CIA Personality Test | Will You Be A CIA Agent?

CIA Personality Test | Will You Be A CIA Agent?

Being a CIA agent looks cool in movies, but how does it work in real life? Not just anyone can be a CIA agent. Perhaps you have just the right qualities for the job! Take this CIA personality test we prepared for you and find out if you’re fit to be a CIA agent.

What is the CIA?

The Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, is a United States government agency that collects and processes information regarding foreign government entities, corporate interests, and persons and presents their analyzes to U.S. government agencies.

What’s the distinction between the CIA and the FBI? You probably heard a lot about these two mysterious institutions. Do you know what makes them different?

The CIA operates mostly outside the U.S., while the FBI handles matters inside the country. The CIA doesn’t enforce the law – its main role is gathering foreign intelligence and maintaining national security.

The FBI deals with federal crimes like tax evasion, cybercrimes, public corruption, fraud, kidnapping, child abuse, and other serious crimes. You could say that the FBI is the national police department.

Today we only have a CIA personality test for you but keep your eyes open for an FBI personality test!

Most popular myths about the CIA

Are all the people working for the CIA suave martini-sipping spies? Not really. The CIA needs all kinds of staff, including librarians, office workers, operation officers, analysts, lawyers, and psychologists. People who work for The Agency are called CIA officers.

The operation officers have the important job of finding, recruiting, and managing foreign agents (or spies). These strategically placed agents provide crucial information about their country.

Are all of the CIA employees mysterious figures who keep secrets from everyone around them? Not necessarily. For many officers, their job isn’t that different from a typical 9-to-5 job. Not all of them live undercover, and only some have to keep their employment a secret.

Is the CIA snooping on U.S. citizens? The Agency’s job is to collect information relating to foreign intelligence. They’re only allowed to gather information about an individual if there’s a reasonable suspicion of that person being involved in espionage or terrorist activity.

Is the CIA a law enforcement agency? Do the CIA agents carry guns? As we already learned, enforcing the law is not the Agency’s job. Also, the vast majority of CIA officers will never have a weapon.

Does working at the CIA mean you will learn all the government’s secrets? Not at all. An officer will only have access to information that is directly linked to their job.

Do all the CIA officers have to speak multiple languages? This ability is not a requirement to work at the CIA. You can work at the Agency and not be bilingual at all. However, being able to speak and translate several languages is a vital skill for the CIA’s mission and will be a must for certain positions at the Agency.

What job were you born to do?

CIA personality types

What type of personality does the Agency look for in their potential employees? Some personality traits are required to work at the CIA, especially if you want to be an agent. Our CIA personality test will reveal if you have these traits.

Extroverts are wanted! If you want to work for the CIA, you should be sociable and find it easy to build rapport with other people. You should know how to handle interpersonal conflicts and the like.

CIA agents shouldn’t be socially anxious. Discover if you have social anxiety!

A potential CIA officer must be able to multitask. If you want to work for the CIA, you may need to be able to handle multiple tasks at once with confidence.

Are you good with stress? Your work at the Agency might be mentally challenging, especially if your desire is to become an agent. You’ll be working in dangerous conditions, and it will be up to you to control your stress and keep a cool head.

Find out the level of your mental abilities.

A good CIA officer should have good intuition. You will have to learn if you should trust your gut feeling, make split-second decisions and be confident with them.

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Who can become a CIA officer?

To work at the CIA, you must meet the necessary requirements. You have to be a U.S. citizen and physically located in the U.S. or one of its territories at the time of applying. You also have to be of age (at least 18 years old).

Any applicant must be willing to move to Washington, D.C. area, and capable of passing security and medical evaluations, which include a full background check, a polygraph interview, and a physical and psychological inspection.

The hiring process can last even over a year. The first step is an online application. Then comes the screening process, testing, and interviews. You will be given a conditional job offer if you are a good fit. You will also need to fill out a special form to obtain a security clearance.

The next step is passing all the necessary evaluations, including a background check and polygraph interview. If you pass the security and medical exams, you will be contacted to discuss specific orientation and training functions and your start date.

Unfortunately, our CIA personality test is not an official test, but it can be fun nevertheless!

CIA personality test

Personality assessment and aptitude tests are part of the testing process for a potential CIA employee. They are supposed to determine if you have the traits necessary to become a CIA agent. We tried to build our CIA personality test, so it is somewhat similar to the actual CIA tests.

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It’s time for your CIA personality test! Do you want to become a super-spy? Take our carefully designed quiz to find out your fate!

What personality type does the CIA look for?

They look for someone who handles stress well, can multitask, has good social skills, and knows how to make quick decisions.

What is the average age of a CIA agent?

The average age of a CIA agent is 40 years old.

What makes impossible to become a CIA agent?

One of the things disqualifying you from becoming a CIA officer are any criminal charges.

What results can you expect on this quiz?

Your results in our CIA personality test will tell you if you are a good fit for the CIA.

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