people, who are so bored, lonely and insecure with themselves, that they literally beg for their attention. Instead of leaning on the other person, and relying on them for fun, attention, and honestly everything else, focus on yourself. Go back to the things you were passionate about before, or if you lacked them, start a new hobby.

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Some of your clinginess might come from your feelings getting hurt in the past. If you find yourself constantly repeating the same schemas in new friendships or relationships, it’s likely that it’s you, who is the problem. And it’s not shameful. Most of us have had some bad experiences with people. It’s crucial to heal from them before jumping in a new relationship.

How to fix it?

Your best shot at identifying your issues is paying a visit to a psychologist, who is there to help you. If, for any reason, it’s impossible for you at the moment, you can try some of the following solutions:

  • Reflect on your past, identify where things went wrong.
  • Reach out to your former partners, and, if possible, talk to them about your clinginess.
  • Ask your friends, and family about the issue.
  • Hold yourself accountable for every clingy behaviour you represent.
  • Immediately quit asking yourself the “am I clingy” question, just accept the truth, and work on it.

Don’t underestimate the power of your own self-reflection. You know yourself the best, and your own help might be everything you need. At the same time, don’t hesitate to seek help. You identifying the problem is already a lot of work, and a sign of bravery.

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Am I needy or am I clingy?

Now, that’s an important question. As I believe, these are two completely different things.

Neediness might be sometimes confused with clinginess, but make no mistake. Everyone is needy. Some people are just not ready for the level of commitment, and respect, you require. And that’s okay. The quicker you understand that, the easier it will be for you to move on. If you fail to see the connection, you might spend years crying, and blaming yourself for everything that ever went wrong in your relationships.

Am I clingy or am I toxic? The answer is waiting for you here.

Clinginess starts when it’s uncomfortable for you. If you feel like you put way more effort into someone, than they will ever put in you, you’re clingy. There has to be a disproportion. With neediness, it’s not that obvious.

Some people are needy as well, but they are not willing to recognise it. And that’s when they will call you the needy one. If you’re in this situation, reflect, and think about their own needs, and the way they express them. If you believe their behaviour is not that different form your own, call them out on it!

This quiz will help you identify your problem, and, hopefully, lower your risk of crying over someone, who’s just not worth it. On top of everything else, have fun! Good luck!

How many questions does this quiz have?

There’s 20 questions in this test. They are short, and quite easy to answer.

Am I clingy to my friend?

In this quiz we tried to make it all about romantic relationships. But, if you’re interested in a quiz like that, let us know by rating this one!

What type of answers can I get in this quiz?

There are 3 answers: yes, no and maybe. We try to take everything into account, and not leave you with a “maybe” answer. Sometimes it’s very hard though…

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