Asexual Test | Is It About You?

Asexual Test | Is It About You?

Realizing your sexuality is often a complicated and rocky process. It may surprise you how much there is to discover about yourself. There are many fixed sexual identities and many more that you can invent yourself. When it comes to you, and your thoughts, there are no limits. Sometimes we think we might identify as XYZ, but in reality, we’re just ourselves and our interests may differ from those set in this particular group.

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This asexual test is designed for you to discover if your identity might lie close to asexuality. The questions have been carefully selected so you can answer them honestly and without any shame. Try it out for free!

You Don’t Find Others Attractive

One of the earliest signs of asexuality is not being able to find other people attractive. Don’t get me wrong, you can see that someone is handsome, or simply beautiful. But you’re just not attracted to them. Your love for them is platonic and pure. You are unable to look at people with desire in your eyes. The talk about new hot people in the class, or workplace is very tiring to you, you just cannot relate to your colleagues.

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You don’t understand the feeling of being turned on. It just never happened to you. “Horny” is also not a concept for you. These things could not exist in your world. You might sometimes get fed up or even upset about how all of these things control human behaviors on daily basis. Many wars, disputes, and arguments start because of the sexual desire someone feels for someone else. This could all be avoided if everyone was asexual. But it’s not the case.

The Sexless Life

Sex doesn’t cross your mind daily. You just don’t think about it too much. You know what you have to know. You might have even had sex a few times in your life. It’s just not that spectacular for you. When you were younger you were probably waiting for it to happen, but once you realized how it feel, you were a little bit disappointed.

Some of your friends are likely to talk openly about their sex lives. You sometimes like to listen to it, but most of the time you simply zone out. You don’t relate to their struggles at all, and sometimes you thank yourself for that. It seems so tiring to maintain these sexual relationships in your lives.

Listening to people complaining about their month without sex is just funny to you. It doesn’t seem that long at all. But for some of your friends, it’s close to a lifetime of no sex. They don’t believe that it’s your 6th month of a sexless life. Some of them probably will call you crazy, but don’t fall for that. You do you.

Asexual Relationships

Your main goal in life is most likely not connected to building a long-lasting and stable relationship. You’re more drawn to discoveries, adventures, and travels. You can simply imagine going through life without having any more sex, but it doesn’t mean that you will. Some asexuals might enjoy sex, but they simply don’t need it.


Entering a relationship is exciting for you. You love to meet new people. But then the sex part comes in. And you’re usually quite resistant. That’s because you don’t think about sex at all. Whenever someone makes a move on you, you are likely to think they’re going in for a simple hug. Some people will not be able to survive with you in a relationship, and that’s okay. It’s important to acknowledge that and look for someone who loves you for who you are.

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You’re also very likely to enjoy sex once you meet the right person. They won’t pressure you and make sure you’re comfortable. You might find joy in making the other person feel pleasure. That might be the enjoyable part of sex for you.

Personality Over Looks

Asexual people pay much more attention to their potential partner’s personality. It may come across as arrogant to say, but that’s simply the truth. If you don’t care too much about sex and physical attractiveness, you’re much more likely to focus on someone’s personality.

You will be more drawn to people who have unique hobbies and enjoy doing something different than, well, sex. You’re more than capable of getting emotionally invested in someone, you just cannot match it with the physical. Sounds like you? Try this asexual test to find out!

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Whenever the rare event of you having a crush occurs, you care much more about their interests, than their body type. It amazes you how much people can talk about someone else’s skin tone, leg shape, or hair structure. These things don’t concern you. Of course, you’re able to notice if someone takes care of themselves, and you are likely to admire that. Just not in a sexual way. People don’t turn you on physically, they turn you on mentally.

It’s easy to confuse asexuality with being attracted to smart people sometimes. Some folks get aroused with time after they discover someone’s interests. They’re attracted to their minds, but will gradually get more and more into their looks, too. It’s not the case for asexuals. They simply never get aroused around someone. Appreciating someone’s looks is one thing, being physically attracted to them is another.


Hugging and Kissing

Being asexual doesn’t mean that you hate physical touch. It’s a common misconception. You just don’t like it when it starts getting sexual. Other than that, you’re fine with hugging others. It may be even enjoyable for you to kiss people. It’s not the case for every asexual, but it’s possible. Kissing might be your way of showing affection. You might have learned it with time, from your previous partners. Because most of the time, you wouldn’t think about doing it on your own. Kissing and sex don’t cross your mind out of a sudden. It might be all a matter of socialization. Well, we live in a society after all…

How many questions are there in this asexual test?

There are 20 questions.

Is this an aromantic asexual test?

Not really. These are two different things, and you shouldn’t mix them up. Asexuality is strictly related to sexual desire and aromanticism talks about being unable to fall in love.

How reliable is this test?

It’s quite reliable. The questions have been selected and related to psychological studies on this subject. Having said that, no online asexual test is 100% reliable. Please keep that in mind.

Is this a gray asexual test?

No. This test is strictly focused on asexuality. To discover more on this subject, we recommend this useful website.

Is this an asexual test for virgins?

Yes, if you’re a virgin, you can take this test.

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