Which Wednesday Character Are You | 2022 Show Quiz

Which Wednesday Character Are You | 2022 Show Quiz

The end of this year has been incredibly spooky. Thanks to Netflix, we could’ve relived the story many of us remember from childhood. I mean the Addams Family. We have all heard of them; some are probably very excited about the new Netflix show. Let’s find out more about what goes on in the series.

Be careful! This text contains some spoilers! If you still haven’t seen the show, you might wanna stop reading right here, and just get down to it!


When it comes to shows created in 2022, it should be no doubt that they simply must be inclusive. And we can proudly say that “Wednesday” surely is. It’s amazing to see actors from different backgrounds, acting out characters, who represent different cultures and sexualities.

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After all, the show is all about the outcasts. They find it incredibly difficult to survive in the “normal” world. That’s why Wednesday has to move to Nevermore. She was expelled from her previous “normie” school because they found her a little bit too extreme. Her parents decided to move her to the school, where they had met many years ago. It’s a school for outcasts, people, who don’t fit in anywhere else.

The Plot

Nevermore is run by a former student, a friend of Wednesday’s mother, Larissa Weems. She’s committed to keeping the school out of trouble. But as soon as Wednesday arrived at the premises, her efforts have been put to the test. Wednesday is a troublemaker. She never listens to anyone and only trusts herself. She bravely follows her instincts. This impulsive young girl quickly found herself being the most annoying pupil in the entire school.


She has to meet her psychologists once a week, and during the movie, she has been presented with multiple new rules she had to follow due to her impulsive behavior. One day she witnesses her school friend being killed by a mysterious monster in the woods. It’s even spookier because this boy tried to murder Wednesday first. After this unfortunate event, Wednesday develops an obsession with this monster and tries to track him down no matter what.

There are multiple paths she takes in order to find out who might be the monster. During the show, she learns that the monster is actually called Hyde, which means that someone turns into one when somebody else “unlocks” them. The situation becomes more and more complicated when Wednesday’s friends start to suffer because of the monster’s wrongdoings and Wednesday’s obsession.

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Of course, it’s a teen show, so it must contain some kind of romance. Wednesday is stuck in a love triangle between a barista she met during one of her first days in Nevermore and her classmate. The barista is called Tyler, and he also turns out to be the son of the sheriff. This relationship starts off cute but later, during the show, you’ll find out that it was really impossible for the couple to stay together. They have been through ups and downs, but they were just not meant to be. Her classmate’s name is Xavier. He’s an artist, who develops a special connection with Hyde. That’s why at first, he’s one of Wednesday’s primary suspects. She even got him to spend a few nights in jail because of his drawings and supposed connections with Hyde.

The Pilgrims

The show briefly mentions the community of Pilgrims, who lived in Jericho in the past. That’s the town close to the Nevermore Academy. The story goes back to the times when the citizens were really keen on getting rid of all the witches. Naturally, these creatures never existed and in reality, it was just a bunch of old men chasing young girls around town. They were later burnt because they had supposed supernatural powers. And they really did, at least in this show.


Outcasts were really hated in the past, that’s why Nevermore came to life. It was a safe asylum for all of the people who found it hard to coexist in the “normie” world. Later we will learn that the academy has not always been safe and that there have been some accidents that had happened within the school walls.

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Supernatural Powers

Pretty much everyone in the series has some kind of superpower. The show is inspired by the Addams Family, which is a classic among our parents, but probably most of us also recognize these characters.

Here’s the list of the most important characters in the show:

  • Wednesday Addams
  • Enid Sinclair
  • Morticia Addams
  • Bianca Barclay
  • Eugene Otinger
  • Goody Addams
  • Joseph Crackstone
  • Larissa Weems
  • Xavier Thorpe
  • Tyler Galpin
  • Thing.

All of these characters are very interesting and all of them have their own stories.

Wednesday Addams is incredibly intelligent. She’s considered a genius. Her abilities allow her to see the future and the past in her psychotic visions. Watching the show, you might get the impression that this girl is absolutely amazing at everything she does. Not only does she write a novel, but she also never falls behind at school. She seems to be bored with everything she is supposed to learn there. Her interests are concentrated on the investigation that she conducts, mostly alone. She acts like she doesn’t need anyone.

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Thing is a walking hand created in the Addams household. It travels to Nevermore with Wednesday and helps her every day with her spooky ideas. It can write messages and then deliver them. It’s an incredibly helpful device.

Larissa Weems is the school’s headmaster. Wednesday learns that she’s a shapeshifter, which means that she can basically turn into anyone she wants. While discovering the identity of the person, who unlocked Hyde, this power comes in handy. But it also killed Weems.

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Eugene Otinger is a master in controlling bees. He’s the founder, president, and the only member of a Hive Club in Nevermore. Wednesday finds his true friend in Eugene and shares her suspicions about Hyde. That’s why the poor boy gets injured on his solo expedition.

Tyler Galpin. Okay, it’s the end of the text and it’s not likely that someone, who hasn’t seen the show, got that far. Tyler is actually Hyde. He’s been killing people all over the town because he’s been unlocked by the only “normie” teacher at school. His mother also was Hyde and that’s where Tyler got his abilities from. His father naturally must’ve known about this problem, and in the show, we can actually see him watch Tyler change into a monster in the forest.

How many questions are there in this quiz?

There are 20 questions.

Where can I watch Wednesday?

You can easily watch the entire show on Netflix.

How many episodes are there in the show?

For now, there’s only one season of the show. Hopefully, with the growing popularity, the creators will make more. Today you can find 8 episodes on Netflix. Perfect for a late-night binge-watch.

Who plays Wednesday on the show?

Jenna Ortega.

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