What Tattoo Should I Get? | Suggestion Based on 20 Factors

What Tattoo Should I Get? | Suggestion Based on 20 Factors

Hi there! Are you here because you decided you want to get a tattoo? Have you been asking yourself “What tattoo should I get?” and not finding an answer? Don’t worry! Our quiz will help you decide. What tattoo should I get? You will find out in a minute!

How do I decide if I should get a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment. Once that ink gets on your body, it will stay there forever. You can get laser removal, but it’s costly and unpleasant. The best option is to treat every potential tattoo like something that will be with you till you’re old and wrinkly! Before you answer the “what tattoo should I get” question, answer the “should I get a tattoo at all” question!

Are you sensitive not just physically, but emotionally?

Before you make that decision, think about why you want that tattoo. It doesn’t have to be meaningful. If you simply want it because it’s pretty, that’s fine!

Think twice if your reason to get a tattoo is someone else making you do it. That counts double for a boyfriend or girlfriend wanting you to tattoo their name on your body. This kind of thing rarely ends well.

If you don’t have a lot of money, consider if you should be getting a tattoo right now. Tattoos are generally expensive. You can get cheap ink at a shady shop or from your amateur friend, but you will almost certainly regret it later.

Are there any health reasons for not getting a tattoo? You should not be getting inked if you have diabetes, hemophilia, or a heart condition. Pregnant people and nursing parents also shouldn’t be getting tattoos, just like those on blood thinners. It’s because of the contamination risk.

Other reasons to give up on that tattoo are organ transplants, a history of skin cancer, and potentially acne. You should also tell your artist about any allergies you have.

Only after you think about all the important things, you can ask yourself: what tattoo should I get?

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Will I regret getting a tattoo?

Plenty of people regret their tattoos, but many love them and even come back for more. If you think it through and consider all the pros and cons, you shouldn’t regret your decision.

While you’re getting inked, check out our quizzes to distract yourself!

What tattoo should I get?

Tattoos come in so many different varieties and styles that you could write a book about them. To assist you in making your decision, we will present you with some of the most popular types.

Tattoo types


Traditional Americana is a classic tattoo style. It first gained popularity in the 1930s. The classic Americana is known for striking colors, sharp black outlines, and archetypal designs like mermaids, anchors, or roses. Nautical motifs are common in this style.


The Japanese tattoo is an intricate, stunning, and distinctive style. Traditional designs called Wabori draw from Japan’s rich history, folklore, and mythology. The genre called Irezumi rose in popularity during the Edo period (between 1603 and 1868). Additionally, Japan has a long history of ritualistic and sacred tattooing.

The Japanese style is intricate and precise, with clear and sharp lines. The colors black, red, and white are frequently used. A lot of Japanese tattoos are large portraits covering a significant part of a person’s body. Often you will see themes like dragons or koi fish.

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Text-based tattoo

Text-based tattoo is a simple and popular style. A tattoo like that can be a word or a longer phrase. You can choose any font and any words you like. Text-based tattoos are great for those who want a small design – a one-word tattoo will take up a tiny part of your skin.


The geometric tattoo is currently in style. It uses a variety of geometric shapes and lines and is known for sharp edges and distinctive outlines. This type of tattoo is very eye-catching and will stand out strikingly.

Some people choose a pattern or design that includes repeated geometric lines, shapes, and angles. Others prefer to create images with geometric shapes. It could be a person’s face, an object, or something else. Geometric tattoos allow for a lot of creativity.


Watercolor tattoo is a style that mimics the aesthetics of the actual watercolor painting with soft lines and lively colors. This style often uses natural themes like flowers, trees, birds, and butterflies. Many people admire how soft, delicate, and beautiful these tattoos turn out.

Finding an answer to a question “What tattoo should I get” should be easy now!

Do you have the itch to put some ink on your skin? Find out what should it be with our “What tattoo should I get” quiz!

How do I make the decision about getting a tattoo?

Think carefully before making a decision. Tattoos are expensive, sometimes painful, and basically permanent. Only get one if you’re 100% sure.

What tattoo should I get?

Answering the “what tattoo should I get” question isn’t easy! Our quiz with help you with that.

What tattoo styles are an option on this quiz?

Traditional Americana, Lettering, Watercolor, Geometric, Realism, Sketch.

Are tattoos a good idea?

It depends! For example, if you’re working at a place that disapproves of tattoos, getting one might not be the best idea.

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