Zodiac Sign Test | Which One Are You?

Zodiac Sign Test | Which One Are You?

Everyone is more or less familiar with the zodiac signs. They are a fun way to identify yourself; although some people believe they are much more significant than this. Everything depends on the day of your birth. The way the stars were aligned at this very moment is crucial for you to learn your zodiac sign.

This free zodiac sign test will help you decide which sign suits you best. And it may not be the one you always believed you were. In a way, it will help you discover your true zodiac sign. Let’s begin!


Zodiac signs are associated with the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. It shapes their characters and helps them understand where they come from, and where they’re headed.

Fire Signs

These signs are very passionate and driven. They all have different ideas about the world, but generally speaking, they will achieve whatever they want in their lives. They are brave and hard-working.

The list of the fire signs includes:

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Saggitarius.

Let’s start with Aries. They are people born between the 21st of March and the 19th of April. They love challenges. Despite being extremely bold and brave they can find and show the world their sensitive side. However, Aries people love to win. It’s foolish to expect them to help you if they’re your rivals. Aries is represented by the head of a ram. It’s supposed to let everyone know that they are fierce, and confident, just like bulls.


Leo is also a fire sing. These people were born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August. As you might expect, they are extremely passionate. They often behave like royals. Represented by a lion, they seem to think they’re more important than they are. Leos are loyal and driven to keep families together. Sometimes they’re too dramatic and theatrical. They make great actors and comedians.

The last fire sing, Saggitarius, is born between the 22nd of November and the 21st of December. They love adventures. They will not be satisfied by traveling, in a geographical sense. They need to travel spiritually and learn new concepts. They chase after knowledge and passion. Saggitarius is represented by an archer, and these are known to be very brave.

Water Signs

Water signs are driven by emotions and intuition. It might sound a little bit naive, but these signs need to be protected at all costs. They feel much more than the others.

There are three water signs:

  • Pisces
  • Cancer
  • Scorpio.

Let’s start with Pisces. They were born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March. Pisces are known to be empathetic. They are very good friends and fight for everyone’s causes. They are also sensitive, which sometimes is not very good for them, as they suffer a lot because of other people. Pisces’ symbol is quite simple, it’s symbolized by two fish. They swim in opposite directions, which is believed to represent the fantasy and reality, that are present in Pisces’ lives.


Cancers were born between the 21st of June and the 22nd of July. They are represented by a crab. They have very deep emotional lives. Not only are they psychic, but they are also good at manipulating people. At the same time, they prioritize themselves at all costs. Their mental health is important to them, and they will make it visible in every relationship they create.

The last water sign, Scorpio, is born between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November. It is believed to be one of the most complicated and misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Scorpios are known to use emotional energy to thrive. It may feel quite scary to other people, as they often feel emotionally drained in the presence of Scorpios.

Air Signs

Air signs always seek something new. They are innovative and creative. It’s impossible to satisfy them with small talk. They demand intellectual stimulation, and they are ready to give you the same in return.

There are three air signs:

  • Aquarius
  • Gemini
  • Libra.

Let’s start with Aquarius! They were born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February. It’s the rarest zodiac sign, meaning there are not many Aquarians worldwide. They enjoy being alone and spending time with themselves. Aquarians are impulsive, they always try to fix everything for everyone, and get mad pretty easily. They fight for humanitarian causes. Aquarians are likely to be vegetarian or vegan, adopt dogs, and save water and energy. People born during this time are creative. They’re usually artists, but they might be a little bit misunderstood. Maybe because their art is just ahead of their time.


Geminis are born between the 21st of May and the 20th of June. They are the most curious zodiac sign. They are driven by creativity and innovation. Sometimes it may feel like they have two personalities. At times, they seem very distant, and later during the day, they might become the life of the party. You can never tell what they’re thinking. They have too many ideas, and that’s why they sometimes really wish they could duplicate themselves!

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Libra season starts on the 23rd of September and lasts until the 22nd of October. They are represented by scales. They are driven by ambition and passion. Libras are likely to be perfectionists. They might be best described by the word “harmony”. They will search for it in every aspect of their lives. It’s not uncommon for them to be obsessed with geometry and architecture.

Earth Signs

Earth signs are very practical. They don’t like modern solutions, they’d rather stick to what worked best before. They’re likely to be conservative and grounded.

Earth signs include:

  • Capricorn
  • Taurus
  • Virgo.

Let’s start with Capricorn. These people were born between the 22nd of December and the 19th of January. Capricorns are hard-working and pragmatic. They are driven to achieve all kinds of success in their lives. Sometimes they may come across as boring and annoying, but they know very well that everything they do now will pay off in the future. They like to stick to the rules, and breaking them might be a reason for disputes. Capricorn’s symbol is half-goat and half-fish, called the sea goat. It’s a mythical creature said to protect people born under this star sign.


Taurus people are born between the 20th of April and the 20th of May. They like to treat themselves, so it’s not surprising that they are usually the most beautiful people. They love taking care of their bodies and minds. They are driven by money and success. Represented by a bull, they like to be the center of attention. Luxurious goods are like red cloth for them. They will follow it religiously.

Virgos are born between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September. They are generally very busy, but will always find time to work more. Virgos are deeply rooted in the materialistic world. They love money and power. At the same time, they are very practical and good at coming up with new rules. They might get mad if people don’t follow them…

How many questions are there in the quiz?

There are 20 questions.

Is every sign included in the test?

Yes, of course!

Is this zodiac sign test free?

Absolutely, just like every other test on our website!

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