Wednesday Trivia | Just Real Fans Score 90%

Wednesday Trivia | Just Real Fans Score 90%

Another successful and extremely popular series recently debuted on the Netflix platform. Have you watched Wednesday yet? It’s an American series with horror themes and supernatural powers. Again, we can cheer for The Addams Family, just like in 1991, when a movie about this eccentric family was created. If you are a Wednesday fan, take our quiz and test your knowledge of the series. But beware, the quiz may contain spoilers! And if you wanna Wednesday quiz Which Character Are You, there it is:

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The Addams Family

It was originally a comic strip of the work of cartoonist Charles Samuel Addams. Charles was known for his dark, unusual sense of humor, which we can also experience in movies and TV series based on his comics. The Addams family is a group of sadists, masochists and monsters who live in an old mansion near the swamp. In the mansion we can find a lot of traps, torture tools and secret passages. The family includes many members. We will list the main characters in the history of The Addams Family.


Gomez Addams

Wednesday’s father, head of the Addams family. He is a rather short man with a mustache, looking a bit like an Italian mafioso. He dresses in a smart suit. In the latest series, the star of another Netflix series, Narcos, has been cast in this role. Luis Guzmán showed a different interpretation of the Gomez character than in the cult film. He wanted to resemble the comic book character as much as possible, which is more caricatured. Gomez and Morticia Addams are also not the main characters in the new series, but rather side characters.

Morticia Addams

Gomez’s wife, Wednesday’s mother. A tall, slender woman, she dresses in long, black gothic dresses. She resembles a witch. She is always calm and composed and has a subtle voice. In the latest series she is played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is a big fan of the character. It was a pleasure for the actress to play this female icon like Morticia, and she is very complimentary about the new version.

Wednesday Addams

She is the focus of the latest series. A young girl, resembling her mother, tries to find her way in this world when she herself comes from a dysfunctional family full of freaks and monsters. She is played in the latest series by Jenna Ortega, who also wanted to give the character a different interpretation. In an interview, she admitted that portraying Wednesday as an older teenager was a challenge for her.

Wednesday’s new character has fascinated many viewers. And you, what do you like most about this unique girl? Do you identify with the character of Wednesday? You can always check the wednesday imdb rating.

Tim Burton’s uncanny direction

The Wednesday series is directed by the legendary Tim Burton, who is ideally suited to present the Addams Family in a new guise. After all, he is known for creating beautiful, gothic worlds in his films. His visions for color and framing are appreciated by many viewers. Tim also often draws on set; in the latest series, he designed the first monster himself.


Tim Burton has created many interesting productions. If you liked Wednesday, his other works are worth reviewing. We will list special for you all the films with a similar dark atmosphere.

  • Beetlejuice – a 1988 film that tells the story of two ghosts who are married. It is played by the remarkable Michael Keaton, who improvised a lot on the set.
  • Batman – the cult superhero movie, also starring Michael Keaton in the lead role. Tim Burton remarkably recreated the heavy atmosphere of Gotham.
  • Edward Scissorhands – an unusual story of a man-cyborg, played by Johnny Depp. This iconic film kept in the convention of dark fantasy won the hearts of many viewers.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – is an animated film that tells the story of a town full of monsters and the dead. The unusual aesthetics of this film still delight, despite the passage of years.

Have you watched all of the listed films? If so, you must be a Tim Burton fan! And which of this legendary director films is your favorite?

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Wednesday Dance

The scene in which the main character performs an unusual dance has become extremely popular and is currently training on the Tik Tok app. Many people have joined the challenge, including several celebrities. One of them was Lady Gaga, who loves this type of choreography. The singer is a fan of Tim Burton’s work, so she didn’t miss the opportunity. She did the makeup and styling herself, then recreated Jenny Ortega’s moves. It came out perfectly and fans were delighted.

YouTube video

After episode four, everyone was talking about this dance arrangement. Some admitted that it is as iconic a scene as the dance scene from the movie Pulp Fiction. The choreography also shows references to Gomez and Morticia’s dance from The Addams Family 2, as well as the Happy House music video by The Banshees.

The Thing

Everyone is also well acquainted with the Thing, which is a human hand walking on fingers. This faithful companion has more than once rescued members of the Addams family from trouble. In the latest series, the creators have nailed the recreation of this character.

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 The Thing was played by Victor Dorobantu, who is a Romanian illusionist, so the Thing was not created entirely by computer, which is impressive. This makes this character extremely realistic. Online news outlets have photos from the production, showing what it looked like to shoot scenes with the Thing. Tim Burton admitted that working with the Thing was fun, and he came up with ideas on the fly.

Wednesday interesting facts

The series was shot with attention to detail. Maintained a dark atmosphere and great humor typical of horror parodies. There are also many pop culture references in Wednesday. For example, the ball in episode four, where the students of Nevermore Academy dance merrily and don’t expect the trickery of Enid Sinclair. When blood flowed from the fire sprinklers, Wednesday Addams’ character is soiled with it quite like Carrie from Steven King’s novels. Horror fans were quick to notice the resemblance, as both Carrie and Wednesday have supernatural powers.


Another important curiosity we can see in episode six. For on the screen we see an edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The novel has a similar dark atmosphere, and it’s no surprise that Mary is Wednesday’s favorite writer.

Wednesday Trivia – spoilers previous

The clever and sarcastic heroine delighted the audience. Wednesday Adams has many new adventures in the series. She falls on the trail of a murder investigation and decides to solve this mystery. Therefore, there will be no shortage of action and surprises in this series. There are also many new and interesting characters – friends and also enemies of Wednesday. She faces many challenges at Nevermore Academy, which we can watch closely on the screens.

 Now that you know everything, you can test your knowledge by answering twenty questions relating to the Wednesday series. Just a reminder that there may be spoilers in the test, so if you haven’t finished the series yet, do it first, unless spoilers don’t scare you.

Does the quiz also apply to The Addams Family movies?

No, the quiz only measures knowledge of the Wednesday series.

Are there spoilers for Wednesday in the quiz?

Yes, be careful as there may be spoilers or suggestions in the quiz.

How many percent correct questions do you need to get the best score?

You must get a minimum of 80% correct answers.

Are there wacky wednesday trivia questions?

Yes the quiz tests the knowledge of the series, including strange facts.

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