Which Prison Break Character Are You?

Which Prison Break Character Are You?

Hi there, how are you doing? Have you ever thought if you would be able to escape from prison? Today you might find an answer. The quiz we prepared will tell you which Prison Break character you are. Do you think you’re ready?

Prison Break, the series revolving around two men trying to escape confinement, has won the hearts of many fans over the years. Here are some of the most unexpected, mind-blowing things to happen on the show. Beware of spoilers!

Across the first 13 episodes of Prison Break, Michael hatches an elaborate escape plan to help his brother. However, in episode 13, the gang discovers their exit is blocked. Michael gets trapped with a bunch of angry criminals who were promised freedom by him. Now, who would’ve expected that to happen!

One of the most shocking deaths on the show was Veronica’s demise in the first episode of season 2. Veronica, the fan favorite, investigated the conspiracy that sent Lincoln to prison and got her hands on proof of his innocence. Unfortunately, she was murdered before she could do anything with it. This death was particularly surprising as it occurred right at the start of the new season, which doesn’t usually happen. She was also one of the only two major female characters, making fans believe she would be safe.

Paul Kellerman was arguably one of the most hated characters in the series. For many episodes, he worked tirelessly against the main heroes, going as far as torturing Sara and even murdering his own partner. However, at a critical point, Kellerman switched sides and gave the brothers a way out. Up to that moment, he didn’t show any signs of changing loyalties, so it was an unforeseen plot twist. He also never turned back on his decision.

Sara was the only female main character in the series and had an important role in the first two seasons. No wonder her supposed “death” in season 3 was such a shock to fans. Interestingly enough, we never see her die on screen. Her decapitated head is delivered to Lincoln in a box. Next season, we learn Sara is alive after all, and the head in the box wasn’t hers. Many people pointed out it was a poorly made retcon. After all, Lincoln should’ve been able to recognize it wasn’t Sara – he knows what she looks like. The factual reason for all this was Sara’s actress’s departure due to a contract dispute and her subsequential return. The writers had come up with some way to say goodbye to Sara and then to retcon her death.

Bellick was a prison guard who often abused his power and terrorized Michael, as well as other prisoners. However, his character unexpectedly began to change and Bellick went on a path of redemption. He died as a hero in season 4 when he sacrificed himself to save Michael and other runaways. We wouldn’t expect Bellick to become such a pivotal character at the beginning of his run.

One of the craziest twists on the show was finding out that Michael and Lincoln’s mother was, in fact, still alive. Not only that, but she used to work for The Company, and now she was a terrorist using The Company’s data file, Scylla, to start a war between the US and China. There’s no cheerful family reunion as she betrays and attempts to murder both her sons before meeting her demise at Sara’s hands. Shame!

After escaping Fox River, T-Bag handcuffed himself to Michael for safety. After failed attempts to cut the handcuffs, John Abruzzi decided to brutally cut T-Bag’s hand off with an ax. T-Bag did a lot of bad things, but it was still a surprise to see an important character like him get permanently maimed.

Michael’s tattoo was a crucial plot point and a vital component of his escape plan. At a certain point, he attempts to avoid being seen by a prison guard. He is forced to lean against the burning hot pipe, burning his skin in the process. Later, a section of his skin comes off together with part of the tattoo. Talk about a major obstacle in the plans! The setback appears to send Michael into a tailspin, but his nervous breakdown is later revealed to be a ruse to infiltrate the prison asylum and contact his obsessive ex-cellmate Haywire, the only man who can help him.

Mahone is a corrupt FBI agent hired not only to capture the escapees but to kill them as well, and that’s exactly what he does. His murder spree and taking out Fox River’s escaped convicts is shocking, brutal, and brilliantly executed. It’s even more shocking to think Mahone becomes Michael’s close friend after they team up to escape Sona.

Are you ready to make a break for it with Michael and his crew? Get to the questions and find out which Prison Break character you are. Do you think you know the answer?

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20 questions

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Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Veronica, Sucre, T-Bag

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