Hobby Quiz | What Hobby Should I Try?

Hobby Quiz | What Hobby Should I Try?

Winter is officially here, and it’s here to stay. For some of us, it’s perfect. Walks around Christmas Markets, getting into the spirit, watching movies, and drinking mulled wine. It sounds amazing, but most of us are just bored. All of our outdoor activities must be postponed, and wait until spring…

What to do? Well, this “how to find my hobby quiz”! It’s a great way to explore different options, and find the one that fits you best!

Looking for a new TV to watch all of the new shows? Try this quiz.

This hobby quiz proposes you five different hobbies, and most of them suit everyone. Your age doesn’t matter. It’s all about your determination to keep this new hobby of yours going. As we all know, it’s very easy to lose interest in your new occupation after a few weeks. Early sunsets and boring jobs are not going to help us either. We need to find motivation within ourselves.

New Friends

Looking for a new passion is great if you’re also looking for some new friends. Most people, who are new to a hobby, will look for fellow newbies to help them out. Becoming friends with people, who share your interests is always a good idea.

If your current friend group isn’t keen on exploring a new hobby with you, don’t worry. It would be very wasteful not to do it yourself. I don’t know anyone, who has ever regretted it. It will be a great test for your self-confidence, and if it suffers, trying something on your own will help you rebuild it. Going out of your comfort zone will be a little bit hard at first, but as you dive deeper into the subject, it will get easier, I promise.

Hobby Buddies

Some hobbies require other people. For rock climbing, for example, you’re going to need someone to assist you with harder paths. It’s also easier to learn with another person. Later, when you’re going to become more advanced, it will be so amazing to go into nature and explore some more outdoor climbing spaces with your new friends. Climbers are extraordinarily friendly. They share their equipment and their experience. They’re likely to be coffee lovers and book readers…


New Body

It’s no secret that most of us look for hobbies that will not only keep us occupied during winter, but will also help us achieve our dream bodies. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. This hobby quiz proposes four different sport-related hobbies! Find out which one fits you best!

Sports are very likely to become your new hobby. The good news is that there are a ton of options. You don’t have to be an athlete to take up running or golfing. All you need is motivation. And the results will follow.

To Run or To Golf?

Running is more individual. You can do it alone, and nearly everywhere. If you travel a lot, and your free time is limited, running might be your best bet. The only basic equipment you need is running shoes. Spending too much on a new hobby may be a little bit terrifying, but running it’s really worth it. Shoes are very important, and it’s not only a matter of comfort or style. It’s all about your health. Your knees and spine might not be the happiest if you go for the cheapest shoes on the market. Look for some well-reviewed shoes, and you’ll be happy for years! And your body will be more than thankful!

Golfing might seem very expensive, and it’s not entirely false. Some of the best clubs are quite pricey. But you don’t have to join them at first. If you’re looking for some wealthy friends, golfing might be a good sport for you. I know it sounds a little bit bad, but this hobby is generally enjoyed by the richer audience. If you can combine a new passion, with some new people in your life, why not. It’s not only about the money though. People, who come from different backgrounds, are a lot more interesting to talk to, than the ones similar to you.

Body and Mind

Working on your body is also connected to working on your mindset. Yoga is a great hobby if you want to combine the two. It will allow you to calm down, release stress, and stretch your body. The hobby quiz knows best if yoga is the one for you! There are so many types of yoga, that everyone will find something for themselves. If you like it dynamic, we recommend ashtanga. If you like to work on your breath – pranayama.

The point here is, you can kill two birds with one stone. A new hobby will keep you busy, and your mind off of overthinking. And it will also help you keep your body fit, and ready for the upcoming summer season!

New Experiences

Hobbies make your mind grow a lot. You meet new people, and each one of them is a new experience. Everyone has their own unique stories, that they’re willing to share with like-minded people.

Traveling is also a big part of starting a new hobby. Golfing will allow you to explore new countries. Rock climbing will drive you into nature, and make you discover new caves and forests. Running can take you anywhere. New sandy beaches, new parks, new lakes. The possibilities are endless here! Sometimes by running around our neighbourhood, we are finally able to get to know it properly. Some parks we have never seen before, some paths we never took, it’s all waiting for us out there!

Emotional Development

With painting, you can finally allow yourself to put your emotions on paper. Using different colours, different shapes, and different materials are going to make you feel powerful. It’s all about you now, and whatever you choose is beautiful in its own way. This hobby is also amazing if you’re looking to turn your passion into your new source of income! Paintings are known to be quite expensive, so why not try to make it work for you as well?

This hobby quiz is a fun way to explore new hobbies, you might have never thought about before. Allow yourself to discover new options, and go out of your comfort zone by simply answering 20 easy questions. Have fun, and good luck with your new hobby!

What results can I get in this hobby quiz?

Rock climbing, Painting, Yoga, Golfing, and Running.

Do I need a hobby?

There’s no rule stating that everybody needs a hobby, but it’s a good idea. You can meet amazing people and learn new skills, that might be helpful in the future.

Is sport a hobby?

Of course! Sport is a perfect hobby. Here’s why… Not only do you keep yourself busy and entertained, but you also stay in shape!

How many questions are there in this quiz?

There are 20 questions.

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