What Color Should I Dye My Hair? | Fun & Free Test | Colorful Edition

What Color Should I Dye My Hair? | Fun & Free Test | Colorful Edition

Should it be green? Red? Or maybe pink for a change? But what about blue? If you are currently facing this colorful dilemma and keep asking yourself ‘What color should I dye my hair?’, you came to the right place! We would like to give you a helping hand and pick the right color for you. It’s a special colorful edition quiz, which means you can get one of the four less common hair colors. So if you are bored with regular dyes, you are going to have fun with this quiz! We hope to give you just the right amount of inspiration to solve your colorful conundrum.

So which color will it be? All you need to do is answer all 20 questions included in What Color Should I Dye My Hair? Quiz. Enjoy your time with the test!

If you know anyone who would also like to change the color of their hair, why not take this quiz together? Find out if you will get the same color!

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The Practice Of Hair Dyeing

Hair Dyeing is a practice of changing the color of one’s hair. There are various reasons we would want to dye our hair. Some people aim for better cosmetics, covering their gray and white hair with an appropriate dye, while others choose to do it because of current trends, as an experiment, or just for fun. Especially now, when a lot of colors are much more accepted by society than in the past, is a great time to try different looks and have fun with unique aesthetics.


The process of hair dyeing can be performed by a professional hairdresser or by yourself in your home. No matter the method, hair coloring is very popular nowadays. About thirteen percent of the American hair industry is related to hair dyeing. Women’s hair products are much more popular than men’s, and reached more than one billion U.S. dollars in sales in 2019.

At-home coloring itself is worth an awe-inspiring amount of U.S. dollars. According to the data, it reached over $1.9 billion in 2011 and $2.2 billion in 2016.

The trend of dyeing hair may have started in the 1950s when 4 to 7 percent of American women colored their hair. It only took twenty years for this figure to rise to 40 percent. It is estimated that about 70% of women were practicing dyeing by 2015.

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The Origins Of Hair Coloring

The art of hair dyeing can be traced back to ancient times. The process required certain ingredients such as chemical compounds obtained from plants. The most popular plant species included indigo dye, henna (Lawsonia inermis), Cassia obovata, turmeric, amla, and senna. Sometimes less common species were used such as black walnut hulls, leeks, katam (buxus dioica), and red ochre.

The oldest civilizations known to practice hair dyeing were Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Ancient Egyptians were one of the first people to use henna in order to hide gray and white hair. The plant species mentioned above were first used in Ancient Rome and Greece in order to obtain natural hair colors.

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As for the first use of the permanent color, jet black, it is believed that it is attributed to Ancient Romans. Few centuries later, more colors were added to the pool of choices. One of them was blonde color, which was commonly used by prostitutes. 

Many other civilizations also colored their hairs as a means to scare the enemy or emphasize their rank.

Modern Hair Dye

The modern hair dye we know today was invented due to the mistake of William Henry Perkin, English professor. Perkin’s original goal was to find a cure for malaria but instead he got the first synthesized dye. This discovery was further improved by August Wilhelm von Hoffman, chemistry professor, who created para-phenylenediamine (PPD). This intimidatingly sounding organic compound is still a base for many hair dyes even today.

PPD was later improved even further. In 1907, French chemist Eugene Schueller used it to obtain the first hair color which was to be sold as a product. It was named Aureole and later L’Oréal. The formula underwent numerous advancements in the next decades. However, in the 20th century women were not feeling entirely safe while using hair dyeing products. Unnatural hair colors were considered harmful and something a respectable citizen shouldn’t do. Even though the trend was becoming more and more popular in the first half of the 20th century, some beauty salons offered back entrances for those who didn’t want others to learn about their dyeing lifestyle.

One way to fight off the fear was to advertise hair coloring as a gray-covering practice. The famous French L’Oréal ad from the 1920s said ‘Not one more white hair; forever 30 years old’. Trying to pressure women into covering their gray hair was a marketing strategy which was present even twenty years later, in 1943. One of the campaigns used a slogan which said ‘Without justice or kindness, gray hair can rule your life… It can dictate many things you say or do. No wonder other women refuse to tolerate this tyrant’.

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What Color Should I Dye My Hair? Questions And Answers

Which unusual color should you pick to dye your hair? Solve today’s fun and quick test and get your answer! Have fun!

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Which Colors I Can Get On The Test?

You can get Red, Green, Pink, or Blue.

Who Can Take This Test?

This test can be solved by anyone who wants to dye their hair in an unusual way.

What Is The Purpose Of The Test?

The purpose of the quiz is to help you choose a color to dye your hair. It’s an entertaining and fun test which you shouldn’t treat too seriously. The result you will get may inspire you to pick a color which has matched your mood, personality, habits, and taste.

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