How Do You Show Love? | Completely Free Quiz

How Do You Show Love? | Completely Free Quiz

The time has come for another quiz! Today we will again touch on the topics of love and relationships. But not only. You can express love in different ways and in different relationships, including those of friends or family. Our quiz will tell you how you show love to your loved ones. Are you ready to learn more about your unique love language? Read How Do You Show Love Towards Others essay!

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Love Languages

Love is a wonderful feeling that each of us experiences differently. People first experience love from their parents or guardians, and this is the basis for all their knowledge of what love should be like. Therefore, some of us may express love differently than we do, and various conflicts in a relationship may arise because of this. Parents give us an example of love, which is not always ideal or the best.

Many parents have problems with healthy communication and expression of feelings, which causes their children to grow up later and may have problems confessing their feelings directly. Those who grew up in homes where there was a lot of talking may not understand this, because for them, saying “I love you” is the simplest thing in the world. And that’s how the different languages of love emerge, which are worth knowing.


You may someday meet someone who, in their own way, will show how much they love you, and you won’t notice it and will perceive it in the wrong way. To avoid this mistake, please read on and take our special quiz to learn your own love language.

Ways of showing love

Now that we know where it comes from that people show love in different ways, it is now worth looking at the different types and discussing them in detail. Each way can be individual and vary a little from person to person. Because as many as there are people in the world, there can be as many ways of showing love. But certain aspects can be grouped together and to some type each of us belongs. So how to tell someone you love them without saying it directly? Read on and you will find it out!

Types of showing love:

  • Verbal
  • Physical Touch
  • Action


First we will discuss the simplest way to express love. When we think of showing love this is the way that may first come to mind. Because when we express our feelings through words, everything is clear and certain. However, “I love you” and “I care about you” are not the only words that express love. Some phrases may seem neutral, but behind them are true feelings and love.


For example, it can be expressing concern like this: “Have you eaten anything today?”, “How are you feeling?”, “Is everything okay?”. If someone asks you this, it means that this person cares about you. Simple questions about you are the best evidence to show that this person is interested in your needs and is committed. Also, love verbally can also be shown in various ways and it depends on the individual situation and the person’s intentions.

Physical Touch

This is also a common way of expressing love. Especially in romantic relationships. When you can’t tell, you can do it through touch. Physical touch can sometimes express the deepest feelings. Also, there are different options for touch – it can be holding the other person’s hand, touching the cheek gently, hugging, kissing. This way of showing love brings people very close to each other and deepens the bond.


People who use this love language most often may be more reserved and timid when it comes to words. Some people may also have trouble recognizing and expressing their own emotions with words. That’s when they may use other ways such as physical touch, because it’s a simpler way for them. Are you a person where this way of showing love is the main way? Take our quiz and find out.


Another type of expressing love is doing it through action. Some people may not be able to cope with verbal expression of feelings,and physical touch is also difficult for them. Then they choose the most practical option – action. But how to show someone you love them with actions? People with this type of showing love will try to take care of their partner through various actions. These can be larger and smaller favors, such as cleaning the house, making dinner, fixing something. Also, giving gifts is a good way for them to show that they care.


Such people want to provide a good livelihood for their partner, in this way they take care of their partner’s needs. They focus on the most important things in life, try to minimize problems. However, for many people, this prevailing type of showing love can be insufficient and difficult to see.

If someone doesn’t also show us love verbally or through physical touch, we may feel that they don’t care at all. It is then advisable to have a frank conversation that will allow that person to feel comfortable expressing his or her feelings verbally.

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Mostly in each of us one of the above ways of showing love dominates. Do you already know what yours is? Take our quiz to be sure. Knowing your love language and the love languages of your loved ones can easily make changes and deepen relationships.

After all, each of us wants love and each of us needs regular affirmation of it. Even if you are in a long-term relationship and have confessed your feelings to each other for a long time, you need to constantly update it. People need it, such action has many different benefits. Showing love improves the well-being of both people in a relationship and increases relationship satisfaction.

It’s better not to underestimate this, especially if you are experiencing a crisis in your relationship and don’t know how to fix it. Relationships last longer when partners show affection to each other and nurture a sense of intimacy and closeness. We hope our quiz will help you to be even happier in your relationship.


How Do You Show Love?

What do you think is your way of showing love? While taking our quiz, try to analyze your behavior carefully. Recall all your relationships, including friendships, and look at your relationship with your parents. How was affection shown in your family home? And how did you most often show that you cared about someone?

Sometimes this can vary, as we grow up we realize what it was like with our parents and wish for something different. Often children fix their parents’ problems themselves. Therapy also makes us realize a lot and allows us to show love in a proper and healthy way.

Each of us also has our favorite ways of receiving love.  Do you know which of these ways you like best? Does your partner use this particular way? If not, maybe it’s also worth talking about? We should always tell our partner how we want to be treated, also it can greatly deepen your relationship.

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So don’t wait any longer and take our How Do You Show Love Quiz! With this you can really discover a lot about yourself and your relationship!

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How many questions does this quiz have?

This quiz has 20 questions.

What are the types of showing love?

There is the verbal type, the physical touch type and the action type.

Why is this quiz important and useful?

Because knowing how to show affection helps make good changes in relationships.

Will this quiz tell me what my type of showing love is?

Yes, this quiz will test what type of showing love dominates.

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