Emotional Abuse Test | 100% Honest Results

Emotional Abuse Test | 100% Honest Results

It is not as rare as we might think. We’re all very likely to know someone who’s being emotionally abused at this very moment. Informing yourself and looking out for the signs is the best you can do, if you want to avoid an unpleasant relationship in the future. But if you’re already in one, and you feel like something is wrong, don’t wait any longer! Try this free quiz to find out!

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What is Emotional Abuse?

This may seem like a silly question. In reality, it’s quite easy to ignore some of the red flags, and be left clueless in the situation you never wanted to be in, in the first place. The emotional abuse definition, that we use for creating this quiz, is simple – it’s whatever makes you feel uncomfortable emotionally, to the point that you suffer.

It’s also important not to judge too quickly. It’s obvious that people will not always behave in the way you want them too. Emotional abuse starts when you let them know about your feelings and doubts, but they simply choose to ignore it…

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Signs of Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Here’s the emotional abuse checklist:

  • They constantly criticise you.
  • They don’t respect your boundaries.
  • They manipulate you.
  • They control you.
  • They don’t take your feelings seriously.

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Symptoms of Emotional Abuse

It’s not only the signs in your partner that are important. Sometimes how you feel, is even more crucial.

Do you experience mood swings in your relationship? Has your life changed for worse since you met your partner? These are the questions you should ask yourself, in order to determine whether your partner is really abusive.

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Try getting in contact with your own emotions. There’s a good way to start doing so. By creating a journal. It helped me a lot, personally, to write down my thoughts and emotions. Daily. It’s important to be consistent. Every night, take a few minutes for yourself and let the paper absorb your words. If your relationship seems abusive, it’s great to find some other way to express your feelings.


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Talking to your partner might seem like a good idea, and we don’t discourage that. But sometimes, when things are really far from perfect, it’s better to keep certain suspicions to yourself. Your partner is likely to talk you out of your feelings, and belittle you. Such conversation might leave you feeling even worse than you did before.

And then you start with overthinking and blaming yourself for even pointing out that something is wrong… Sounds familiar? It’s one of the symptoms.

Here’s more:

  • You feel guilty even though you know you did nothing wrong.
  • You constantly try to please them.
  • You don’t take time for yourself.
  • You think about them and their feelings all the time.
  • You lose yourself.
  • You don’t enjoy your hobbies anymore.

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Healing from Emotional Abuse

Healing is always a long process. First of all, you need to remember that it’s going to take a long time for you to get over someone. If it happens quickly, well, good for you… But for most people it may take months to finally move on with their lives.

Start by surrounding yourself with good people. Friends. Don’t jump into a new relationship. It’s really not worth it, unless it’s really a perfect match. But if I were you, I wouldn’t trust myself too much at this point…

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Go out of your comfort zone, in search for some new hobbies. That’s also a good way to meet a new community of people, who will support you in the future. You can learn from their experience, and they can learn from yours. Having people around you is the best thing you can do! They will keep you away from boredom and crawling back under your blanket when things start to be sad again!

Take a step back and relax. You’ve been through a lot. It’s a great time to take care of yourself. Now it’s you, who gets to be important. If you were in an abusive relationships, chances are you have completely abandoned yourself. Don’t let it happen again. Take care of your soul and body. Do yoga. Go out for walks.

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It’s also a good time to remind yourself what you enjoyed doing before falling in love with your abuser. Go through your old pictures, read your old diaries. Maybe there are some things you gave up for your partner? Maybe there are some places you wanted to visit? Do it now. Now it’s your time. Love yourself!

Breaking the Cycle

Now you know how to deal with emotional abuse. It’s only going to get better. Try finding partners that are different from what you’d usually go for. It may be tricky, but sometimes it can teach you a lot. Even if you don’t end up dating them afterwards, it’s always beneficial to converse with people, who don’t share all of your ideas about the world.

Sometimes we tend to choose what’s easy for us. And if your personality attracts emotional abusers, it will be easy for you to choose them. Do yourself a favour and just don’t do that. Look out for the red flags. Treat your last abusive relationship as a guide that will help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future. There are many types of emotional abuse. Keep that in mind. You experiences some stuff, but you’re never know everything about abusers. And we really wish you that you won’t have to…

This Quiz

This quiz will help you organise your thoughts and start your healing journey. Answer honestly, and you’re very likely to get the most accurate results. Have fun! We wish you all the best!

Who should take this quiz?

Everyone, who feels like they might be a victim of emotional abuse. And everyone else, to check if they know a lot about the topic.

How many questions are in this test?

There are 20 questions. Some of them might seem a little bit tricky, try to answer as accurately as possible!

How long does this quiz take?

This test is not long. It’s designed to give you quick and reliable answers. It’s here to allow you to start researching the topic more on your own. Don’t hesitate to read more about this type of abuse. For example, here.

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