Which cake should you bake next?

Which cake should you bake next?

Welcome back, friends! Did you miss my quizzes? I hope you are feeling well after Easter. It may seem you are all done with sweets after eating the whole last weekend. But I have prepared something that would make you come back to the kitchen sooner than you think! This time, we are going to help you with deciding on which cake to prepare next! I know that it is never an easy thing. It always depends on many aspects. For sure, I will take into account your mood, but also your favorite dishes and ingredients.
First, we have to understand the reasoning why you decide to bake this time. We can make it to improve our skills, to make someone happy, to make our day better, or just because we are expecting guests. It all is going to affect our results! That is obvious when it is just in terms of boredom we are not going to give it that much effort as it is a gift for someone. Another aspect affecting the result may be the time that we have available. Nowadays, in the days of the Internet, we have so many options! Now it is possible to prepare cake in 5 minutes! We can bake it in the oven, microwave, or just leave it in the fridge. The most popular kinds of cakes depend on the country and even the region they are coming from.
In France, the most popular cake is “Galette des Rois,” which can be known as “King’s Cake.” If you have spent carnival in that country, I am sure you have tried it! It is the most popular one in the first week of January. The cake seems to be very simple because it contains puff pastry, so much sugar, and butter, but the connection is so delicious!
A bit more challenging is one called “Black Forest Cherry Cake.” That is a very popular dessert in Germany and Switzerland. It would be a perfect choice for people that love the connection between chocolate and sour fruits.
Something that I have never tried but has always dreamed of is Mochi from Japan. This dish is made of rice paste combined with other ingredients. I think that the best combination would be green tea and strawberries. That is my must-have when I finally go to Japan!
Are you ready for another cake? This one is something you know for sure! Anyway, the plot twist of its history is really crazy. The cake is Pavlova! It takes its name from a Russian ballet dancer. It was invented during her visit to Perth, Australia- that is the first version of the story. Another one is coming from New Zealand their citizens are sure that before coming to Australia, Pavlova ate it in their country. I could not believe that it was something worth arguing about, but it really is. Come on people! The cake is something that should connect us, not make us mad! Especially when this cake is that easy to make! It only contains sugar, eggs, flour, and vinegar. On the top: we can add our favorite fruits but the most popular ones are kiwi and strawberries. Oh, we cannot forget about cream! If you still have not tried this one, maybe you will get a chance this time!
A cake that brings back the most memories for me is Italian Pannetone. That is so popular in the north of Italy. When I moved to Milan for my studies, I remember how much of it I have tried. They have tons of flavors, and I had to eat them all! Pannetone is the dish for Christmas. For Easter, Italians have something very similar cake called “Colombo.” What is interesting is its shape- the shape of a dove.
In the United States of America, the most popular cakes also depend on the state. My favorite one is New York Cheesecake. It is the heaviest one, but it is also sweet. What is interesting is that the German invented this cake. It is so delicious that it does not even need any additional ingredients! I am in love with this one. I could eat the cake every day.
Alright, guys! It is high time to solve this quiz! You will see which cake you should prepare next! I already know my choice, and I cannot wait to start baking! I am sure you would love to prepare all of the possible results. This quiz is a good idea if you have too many ideas or if you lack them. That is to make your life easier and help you decide what’s the cake for today. Time spent in the kitchen is always my favorite. If you feel the same, do not waste more time! Good luck with baking! Have fun!

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There are 20 questions in the quiz.

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Brownie, Cheesecake, Pavlova, or Ice-Cream Cake

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