Which Vibe Do I Give Off | 100% Honest

Which Vibe Do I Give Off | 100% Honest

It’s so important to keep your energy at peace. In order to so do, you need to surround yourself with good people. The twist is, that we’re all looking for the same thing… So, what are your vibes? Try this which vibe do I give off quiz to find your true energy.

Vibes and memes are closely connected. Your type of humour might influence your energy! Check it out here.

What’s a vibe?

The word “vibe” comes directly from “vibrations”. There’s a whole theory claiming that every cell in our body vibrates in its own way. And that it is entirely up to us to keep our vibrations the highest possible. The concept is connected to the fact that our bodies contain huge amounts of water. And it vibrates.

As I mentioned before, the higher your vibrations are, the better. You can work on your vibe by performing various activities connected with self growth and patience.

Here’s a list of things that can help you keep your vibes up:

  • Cleaning your surroundings
  • Eating clean foods
  • Moving your body
  • Staying hydrated.

As you can see, they’re pretty simple. We will quickly go through each of them so that you can get involved in your energy status, and maybe even create your own “what vibes do I give off template”…

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Clean surroundings

It’s crucial for your personal growth to keep your house tidy. Sometimes it’s not entirely up to you, because you share your home with some other people. In that case, at least try to focus on your own bedroom. The most important part is to keep it neat. Your laundry should never pile up. Your clothes should be folded in the wardrobe and your books should be organised on the shelf.


The second step you can take is to get rid of some old personal items. Everyone has at least one belonging that reminds them of some sad times in their lives. Whether it’s your ex-girlfriend’s necklace or your high school’s best friend’s sweater – just let it go. You should never hold on to things that keep your imagination alert. You will never be able to properly concentrate or relax in such environment.

That also included old posters. Your interests change over time. It makes no sense to keep looking at the same things your whole life. Make some space for your own growth. You will thank yourself later.

Clean food & Hydration

Nourishing your body is so underrated nowadays. It’s not about the calories anymore. It’s about the vitamins. Try to compose your meals, especially breakfasts of fresh fruit and vegetables. You need a lot of minerals to function properly.

If you ever caught some interest in psychology it’s likely you’ve heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It claimed that it’s close to impossible to focus on your higher needs if your lower needs are not satisfied. The lower needs include food… You cannot properly work on your what vibe do I give off answer if you don’t consume enough vitamins. We recommend reading more about the topic and trying to get healthy. That’s your best bet at giving off the right energy!


Drink water! I cannot stress this enough. Most of the people in the US are dehydrated! We tend to forget about our most natural way of preserving our energy. It’s impossible for a human body to function without water. Try to drink at least 2 litres of this magic potion every day. You’re definitely going to see the results!

Your skin will glow, and your hair will be moisturised. Not only will you look amazing, you’ll feel pretty great too. And it’s really all that matters. Your vibes will be up and everyone will be down to hang out with you!

Food is one of the most important factor of our lives. Are you too picky? We’ll be 100% honest in this quiz


Moving your body should be a part of your everyday routine. Whether it’s a morning run or a late night yoga session – keep it going! Your body is your temple. Literally. You should take great care of it. Not only for the aesthetic purposes. Your focus should be on your energy.

Have you ever experienced this amazing feeling of fulfilment after a completed workout? Exactly! It’s the endorphins. They help you feel good. And if you feel good, people around you are attracted to your energy. They want some part of these good vibes. Make sure your body is in a good shape.

It doesn’t mean you have to work out every day. Just try to stay consistent. I suggest creating a routine. Try putting your workouts in your calendar so that you’re less likely to simply forget them. But if you do, please don’t beat yourself up. Listen to your own energy. It knows best.

Types of vibes in a person

For the sole purpose of this quiz I focused on the most important vibes. Personally, I see them a lot in people. So it’s very likely that your vibe is also somewhat close to my predictions.


You need to remember that everyone has a different radar. And it strongly depends on their own energy. If someone’s vibes are off, it’s not easy for them to understand that yours are up. They will definitely be initially attracted to you, but they may fail to understand why. It’s your job to explain to them those reasons.

Keep in mind that it’s crucial for your vibrations to be constantly appreciated. If you stop caring about your energy and spend too much time with people who give off some bad vibes, your body will respond. And you won’t be happy with what it will say. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid certain people. You simply have to be aware of these facts. It will help you keep your vibes protected without missing our on social interactions.

Can you change your vibe?

Certainly! In order to change your vibe, follow the tips in this article. We present you some simple steps that will likely change your life!

What types of vibes does this quiz discover?

We describe 4 types of vibes: the attention-seeker, a full-time chiller, mister know-it-all and the “nice” guy. Find out which one resembles you the most!

Why are vibes important?

This is the energy that will attract people to you. If you’re looking for friends or a significant other, you should keep your vibrations as high as possible! You will thank us later…

Can people lower your vibes?

Unfortunately, yes. Try not to hang out with people who put you down. Your body will give you clues, all you need to do is just listen to them. Good luck!

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