Family Quiz | What Good Trivia Questions Are There?

Family Quiz | What Good Trivia Questions Are There?

Hello there! Do you enjoy trivia nights with your family? I bet you do! A session of games with your loved ones is great entertainment and an opportunity to bond with them. The problem is sometimes you might run out of questions to ask. We got you covered!

We prepared a series of fun questions and answers for the family quiz night. They will include a wide range of topics, including history, music, sports, geography, and others. Is your dad a fan of opera? Does your grandma know a lot about old Hollywood actresses? They will both have the chance to flex their knowledge! 

Even better: you will get a leg up on them by quizzing yourself today. Answer the questions, obtain your score, and get ready for the family quiz.

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What good trivia questions are there?

Below are a few surprising facts to incorporate into your family quiz. We can bet your parents or siblings won’t know at least half of this trivia!

Let’s start with explosive trivia! Do you like peanuts? Many people enjoy them as a delicious snack. But were you aware that you can do more with peanuts than just eat them? People can use peanuts to produce dynamite. Yes, you heard that right. When you extract peanut oil, you can make glycerol from it. Nitroglycerin, an explosive component of dynamite, is synthesized from glycerol. Before the nitration process occurs, glycerol is completely safe and can be used to make soaps, creams, and various food items. 


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Have you heard about carrots’ colorful history? This tasty vegetable used to be purple, not orange. Carrots possibly originated in Persia and might’ve been known in Ancient Egypt. People in Afghanistan were growing them in purple and yellow by the 10th century. Other known carrot colors included red, white, and even black! But we didn’t have orange carrots until the 16th century. According to some sources, Dutch farmers succeeded for the first time in growing orange carrots in honor of the Dutch flag.


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Let’s move on to science. Do you know what spontaneous human combustion is? There have been alleged cases where a human body (living or dead) caught on fire without anything to ignite it. Many scientists remain skeptical about this phenomenon, believing that an undiscovered flame source, such as a match or cigarette, is the true culprit in reported incidents. Still, many people treat spontaneous human combustion as an unresolved mystery. 

We’re going to stick to morbid topics for a little longer. Lingschi, lingering death, or death by a thousand cuts – have you ever heard about any of these? They all refer to the same thing: a form of torture and execution practiced in ancient China, Vietnam, and Korea. The gruesome process involved methodically cutting out slices from the body over time, resulting in the condemned prisoner dying slowly. “Death by a thousand cuts” is a poetic name for something so heinous. 

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Why not lighten the mood up a bit? Here is a laughing fact that will tickle you! Human beings can laugh when they are born. The syllables “ha-ha,” or “he-he” belong to the shared human vernacular and are recognized by all societies. Here is another “ha-ha” fact: gelotophobia is a fear of laughter.

How do you make a family quiz?

Preparing a family game session is easy. Assemble a bunch of questions and answers covering different topics. You can take requests for specific questions from your family members who want to show off their knowledge or make it a total surprise. Mix it up so everybody has a chance to shine! You can put questions and answers on a piece of paper, have them printed, or open them on a computer, whatever is the most convenient. Designate one person to tally up the score, or have each of your family members keep track of their scores. Prepare snacks and drinks, sit comfortably, and have fun with your family on trivia night! 


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Who knows me better? Questions for 13-year-olds

If you’re having a big gathering with your friends and family, asking these “who knows me better” questions is a great way to get a conversation going. The basic idea behind the game is that you take turns asking the other person questions about yourself to see how well they know you. It can be very entertaining and cause a lot of laughs.

  • What color is my favorite?
  • What is my favorite animal?
  • Do I like to wear jewelry?
  • Do I prefer cats or dogs?
  • What movie is my favorite? Which genre do I prefer – horror, comedy, science fiction, etc?
  • Am I scared of anything?
  • What is my favorite breakfast?
  • Reading a book or going to a party – which one do I like more?

Get ready for the family game night with our trivia quiz! Can you get the perfect score? Share the quiz with your family for a fun time! 

What result can you get?

You will get a numerical result from 1 to 20 points.

Who knows me better questions for 13-year-olds?

What is my favorite color? Do I prefer cats or dogs? What movie is my favorite?

What are some fun trivia questions?

Where would you find Mount Kilimanjaro? What’s the capital of Germany? Which animals can laugh?

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