Which Meme Are You? | Based on 2023 Trends

Which Meme Are You? | Based on 2023 Trends

Hello! It’s a meme quiz 2022! What are memes? What do you meme? If you’re young, from the GenZ generation or Millennials, you’re certainly familiar with the term and probably feel a little uncomfortable reading this. But understand that we need to explain it to our youngest and oldest viewers. A meme is a type of joke that is expressed through a picture or video. It can be some situation that doesn’t even seem funny at first, but combined with the right context, it becomes something that makes you laugh to tears. If you are already familiar with the definition of a meme, you can go ahead and take our which meme are you quiz 2022, or if you want to learn more, keep reading.

Best Memes of 2022

Each year is full of memes, which are often related to the given events of a particular period. For example, in 2020, when we faced a global pandemic, people often tried to cope with new problems through laughter. Memes of the masks we had to wear or of vaccines were extremely common. Dealing with stress through laughter is a natural thing. With jokes, it’s easier for us to get through another day in this strange world. Feel like shaking off negative emotions right now? Then it’s time to go through the latest memes. Which meme are you today gif quiz is waiting for you! By the way, which meme are you from 2020?


Euphoria Memes

Euphoria is a series that has gained a lot of popularity this year. The characters were very well written, so we could easily identify with them. The series also dealt with themes of mental disorders, which used to be a taboo subject. We finally had a decent representation of trans people, people with bipolar disorder and more.

 Due to the series’ high viewership, many memes were spawned. One of the most common depicted Maddy and her famous text: “B*tch, you better be joking.” This blunt statement could have perfectly lined up with many different situations. Cassie and her monologue or saying also appeared just as often: “I am crazier!”. Her drama was very inspiring for the created memes. And which meme are you from this Euphoria memes?

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Gas Prices

As was mentioned, memes are often created based on real events. We love to laugh at absurd situations, especially if they involve ourselves. An important situation that we remembered from this year is the increase in gas prices. This is exactly how we deal with the international crisis – through memes! Unfortunately, we don’t have much influence over the constant price increases. So what is left for us, if not laughter? Anything the politicians plan will become a meme, and we have to accept it.

YouTube video

Green M&M

The public is becoming more aware every year. We already look differently at old advertisements that often included sexism or other issues. This year we became aware of a certain thing that was also extremely absurd and funny. The green M&M, or chocolate candy, is too…sexy.

M&M’s have certain colors and several characters were created based on them for marketing purposes. The two main ones were yellow and red, which at first seemed to be gender-neutral, but when the green one appeared, it was obvious that it represented a woman. Long eyelashes, shapely lips and flirtatious behavior. This is how the green M&M was portrayed, and it outraged some people and made others laugh. And sometimes both.

Ten out of ten

Of course, there can be no shortage of memes about human relations. What’s the easiest way to judge someone’s attractiveness? By using a ten-point scale! However, there are no perfect people. Even tens have some flaws. And that is what this meme is based on. It is a kind of game similar to “would you rather”. We say that someone is a ten out of ten, BUT. Exactly, the key is to add that but and give some flaw that may bother us. When the date 10.10.2022 arrived on our calendar, many of us sent our best pick-up text to our loved ones: “Are you today’s date? Because you are ten out of ten!”. So…which meme are you?

Sense of humor

What makes our parents laugh is very different from what is funny to us. Boomers have their own sense of humor that we can’t understand. They probably wouldn’t understand the which meme are you quiz. They like memes with minions, although we’ve recently taken it over a bit from them. On the other hand, jokes about wives no longer make the younger generation laugh. Black humor has certain rules for us. But what then makes the memes in question funny to us? Is there an explanation for this?


We have learned about some of the most popular memes, so we can discuss why they are popular. What makes us laugh is usually the absurdity of the situation. It evokes strong emotions in us, so the perception of absurd memes is more powerful.

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Another phenomenon is relativity. If we can imagine ourselves in a given situation, we will better understand and perceive the meme. POV memes have been popular for years. They continue to become viral because people find themselves in them. Do you want to know some more memes? Maybe some you haven’t heard of? We’ll highlight a few more in the next paragraph! Check out which meme are you!

Do you know this meme?

If we’re already talking about memes, let’s try to cite more examples. Do you have your favorite meme? Check if it is on our list! And don’t forget to take the which meme are you quiz!

  • Pikachu meme – these memes have fallen a bit out of favor, but we think they’re cute. Pokemons are an anime we loved to watch as kids. And Pikachu’s surprised face will always perfectly replicate our emotions.
  • Drake meme – we are still seeing these memes on the Internet. This meme perfectly compares two things. Thanks to it, we can express which choice we think is better. Have you ever used this meme?
  • The Office memes – this series is one of the funniest sitcoms, so it’s no surprise that many memes have been created about it. A lot of Michael’s quotes are used as memes, that’s how unique they are. Also, Jim showing something on the board has become a phenomenon.
  • Millennial memes – young people may not understand why some people find these memes funny. But just a decade ago, they were abundant on the Internet. Cats, llamas, tacos – we liked to find random things. Remember that cute shiba inu dog? It was a doge!

Which meme am I?

Which meme are you? Which meme do you think defines your personality? Perhaps this is your favorite. Consider first what makes you laugh the most? What TikToks are showing up on the for you page? Short videos that can make us laugh quickly and easily are popular now. And, of course, cats. They have always been on top. Millennials and Gen-Z alike love them.


Or are you a fan of dogs? Then you surely associate the text: “What the dog doin?”. Before you go to our quiz, we can check something first. Go to your social media and see which meme you recently sent to someone. Then compare it to the meme you came up with in the test!

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If you want to find out which 2022 meme you are, we invite you to take our what meme are you personality quiz. You can send it to your friends, I wonder what results they will get?

Which meme can I be in this quiz?

Depending on your result, you could be an Euphoria Meme, Gas Prices Meme, Green M&M Meme or Ten Out Of Ten Meme.

How many questions do I have to answer?

There are 20 unique questions in this quiz.

Are there references to other memes in the quiz?

Yes, there are some of the best memes from the past few years.

Do you need to know the memes to be able to solve these quizzes?

Don’t worry. If you don’t know a particular meme, just search for it on the Internet. Memes are easy to find.

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