How much do you know about Harry Potter?

How much do you know about Harry Potter?

Hello Wizards! I hope you are all well and enjoy your weekend. I am sure that all of you know a lot about the subject of today’s quiz! This time I am taking you straight to Hogwart. I am one of those who believe that there is magic in all of us. It does not matter if your parents are magicians or not, you must know Harry Potter. If you have read or watched all of the parts, I am pretty sure you can finish this knowledge quiz with a great score! But first, let’s remind ourselves of some important facts.
“Harry Potter” is a series of books and movies written by J. K. Rowling. They are well known all over the world, and I do not know anyone that would not be a fan of them. The first part is called “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” It was published in 1997 in the United Kingdom. That fact makes it even more surprising since 25 years later- Harry Potter only has more and more fans! It did not seem to be that successful when the author was trying to publish her book. J. K. Rowling tried to do it in more than ten publishing houses, and they did not want to take the story! Shame on them, right?! Anyway, she proved that her work is worth much more. About 23 years after publishing the first book, she became the author of the most popular books in history. People also say that she is the one that was the reason that children started to read again.
There are many adults as well that says that all they remember from their childhood are these books. They were growing up with the characters of “Harry Potter,” and it makes them feel an even stronger connection to that series (I am one of these). But do not worry. Even if your kids are studying how to read, it can be an excellent position to give it a try. You only have to pay attention to buying them the correct parts according to their age. Some of the toms may be too scary for the young ones.
I think that: “Harry Potter” is a perfect choice for every trouble. Whenever I feel down I always turn it on. No matter if it is according to a broken heart or sickness- it is a perfect medicine for my soul. I can also say that it can be a great idea to have a “Harry Potter” marathon when you have family time or date. Let’s say that it is perfect for every occasion. That is something much stronger than a series of books or movies. The story of the wizard teenager and his friends connects generations better than anything else. That might be because there are plenty of characters. Everyone can find something for themselves. Someone that they can relate to.
“Harry Potter” is also full of metaphors and hidden meanings. Only the real Wizards can notice them. Let’s take, for example, Patronuses. They perfectly mirror the personality of their owner. That is very deep and emotional when we think about it. Even when the characters connect into relationships, their Patronuses are perfectly correlated. Harry’s parents’ Patronuses are doe and stag. Hermione’s and Ron’s is otter and terrier.
Another good thing about “Harry Potter” is the character of Hermione. In my opinion, it is one of the first steps toward showing women’s power. She is wise and hard working. She always knows what to do and how to overcome any obstacle. Hermione is a perfect role model of all time. I have always dreamed of becoming her in the future. And I think that I am not the only one. We definitely need more of such characters in literature and movies.
The last interesting fact is that J. K. Rowling not only made people read more but made them believe more in themselves. There are many examples of people that run their own businesses or chase their dreams, and they say it is because of reading “Harry Potter.” That is amazing how many good things stay behind that one story made by J. K. Rowling.
I wonder if you knew all of the facts I gave you. During watching or reading it for the first time, that seems to be only a nice story. But when you start going deeper and paying attention to more details, it opens a whole new world for you. Ok, everybody! It is high time to check your “Harry Potter” knowledge. This quiz is not the easiest one. It may be challenging. But if you are a real “Harry Potter”-fan, you have nothing to worry about! Prepare your wands, and get ready to use your brains! Welcome to Hogwart- the school of magic! Good luck!

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