Snowflake Test | Get 100% Honest Answer

Snowflake Test | Get 100% Honest Answer

A “snowflake” in short, is an easily offended person. It’s a condition Generation Z suffers from a lot. The Guardian called the word “a defining insult of 2016“…

If you already know something about this term, or even if you’re totally new to the subject, you should still give this article a read. The original snowflake test will allow you to discover if your traits are considered fit for this description.

This online snowflake test is designed for everyone. All are welcome to test their characteristics in a fun way. Don’t hesitate!


This is one of the most important traits of “snowflakes”. They believe they are the most important creatures in the world, and that it, quite literally, revolves around them. Generation Z focuses a lot on their feelings, and their beliefs. They often claim that tolerance is very important to them, and that they are accepting of different approaches to life, but in reality it might be a little tricky.

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The feelings are of great importance for snowflakes. They often over-value their own thoughts, and interests. Young people always had strong opinions, but nowadays they isolate themselves in information bubbles, they create for themselves. And this can be really dangerous.

Snowflakes are excessively defensive. They will protect their own ideas, and their friends’ beliefs till the very end. It has its pros, and cons. Obviously. But for the most part, their beliefs cannot be challenged in any way. They find it offensive to even mention the fact, that you simply do not agree with them.


On the outside, it may look like they’re very confident in themselves. But in reality, the defensiveness and stubbornness, is a result of deep insecurities they hold within themselves.

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Snowflakes are often perceived as arrogant, and entitled. They are likely to enjoy ordering, and commanding other people. As a result, they make it very uncomfortable for others to voice their own opinions, or just simply live their lives in peace.

The “bossy” trait manifests in daily life of snowflakes. Usually the first signs appear in relationships with others. It’s not easy to cooperate with people, if you’re used to tell everyone what to do. Especially if you’re supposed to co-work with other snowflakes. This can be a real challenge.

It is also tricky. Being a little bit bossy is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes you just need to act that way. Not everyone is a natural leader, and if you happen to be one, you should take advantage of this. Just do not overdo it!


Do your emotions constantly change? Maybe you feel like you can’t really control yourself? This might be the matter of your emotion regulation system.

This trait can be spotted in almost every situation. Friends, whose opinions differ from yours, want to express them freely while you’re there? You might get easily irritated. Snowflakes find it hard to hold themselves back in some situations. It’s almost impossible for them to control their temper, when others dare to speak of certain topics.



Usually, it’s not their intention to scream at people, and make them feel uncomfortable. But it just happens. Observing this kind of outburst, you might find it quite irrational. It’s because snowflakes are likely to act impulsively. It doesn’t mean that they don’t think of what they’re doing. They do, and sometimes that’s why they overreact. Overthinking might also contribute to being easily triggered.

There are things you already thought through in your mind a thousand times. And others haven’t. They don’t even consider it that important. This disproportion may lead to irrational triggers, and it can go as far as ruining your friendships.

Snowflakes are known for engaging in conversations that were considered too complicated in the past. This includes sexuality. You can try our fun quiz connected to the topic, right here.

Taking advantage

Snowflakes love to feel like they’re winning. They enjoy power. It may seem silly to mention it here, because who doesn’t like being in charge, right? But it’s a little bit different with this generation.

Generation Z is raised to win. Their parents are likely to have treated them very well. They paid for their extra curricular activities, they drove them to private schools etc. They feel entitled to all of these things, and many more…

You see, the snowflake test will reveal if you’re perception of yourself as a winner, is really defendable… Of course, it’s natural to raise your kids the best you can, but I feel like the Gen Z’s parents went a little bit too far. Snowflakes truly believe that they’re the best. And there’s a lot of them in the world, so obviously it’s not possible for everyone to be the best in their field.


Snowflakes are usually very happy when they succeed. And it’s okay. But you can really spot a real one, even without taking the snowflake test, when they get overly excited about their accomplishments. Not only are they extremely vocal about it, they also bring others down to make themselves feel better.

I believe that this kind of behaviour also comes from deep self-consciousness. Always trying to feel better than the others is just not healthy. There’s nothing wrong with chasing your own happiness, but you don’t always have to make it about yourself.

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Why do the Snowflake Test?

This questionnaire is a fun way to find out more about yourself! It allows you to dig deeper into your everyday behaviours that you might not find very significant. But actually, they can be of great importance.

Not only do we recommend answering the questions honestly, we also invite you to reflect on your answers, and act upon your results! There’s nothing shameful in being raised a certain way, or growing up in a community that wanted you to behave in one way or another. Try finding positive sides of your situation, and if you happen to be a snowflake, embrace it!

Generation Z has a unique set of characteristics, just like snowflakes! It is possible that we treat them unfairly, and their traits are exactly what they need in order to survive in today’s society! We’ll only be able to find out in a couple of years. For now, let’s enjoy the ride!

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What is the Snowflake Test?

It’s a test that will allow you to discover some unique traits, and whether or not you belong in the Generation Z community.

What’s the number of the Snowflake Test questions?

There are 20 questions. The quiz takes about 5-10 minutes.

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